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Sequel to: Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking

My version of City of Ashes

Waking up to the scent of pancakes and maple syrup in the air, Chloe grinned and stretched as she sat up in bed. There was laughter that drifted towards the bedroom, and she followed it out of bed and out of the room. Her bare feet padded against the cold floor as she peered over the corner to see the source of the laughter.

In the kitchen, behind the counter, Jocelyn and Moira laughed as they cooked breakfast. There was probably as much batter and flour on them as there was in the pan. They didn't seem to mind the mess at all though. Laughter lit their faces and echoed off of the walls as Moira flipped the pancakes and Jocelyn poured recently blended banana milk into cups.

"Morning honey!" Moira noticed Chloe and smiled. "Did you sleep well?"

Chloe nodded. "How about you two?"

"Horrible!" Jocelyn snorted. "Your mom's snores are insane!"

"Hey!" Moira burst out into laughter. "You hog the sheets!"

"I need them to cover my ears with to try and block out the sound!" Jocelyn laughed.

Moira flicked her with a hand towel.

Jocelyn scampered out of the way with a shrieked laugh. She noticed something behind Chloe and smiled tenderly. "Morning darling."

Strong arms encircled Chloe from behind. "Morning, mom."


Chloe smiled, leaned back into him and let out a sigh of utter happiness.

"Lois called. She and Lucian will be over a little later than planned." Moira looked up and smiled at Jace with a little wave, which he returned.

"That's the problem with honeymooners," Jocelyn declared with a large smile. "They are never anywhere on time."

"Alex said that he and Magnus would be on time," Jace's voice was a sexy rumble in Chloe's ear. "He said they'd make it even if he had to hide Magnus' many clothes and leave him with only one option. No ifs, ands, and 'but this one makes my butt look amazing'!"

"Alec is a brave man for trying to come between Magnus and his clothes," Moira declared in all seriousness.

"Will Isabelle be able to make it?" Jocelyn asked Jace. "I know that Maryse has her grounded because she punched Lana for hitting on Clark."

Jace chuckled in deep amusement. "I don't know, actually. She says she'll do her best to make it, and has told the Downworlder to come even if she doesn't. I think she just wants to make sure that he is no where near that Mundie."

"He is not a Downworlder." Chloe rolled her eyes. "He's an Intergalactic Traveler. It's different and you know it. If anything, he's closer to an angel than a Downworlder."

Jace huffed. "Angel my a-."

"No cursing in the house young man!" Jocelyn pointed a spoon at him menacingly, eyebrow raised. "You're already extremely low on your allowance." Everyone's gazes went to the Swear Jar, which was basically overflowing thanks to Jace's inability to play curb his tongue.

"You know, mom, you need to find a better way to make money," Jace teased.

Jocelyn snorted. "I'll be selling you off then."

"Good thinking!" He laughed. "Now that would make you a billionaire! In fact, I know quite a number of women, and a couple of men, who would pay top dollar for me to-!" He laughed through the pain when Chloe elbowed him in the ribs. "Sorry mom, she's the one who owns me... And there's no way she'd sell me off."

"I don't know, annoy me a bit more and we'll see," Chloe muttered.

"You wouldn't dare!" He gasped in mock horror. "You own the hottest commodity this side of the world! No! In the world entirely!"

"By the Angel, he's a miniature version of his father." Jocelyn rolled her eyes. "I am so sorry, Chloe, for unleashing this hellion on you."

"You are a horrible mother for saying that," and yet there was no heat whatsoever in Jace's tone, in fact, he sounded highly amused.

"Talking about fathers..." Moira looked up and cleared her throat. "Gabriel called. Wanted to make sure you and Jace were ready for the big camping trip."

Jocelyn rolled her eyes. "Sure, now he wants to be a part of her life."

"Josie." Moira raised an eyebrow. "He needed time to get his head around things, and now that he has he's made it up to Chloe. Let the past be the past."

Jocelyn merely raised an eyebrow at Moira and went back to work.

Moira turned to Chloe. "So do you two have everything ready for the camping/bonding trip with Gabe?"

"I've got everything I need right here," Jace whispered as he tightened his grip around Chloe's waist and pressed a kiss to her neck.

"Me too." She turned her head to meet his lips, and a groan escaped hers as she slowly turned in his embrace. Her hands tightened into fists in his crumpled shirt as she pulled him closer. He tasted amazing, like fire. Everywhere he touched was extra sensitive, and she shivered as he backed her into a wall, pinning her completely against it with his body. He was draped against her like silk, his hands fisted in her hair and keeping her head tilted upwards so that he could devour her mouth.

Jace leaned away enough to yank off his shirt and throw it on the floor behind him, and then his mouth was on hers once more and her leg curled around him, drawing him near. Kissing him was like drinking life, and Chloe never wanted to stop, never wanted to pull away.

