First Comes Love, Then Baby, Then Marriage…Wait

Laxus growled at the offending piece of clothing around his neck. He didn't see why he had to dress up for this. What was the fucking point? There was no big deal. He blamed the demon for this.

Gajeel and Levy had managed to have a small wedding. But Mira wouldn't let it happen again. She had to rent out the church and a reception hall because the Guild Hall wasn't good enough. She had to send out invite all the saints, council members, and member from every guild. Then Mira had to take away the alcohol.

Mostly he blamed damn Flame Brain. He just had to knock up a girl and then the guild had to make a big deal of it.

"Only a few more hours," Lucy said. She truly looked like an heiress in the pink, sorry salmon, gown and flowers in her fancy up do. She sat down in his lap and gave him a kiss. "I want to see who catches the bouquet."

"Why?" Laxus smirked. "You can't catch it."

Stupid superstition in Laxus' opinion.

"Yes she can!" Mira stomped forward with her hands on her hips and a glare. "She deserves to catch it. I mean she caught it at my wedding, you just weren't ready to pop the question.

"Which is a shame, I had the whole thing planned out." Mira sighed. "The color scheme, the seating arrangement, the cake, the dress. I was going to invite the princess and king. I had your charms, something borrowed, blue, new, and old. Then Gajeel had to propose a year later to Levy, who never even caught the banquet. Then to add to things he got married in a small wedding."

Laxus rolled his eyes. Mira just hadn't been invited to the wedding that Shrimp caught the banquet.

"Month long mission and you still never asked her," Mira grumbled.

"You know Kagura and Rogue are expecting a baby," Lucy said in hopes of distracting the older mage.

"What?" Mira asked.

"Yeah, her and Yukino are both expecting." Lucy smiled. She felt bad about using the two woman but she needed a distraction. She had been Yukino's maid of honor, but Mira hadn't been invited.

"First they have a double wedding and don't invite me, then they do this." Mira growled.

They watched Mira huffed of to the Twin Dragon Slayers and their mates.

"Fucking Demon," Laxus muttered.

"If you want the real demon look at Lis." Lucy giggled. "Lis planned this thing more than Mira. Especially the no alcohol, said if she can't drink than no one could."

"Damn," Laxus growled.

"I know, can't wait for the rest of her pregnancy." Lucy giggled. She looked at him with a smile. "I love you."

"Love you too," Laxus told her kissing her softly. He then whispered in her ear, "Especially when you come to my office the way you did yesterday."

Sting mated Yukino and Rogue Kagura. Note that all the dragon slayers knocking up their mates quickly it will be joked about later.