Bolin was laying in his bunk, in his small room on the train he has been living on for what seems years now. It really wasn't that bad. But lately it has been feeling more cramped. Varrick's room was next to his, and of course it was bigger and more comfortable, but that didn't matter to Bo. He was use to just making by his whole life. He lays there in the bed shirtless, his hands tucked under his head. This being the only time he can really just let his hair naturally flow all he wants. His blanket was down on his lower waist with just his light sleeping pants on. A few weeks ago he ran into Opal at some little village, and she was pretty much done with him it sounded like. Why can't she see the good Kuvira's army was doing? What he was doing? Sure she was strict, but so are good parents to get order with their children. You can't be nice and bend every which way when trying to get order. You just can't.

With an annoyed growl, he flops onto his side and held his arms over his chest. Hating this, how he feels like he is losing her. All because she is too blind to see the good. It was what ever. He wasn't going to let her make him feel bad about all he has been doing for the past three years of his life. He refused to feel like he was the one who was wrong here. Refuses.

Though with all army and politics aside, Bolin was missing her. He remembered the day he told her he was leaving to join Kuvira. She was sad, but proud. This was before everyone started fearing and hating Kuvira's army. Opal held him so tightly that morning, her fingers ran through his hair for the last time that day. When he was about to leave for that evening, knowing he was leaving the next morning. She pulled him into her room and she told him to stay a little longer with her. Alone, in the bed, with no clothes.

How did it get this bad? Why can't she see the good he was doing!? Getting so angry, he had to get out of this stuffy room, he needed air! Reaching up to the hatchet above his room and got out and on top of the train. Then he sat down with his legs crossed and looked up to the bright full moon in the night sky. The cold night breeze, plus the chill of the speed of the train moving, felt great on his burning skin.

"Fine. I'm not going to try and force you to like what I do. Fine. If making an entire Empire happy isn't enough to make you proud of me. Then so be it. I shouldn't have to beg and grovel for your affection. I wont-"

"Trouble sleeping?"

Bolin was cut off guard from a voice calling to him from behind. Not just anyone's voice, Kuvira's. He gasped and quickly stood up and greeted her with a salute. His eyes couldn't help but be thrown off yet again, seeing her hair down and just in some tank and sleeping pants like his. Though everything fit her much more womanly frame. Bolin had to admit, this was a new refreshing light of his boss.

"I, I'm sorry. I just, yes…"

"It's alright Bolin. A silent alarm went off. And when I found out it was from your room. I figured, I'd check on you. You needed to clear your head. It helps everyone." She said to him speaking softly, a lightness to her voice not her usual strong and boss voice. It was still a dominate tone, but softer. With one hand she motioned him to lower his solute that there was no need. It was just the two of them right now in the moon light. That's when Bo realizes he was just in some pants before her and he couldn't stop the blush on his cheeks. Her lips then grew into this mischievous smirk on her lips and that did not help him at all.

"I just had to convince myself, that there is no saving what Opal and I have..had?" He rubbed the back of his head. She then slowly took a few steps closer to him.

"Maybe, I could help you convince yourself? You need someone who can appreciate you. I know I do." Kuvira told him still with the smirk on her lips, her right hand on her hip, and all of her weight on her right foot. Bolin's green eyes glowed in the moonlight and he blinked them a few times a bit confused on what's going on here.

"Thank you Ma'am. That means a lot. I do put all that I am into every task you give me."

"I am aware. The day I asked you come along with me. I was very joyous to hear you say you would. One reason was, I would have the world's only lavabender's help. You have no idea how special that makes you to my army."

"Thank you again, Ma'am-"

"Kuvira is just fine. It's just you and I right now. No need to be so formal around me when we are, just in our sleep wear." Her voice did this light very weak snicker and her smirk grew, then she took another step closer to him. Standing just about two feet from him now. Bolin gulped suddenly feeling nervous for some reason.

"Bolin, I think I should tell you. There are a few more reasons why I asked you personally to join, and to work so close under me."


"Yes. You have, this power no one else has. And if you haven't noticed. Power is sort of my thing. Power, is attractive. And you're very handsome. I had to admit, I find myself allured to those eyes of yours." She grinned and gently placed a hand up on his chest. Bolin gulped hard on the spit in his mouth. What was she saying? What was she doing!? She's engaged! To Battaar!

"Ku-Ma-…'re engaged!" He stuttered out and scampered a few steps back, but she grabbed the waistband of his pants and yanked him back to her. A gasp left his lips not sure what to do. He should stop this, right? But he would be stupid if he didn't find her beautiful. She was really gorgeous, with her hair down. And he for some reason, was finding her take charge attitude a bit of a turn on himself. Though he was currently really, really trying hard to stop it from showing.

"A lie. Just to rattle the cages of his parents. He doesn't love me, I don't love him. We just did this to piss them off. If anything, we wouldn't go through with it."

"Wh-what? Why, would you want to tick off his parents-" Yet again he found himself being cut off as he felt her lips now smashed against his. Those green jade eyes of his widened and his cheeks burned hot red. Still not sure on what to do!? Is he even allowed? Are there rules? But she really was so hot right now! The way her filled out chest looked in the tank, how her hand still gripped his pant's waist so tightly, and her other hand softly rubbing his broad strong chest. Then she bit his lip and smirks against his lips causing his eyes fluttered back lightly before letting them close and he kisses her back. Her smile grew as the kiss was wild and lust filled. It burned as their arousal grew for each other.

