Shot Too Soon

an "Always" story

Clothes were flying, hands were grabbing, mouths were fusing, and tongues were battling. The air was thick with the sexual tension of the last four years being released, of two souls finally succumbing to a shared lust and love too long in the making.

They stumbled through the door, hands everywhere, peeling back clothing in desperate need to be skin to skin. Kate's insides were buzzing with anticipation of what was to come, and she could tell from the hooded gaze coming from her companion—not to mention the hardness pressed against her stomach—that he was just as eager as she was. She grinned seductively at him, skimming her hand down his bare chest until she was palming him in her hand. She gave him a teasing squeeze. Castle growled, and grabbed her by the waist, shoving her back until the back of her legs hit the foot of the bed.

Together they fell, landing in a mess of tangled limbs, lips sucking and caressing as hands greedily explored all the new places open to touch. Kate moaned loudly, unashamed, arching up into Castle's touch as he snaked a hand between her thighs and taunted her with his oh so talented fingers. She grabbed his face and pulled him down for a fierce kiss, hooking her legs around his hips to draw him in.

God, she wanted him… wanted him so bad. She hadn't been lying when she had told him that all she wanted was him. She was done denying things. She just wanted to be, to experience the love that she knew in her heart she could only share with him. The kind of love that only came along once in a lifetime.

"I want you," she keened loudly, reiterating her earlier refrain. "Oh, Castle… I just want you."

Castle growled her name, fierce and animalistic. His voice alone was enough to send a pool of heat straight to her core. He gripped her thigh, roughly yanking her legs further apart as he settled between them. She mewled softly, wiggling her hips in eager anticipation, feeling him tease the tip of his length along her soaked folds. She was so wet, so ready for him. Beyond ready.

"You're so beautiful, Kate, so very beautiful," Castle breathed out, his warm breath dancing across her chest as he nibbled at her breasts. "I love you. I love you so much," he whispered, pressing a kiss against her scar, reverent and loving, so very tender. It made her want to sob with joy at finally letting him in. She literally had no idea it would be this emotionally impactful. She craved more. Wanted more.

"I love you, too, Rick, more than I can ever express," she confided, caressing the side of his face, and tugging him back up to her mouth for another sweet kiss.

Castle leaned back to reach for his bedside table, yanking the drawer open, before quickly rifling through it for a condom. Kate snatched it away from him before he could rip the wrapping, and did it herself. She then reached down between them, and deftly rolled the condom onto his length, taking the time to tease him with her mischievous fingers. He gasped and groaned, and glared down at her with dark eyes.

"Oh, you are so going to pay for that!" he exclaimed.

"Talk's cheap," Kate taunted, flicking her tongue between her teeth. "Or are you all words and no action?"

Growling, Castle pinned her back down to the mattress, silencing her taunting words with the press of his lips to hers. She groaned approvingly into his mouth as he deepened the kiss. While they continued to suck face, Castle ran a hand down her undulating body, cupping her breast and flicking his thumb across her harden nipple as he gently kneaded the soft flesh that fit perfectly into his palm. His other hand gripped her hip tightly, holding her steady. And then, after claiming her mouth in another searing kiss, he was easing into her, stretching her wide to accommodate his intrusion. They both moaned in mutual gratification at finally—finally—connecting in that most intimate of ways.

Kate stared up into Castle's eyes as he gazed back down at her, eyes locked as they each watched the intense emotions of the moment reflect out of each other's eyes. Their chest heaved with each breath as they both took in the magnitude of this defining moment in their relationship. Nothing would ever be the same after tonight. Part of that was scary as hell, but Kate welcomed it. She would rather face a rocky road with Castle by her side than wander the wilderness without him.

Fully settled, Castle held still for moment, allowing her time to adjust to his intrusion. Kate blinked rapidly, heart pounding in her ears, almost disbelieving this was finally happening. She was there—here—in his bed, with him. Finally. She had almost given up hope, lost faith, that this would ever be more than a dream.

"Hmm," she hummed, squirming under him, nipping at his jaw. Feeling him filling her so completely was good, so good. But she needed more. She needed some delicious friction. "Move, Castle. Move." She grabbed his ass, squeezing him encouragingly, as she wiggled her hips.