It was only the pain on her arm that forced her away with a cry. She stared down to see a rune that she didn't recognize searing its way on the inside of her wrist. What was this? Why was it there? Who had put it? What did it mean?

"Remarkable," he whispered as he reached out to grab her hand, turning it palms-up to see the new room.

Chloe's eyes widened and she looked up to find Jace gone. Instead there was a man in a mask that covered the top half of his face. A man with palest blonde hair. There was only one person she knew who had that exact shade.

Her eyes widened in horror and she tried to pull away… but he was stronger, and he pulled her into a deep, claiming kiss.

Gasping, Chloe awoke in bed covered in sweat. She looked around her to find that she was in Magnus' house, in the room she and Jace had been sharing the last couple of days. Jace's voice could be heard in the living room, talking to Magnus and criticizing one of the many soap operas the Warlock was addicted to. Magnus, for his part, was defending his soap opera with passion.

Laying back down in bed, Chloe let out a deep breath. It'd been a dream – the last part a nightmare. That was all.

Bringing her hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead, Chloe froze as she saw the rune carved into her inner wrist. "JACE!"

"She had a dream about Valentine - where a rune not in the Grey Book appeared on her – and awoke to find it actually seared into her inner wrist?" Alec leaned against the wall, voice low. He was sure that the Inquisitor already knew that he was in constant communication with the Warlock, and hoped that she figured he was asking about Jace and not that he merely missed the Downworlder (more than he'd ever believed he could) and was desperate to hear his voice – and even his many complaints against Jace, who apparently was constantly cleaning the apartment against Magnus' express wishes.

"Yeah." Magnus sounded occupied, like he always did now. "Jace is up in arms, swearing bloody vengeance."

"Why? Is the rune harmful?"

"We don't know." Magnus' voice was darkly amused. "Like I said, there's no record of this rune even existing."

Alec blinked. "Then why is Jace-?"

"Valentine apparently kissed Chloe in the dream. And considering the rune is obviously real, we're all assuming Valentine's presence in the dream was as well." Magnus paused. "Which is interesting because Shadowhunters shouldn't be able to traverse through people's dreams. It makes me wonder exactly what else Valentine is up to."

Alec felt cold chills of disgust run up and down his spine at the thought of going to sleep and getting forcefully kissed by Valentine Morgenstern. "That's disgusting."

"Well, in principle, yes, he is a raving lunatic." Magnus cleared his throat. "But on a purely aesthetic basis…"

Alec glared at the air in front of him. "You think Valentine Morgenstern is attractive?"

"I think he's an evil, soulless monster who just so happens to look like an underwear model." Magnus let out a sigh. "There is obviously no justice in the world."

A muscle jumped in Alec's cheek as he stared down at himself. He knew that he wasn't exactly the best looking guy (no matter what Isabelle and Magnus said) and that his own fashion sense could do with an upgrade (which Isabelle and Magnus both reminded him of allllll the time). Usually none of this really bothered him, but lately he'd been feeling-he didn't know. He'd grown up in Jace's shadow and had gotten comfortable there. And then Magnus had seen passed Jace and Isabelle, had seen him, and, well, he liked being seen… if it was by Magnus.

But they weren't officially together. And no one but Lois really knew that, either (although he had a feeling – by the way Chloe smiled at them – that she might know as well). Isabelle had also been making comments that hinted to the fact that she knew. So far his secret was known by the three girls in his life (his sister, his not-boyfriend's roommate, and the girl who'd stolen the first boy he'd fallen in love with)… and Alec felt… well… he felt supported.

But he also felt insecure. And he knew it showed. He knew that Magnus would get enough of his indecision and his worries and would kick him to the curb. Considering their disastrous first date (he could still taste the terribly spicy food and hear the pissed off werewolf yelling Children of the Moon propaganda) he was shocked that they'd made it this far in their… relationship. Alec wasn't smooth or experienced. He wasn't fashionable. He wasn't able to have a normal, "out" relationship with Magnus – not without risking his status as a Shadowhunter.

And he didn't think Magnus would put up with it for much longer. Not with people like Lucy Lane out there.

Magnus was still gushing over the "second Lois". Alec had been a little weirded by Lois and Magnus' close relationship at first, but he'd come to realize that they saw each other as a sexless, awesome creature. But Lucy Lane? He'd seen the way she'd looked at Magnus. She definitely thought him sexy. And she wouldn't be the last to do so, either. Sure, she was a Shadowhunter and it would be frowned upon for her to be with a Downworlder – but it wouldn't be the horrifying scandal it would with Alec – because she was a girl.

Alec took in a deep breath.

"Alexander." Magnus was the only one who called him that, and every time he did Alec's body warmed, his heart clenched. "Where has your mind wandered off to? You've been silent for minutes on end, and if it wasn't for the fact that I can hear your breathing I would've thought you'd hung up on me."

