Thanks to everyone who favorited and followed this. I had most of these concepts in my head since I heard about the LaLu week. Typed up to Busted by yesterday, then went over everything and types it all up today. So sorry if some of them where short. Than you again for taking the time to read.

Laxus had desired many things over the years. One was Lucy, that was a desire he would never stop having. Another was to keep all male dragon slayers away from his daughter. Layla seemed to attract them as much as her mother did.

Another was to kick his father's ass. The man had sent him on a path do desire power that had almost destroyed him.

But the biggest desire he had was to see his family was safe and his daughter was happy. He would do anything for her. Anything to protect her.

That's why the first words out of Gale's mouth being an attempt to say Layla's name pissed him off. At one time he wanted nothing more than to kill Gajeel for making the Guild a mockery.

Lucy had always desired to be wanted and loved for who she was. When she found she could have it in Fairy Tail, she desired to be a part of the guild. When she became a part of the guild she had desired to love and protect her family.

When she fell for Laxus' she desired him. Then she desired to be a good mother. She had desired to be wanted. She desired to keep all the smiles and memories of her daughter.

Layla desired to make her parents proud. She also had a desire when it came to certain red eyed black haired boys, but she never acted on that. She didn't want to hurt either of them and she wasn't looking for love at the moment.

She desired to keep any insecurities she had hidden, making her seem like she didn't care, even when she did. Only a hand full of people noticed this, all which knew her before she was thirteen.

She also desired to not be like Ivan. Yet she also had this strange desire to piss her father off, which was the reason she hung out with Gale and Asher so much. It made him mad, but not so much he was disappointed.

"Why did you punch him?" Laxus asked his daughter. She had punched a council member, on the day she became a Saint.

"He called our guild nothing but destructive perverts," Layla sighed. "I reminded him about the number of times we saved their ass. Then he said I was only becoming a Saint because of my name and because there weren't many females. So I punched him."

They all had a deep desire to protect the guild, to protect their family. This guild was the Dreyar's legacy. All of them had been in it. The desire to keep on that tradition of pride and honor sometimes made them do stupid things.

I noticed everyone was using desire as a sexual thing, so I just wanted to discuss their emotional desires. I've noticed that the entire Dreyar line, minus Ivan, got very defensive when it came to the guild. (Remember flash backs to younger gramps before he was master) They were all hot heads. So I thought that it was a good idea. That's all folks. Can anyone tell me when Galu week is?