The first time Ial sees Erin is at the capital. He is sitting in the shadows, ever watchful and alert as he scans the crowd for any threats. She catches his eye the moment she comes into view. The viridian green hair stands out prominently in the mass of dark haired and light haired people crowding around the quartet of bards. He sees her following behind the giant, bear-like man. 'Not a threat,' his mind immediately provides. He's already categorized the man as a non-threat, physically strong but unlikely to revert to physical violence. There is a general aura around him that just says he is a friendly giant.

Erin is the first and only one to notice him sitting on the crate. He wouldn't put it past some of the civilians to have noticed him and just chosen to ignore him. So really, she's the first one to notice him and actually approach. She stands in front of him with wide, innocent, and undeniably green eyes. She asks a question. He goes through an internal struggle and answers. Then he's gone. It's the beginning of a convoluted history between the swift Sezan and the Akun-Meh-Chai. What they have is impossible but it happens anyways.

They meet again when Erin is 14. Her eyes are the still the same as before, he remembers. Ial is recovering in his friend's harp shop after reopening his arrow wound while fighting against two assailants. Hearing the familiar sound of the harp after regaining consciousness, he struggled towards it, collapsing in front of the shop. Erin found him. Funny how it always seems to be her. Lying on the bed after partially awakening, he hears the voices of the two former thieves, mirth clear in their voices. He can't help but smile slightly when he hears Erin's voice scolding them gently. He passes out again shortly after. When he wakes again, it is silent. Coming out, he sees the green-haired child with the harp he gave to her so long ago. She is wavering, trying to do something to the harp that she isn't certain about. He teaches and guides her through the process, for the sake of the baby beast-lord, and because there's something special about Erin. She's different from all the others he's ever met. She changes him, from being a aloof and distant Sezan to being someone who can actually have emotions and smile. She makes him happy.

He's never been the romantic type, but then again, neither is she. So in some strange way, they fit together. The eccentric beast-lord fanatic and teacher and the former Sezan-turned-harp-carpenter. They've fought their way through the years, managing to find each other and make it together. Even after the almost-war, they stick together and finally, finally act upon the feelings that developed throughout all of their interactions. They marry, have a son and live contently together. 'Yes,' he thinks to himself, wrapping an arm around Erin, 'this is how it's supposed to be.'