"I wouldn't do that," Alec was quick to assure him.

Magnus chuckled softly, tenderly. "I know."

Alec's heart raced rapidly and he fought the blush that only Magnus could bring out of him. "Can I see you?"

There was a pause. "You know where I live."

Alec lowered his head. Jace was there. He wouldn't be able to – not what he wanted – not if Jace was there. "You know the Inquisitor told Isabelle and I to stay away from your house until we've been cleared. She doesn't want anyone she thinks might be consorting with Valentine getting together."

"Is that the only reason?" As always, Magnus could see through him.

Alec closed his eyes. "Magnus, I-."

"It doesn't matter," Magnus sighed. "I have to go. Lucy is coming over tonight and-."

Alec's eyes flew open. "Why is she going over?"

"She's a mini Lois, of course she'll be over." Magnus sounded amused. "We're going to have a banquet. I wanted a party, but Lois reminded me I'm supposed to be taking care of Chloe and guarding Jace, so a big shindig wouldn't be appropriate." He cleared his throat. "I'll talk to you later, Alec." And with that he hung up.

Alec lowered his gaze to the ground and clenched onto his phone, tightly.

Jace had gone on a cleaning spree which hadn't ended at the room that they were sharing. Magnus looked twitchy about the extent of the change in his home, and Chloe had caught him purposely littering the place and then letting out a sigh of relief, as if in that little disorder he managed to breathe better. It started a battle of wits somewhat, with Magnus purposely disordering things, and Jace feverishly cleaning up behind him.

Chloe kept in contact with those at the Torch through email, continuing to threaten those who didn't turn in their work, and editing the articles sent to her. Clark was in charge of putting everything into the actual issue since she wasn't allowed to leave Magnus' house, and he often brought her draft copies of the Torch to approve before he did so. All in all, the Torch writers weren't exactly happy she wasn't there (and a couple had threatened her with all sorts of evils should she disappear and leave Lana in charge once more) but this time she was able to make sure things worked out.

"Lucy is Lois' sister, she will not be bothered if one shoe is out of place," Magnus declared as he magicked things around for the dinner they'd be having with Lucy in a few hours.

"One shoe?" Jace scoffed. "Try your whole apartment."

Chloe watched those two bicker as she rubbed her thumb over the rune on her inner wrist. She knew a distraction when she saw one. Both of them were trying to keep their minds off of what was happening, Jace by cleaning, Magnus by throwing parties. They were also purposely antagonizing each other because it was better to argue than to be left in silence with their thoughts and worries.

"So, Umbridge is forbidding any contact from Jocelyn or Luke. Or the Lightwoods." Lois had taken to calling the Inquisitor "Umbridge", and damn, did it fit her. "She says that Clark knowing about the Shadow World is a direct violation of some law or the other, and that the Clave are trying to figure out how to deal with the situation."

"What do you mean deal?" Chloe narrowed her eyes.

Lois frowned. "Well, she muttered that if they had the Cup he'd have been given the option of drinking from it, of becoming a Shadowhunter and swearing allegiance to the Clave." She narrowed her eyes. "She's made a big deal about my training coming from the Metropolis Institute because it's been "compromised" by Hodge. She says it makes me suspicious. If I didn't already live here, she probably would've banned me from seeing you too." She paused. "She probably is still considering it, though."

"If we could only get that Sword back all of this could be resolved." Chloe twirled the fae ring around her finger.

Lois gaze down at the ring. "Not everything."

Chloe didn't notice. Her hand itched. It itched a lot. She wondered if it had anything to do with the rune. What was it? Why had Valentine placed it on her? What was he planning?

Lois' phone rang and she blinked when she saw the caller ID. The brunette brought the phone to her ear. "Luke?"

Chloe turned to look at her cousin.

Lois' eyes widened and turned to Magnus. "I'll bring him." She ended the phone call. "Demons attacked a girl in Luke's pack. She's hurt badly and he can't heal her. He needs you."

Jace looked up at the word "demons".

"Why didn't he call me himself?" Magnus wanted to know.

"He did. He said your phone is off."

"Oh, right. I forgot I did that." Magnus sighed and nodded. "Come on, we should go."

"I should go too." Jace straightened. "I'm a Shadowhunter. If there are demons involved-."

"He said they're gone now, Jace," Lois cut in. "And anyway, you're under house arrest."

"My saucy companion is all sorts of correct," Magnus declared as he grabbed his things. "Now you two, stay here and don't… clean." With that he was out of the door, Lois behind him.

A muscle jumped in Jace's cheek and he moved to follow when he hit an invisible wall at the door. "You've got to be kidding me!"

Chloe sighed. Magnus really wasn't one to be messed with when he was getting paid.