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Makarov was going to kill Laxus. This was unforgivable. He had raised Laxus, the boy had always been a good kid till he reached his rebellious stage, that had lasted into his early twenties. Still he had a feeling he hadn't felt so angry with his grandson than he did today. This couldn't go unpunished.

The young man had scared more than half of the guild. Natsu was mortified, for once being speechless. Mira was in tears, Wendy wasn't able to make eye contact with anyone, Happy and the exceeds couldn't make eye contact.

Worse thing was he had brought Lucy into it this time. She wasn't the kind to cause too much trouble, yet here she was in his office not able to make eye contact.

"Do you have any idea what you've done?" Makarov growled at the two blonds in his office. "Mira can't even go into her storeroom."

"Please, that's not the main thing she was yelling about," Laxus rolled his eyes. "She's upset that we didn't tell her."

"I told you having sex in the store room was a bad idea." Lucy growled. "I wanted to keep things private."

"You weren't complaining earlier," Laxus smirked. "Or any time we've done it in the guild before. Stop wearing the short skirts and I'll stop getting hard all the fucking time."

"You realize that Natsu is demanding that we destroy every wall you've done it against." Master sighed.

"Then this place won't be left standing," Laxus laughed. Not only would they have to take out half the guild walls but some of the tables, the pool, recently made sauna, and he would need a whole new office.

"Can't you keep it under control!" Master yelled his face turning red. "Or at least not tell Natsu to avoid her bed."

"He shouldn't be crawling into her apartment to begin with!" Laxus yelled.

"Master, I'm so sorry. We are usually so careful, but dragon slayers can be rather…possessive and hard to argue with." Lucy sighed.

"How long have you two been together?" Master sighed.

"Since the games," Lucy admitted. "We wanted to keep it quiet. This won't happen again I promise."

"You better not hurt her boy and next time at least tell me," Master growled motioning for them to leave so he could think about how this would go over. As Lucy was almost out the door he stretched his hand out and spanked her. "As punishment, also Laxus expect a lot of paper work."

"Why do I always get spanked?" Lucy hissed low to Laxus.

Laxus just shot a glare at gramps and left.

"You two are in so much trouble!" Mira yelled as they came down. "How could you not tell me you were dating?!"

"You are in even more trouble tonight," Lucy growled before shoving him to Mira. "It was all his idea."

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