Castle groaned, and shifted, pulling halfway out before plunging sloppily back down. Kate gasped, startled when she felt a hot pulsing burst explode inside her. Was that…? Did he just…? She flicked her eyes up at Castle. He grunted, teeth clenched, as his buttocks squeezed tightly under her palms as he continued to spill inside her.

Oh… oh… realization dawned on her. Okay. It had been a while since she'd actually felt a man release inside her. She'd always been insistent on using condoms. Sure, she took birth control pills, but it was always best to err on the side of caution. If this were any other man, she'd be livid. But since it was Castle, and he looked so terrified, and on the verge of panic, she was anything but.

Kate glanced at Castle for confirmation, though she was certain it wasn't needed. "Castle? Did you just…?"

"The condom broke, so… um… yeah," he apologized at length, grimacing as he panted for air. He shifted back, and Kate moaned in disapproval as he slipped out of her throbbing, needy core. She shivered as she felt his seed leak out of her. "God, Kate, I'm so, so sorry. Not just for the condom, but… for coming so early."

A moment from their first year working together flashed in her mind. Castle had shot too soon at the gun range, and her cheeky response of "We could always just cuddle," had earned her a surprised and delighted grin from him. But it was clear that though it was amusing in innuendo, the reality was much more sobering. She would not let Castle feel embarrassed or ashamed for wanting her so much that he couldn't even contain his excitement their first time together. Truth be told, she had been close too. All she would have needed was two more strokes from him, and he wouldn't have been the only one coming.

"No, no," she shook her head, following him, tugging him back down to her before he could fully pull away from her embrace, his face red with embarrassment for his premature ejaculation. "Don't be. It's okay."

"It… it's just been so long since I… and the long wait to finally…," he gestured between them. "And you're so hot, like damn, how the hell did I get so lucky, kind of hot." He sighed in mortification, burying his face in the crook of her neck. She soothed him, running her fingers down his back, silently basking in the intimacy of the gesture. "God, Kate, I'm sorry. I wanted this moment to be so very special."

"It is," she insisted, voice firm, leaving no room for argument. She gently tugged the hairs on the back of his head to pull his face away from her shoulder, so that she could look him in the eye. She tenderly caressed the side of his face, and combed her fingers through the flop of hair hanging down over his forehead. "I certainly didn't expect our first time to last too long."

"Well," he huffed. "I, at least, hoped I'd last long enough to get you off before I burst," he pouted, sticking his lower lip out in an adorable gesture.

She smiled up at him, and kissed away his pout. "You wanna know something?"

"Hmm?" he hummed in the affirmative.

"I was pretty close too," she confessed. "So either way, it wasn't going to be long."


"Really," she kissed him again, hooking a leg around his hip, and flipping them over. Castle let out a startled gasped and gazed up at her with delight and awe. "And… as for the condom," Kate quickly straddled him, sitting back as she reached down between them and tugged the broken condom off his still hard length, carelessly tossing it aside. "We don't need it. I've got us covered for now."

"But birth control is only…," he began to protest, but she bent down and silenced him with a kiss.

"We've waited long enough," Kate said. "And I want to feel you… all of you. Nothing between us, both figuratively and literally. Besides, I think it's worth the risk. Don't you?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah, I do," he bobbed his head, eager to agree with whatever she proposed.

She smirked and bent down to kiss him again, moaning as his hands sprawled out across her back, before dropping to her ass, and giving her a playful squeeze.

She leaned back and rose up on her knees, reaching down between their heaving bodies to grip him firmly in hand. Angling him to her entrance, Kate locked eyes with Castle, and then slammed home, arching her back and moaning as she sunk down on him.

Needless to say, round two lasted much longer than round one.

combination of two prompts: (1) from castlefanficprompts on tumblr: "Castle did you just" "The condom broke so yeah" Set in s4 final Beckett feels Castle cum and he tells her the condom broke. And (2) from anon on tumblr: during their first time, Castle's so excited that he comes just moments after he enters Beckett.