With their lips busy, Bolin's heart was beating in his chest wildly, he wanted to touch, could he? Would she let him? She was clearly rubbing his chest and had a death grip on his pants. Why couldn't he touch her? His big strong hands rested on her hips and grip her shirt then he slowly starts to pull it up her body. But then she shoves him back and he bit his lip. Did he do something she didn't like?

Then she gives him this seductive smirk and he felt his heart jump in his chest. Kuvira pushes down on his shoulders and forced him to fall back on his ass and she pounced by straddling up on his lap. If the man wasn't hard before, he was now. He had no idea he would love this side of a woman so much.

Again he was going to try and remove her shirt, and she grabs his hair and yanks his head back with a tug. It made him let out a groan.

"Patience big boy."

"Mmm…yes Sexy Boss Lady." He said with a grin of her own and she must have loved that, for she started attacking his lips again with her tongue lashing and wrestling with his desperately to taste him. Bo felt himself hard as a rock twitching and throbbing in his pants by now! He was stocky and girthy, with impressive size if he had to say so himself. And there was no hiding it, she felt it through his and her pants and now she was rolling her hips down on him and he leans his back to let out a shaky breath and she just bites his neck and shoulder.

"Mmmm, you like that huh?" Kuvira licks her lips watching him melt under her as she grinds harder on his hard cock.

"I will admit, you started to intimidate me with what's in your pants. Men don't usually take a liking to me. Since I can easily kick all their asses."

"And how do they not find that hot as fuck?"

"Sounds like you like power too Bolin?" She smirked more at this little trait they had in common and ran her fingers through his messy hair one more time as she kisses him a little harder. Before finally leaning back from his lips and kept that grip on his hair to make him keep looking up at her. Till she then finally starts to lift her own shirt up and over her body, so slowly. Teasing the young man so much, he just throbbed with more anticipation in his pants and she did this, giggle? He made her giggle?

"Patience." She tells him again and he groans. He's been waiting! But when her round milky breasts were exposed to him. A part of him wanted to look away. Was he really going to look at her like this? This was his boss! The Uniter! She really could have any man she wanted. But she was wanting him? Looking down from her eyes he dared to stare at them and he couldn't look away.

"Bolin, you can touch them. I wouldn't shown you if I didn't want you to touch me." That smirk on her lips never left and he gulped yet again. He was getting cold just before she arrived. Now she has him all hot and bothered. Biting his lip for a few more seconds as he took her beauty in.

"I will, patience." He used her own words against her and he gasped with wide eyes as she slams his back against the cold metal and started kissing him the hardest yet. The cold metal train sent shivers all down his body. Till she hovered over him looking down into his eyes grinning, her long raven hair flowed all around her as she hovered over him.

"That, was probably the bravest thing any man has ever said to me in my life." She told him before kissing him one last time, and then let her lips start to travel to his cheek, down his strong jaw, and now was kissing, biting, licking, and sucking on his moonlight skin. Bolin sucked in a big breath of air as his eyes rolled back lightly and his hands rushed to her strong, yet delicate curves, sliding them slowly up her soft skin of her sides. Then over her toned stomach and finally a hand reaches up to cup one of her perfect hand sized breasts, and his hands were big.

He had to let out a little whimper when she parted her lips from his neck. It seemed she wanted to see his reaction to holding her breast and she must have liked what she saw. For she grabbed his other hand and forced it to her other one. Bolin grinned from ear to ear and enjoyed having both hands filled. Rubbing them gently, cupping them, massaging them, rolling them, and a few bounces. Before letting his thumb graze and rub over her nipples a few time. They were hard from the cold and excitement, probably the cold mostly. But he didn't care, with her sitting up straddled on him he leans up to start kissing her stomach and that must have caught her off guard for finally she let a gasp leave her lips and he loved it! Probably way more than he should have. Making her, of all woman gasp like that, kept turning him on more. Now his lips were traveling up to her chest, slowly, before finally his lips wrap around her right nipple, sucking gently and flicking them with the tip of his tongue rapidly for a while. She did this bounce on his lap and dragged her nails down his back as she rolled her head back with another shaky breath from her lips. Her hair falling down her back as he leans in more to her breasts, sucking harder on her right nipple, all the while his left hand holds her left one tighter.

"Do-don't stop…"

"Mmhhmm." He said with his mouth full and he looked up to see her head leaned back and her mouth parted to take in air quickly as her breathing was getting shakier and quick. Bo took a breath through his nose and switched to her other nipple, and she moaned out louder. They were so seductive and pure. Not forced. And they were all her. Her nails scratched again, the back of his neck and shoulders as he continued to work her nipples with just his lips and tongue. Still, she would bounce and shake on his lap making the man groan from feeling her hot crotch rubbing and grinding down on his thick rod. He was enjoying this night, a bit more now.

Once again he felt her fingers yanking his head back and he still loved it, every time she did that. And she slams his back once again down on the cold metal train roof. Bolin groans not wanting to stop touching her yet, but she didn't give no warnings. And the next thing he knew, she had yanked his pants down.

"H-hey no, no heads up?"

"You going to stop me?" She smirked, and then glanced down to see what her solider was working with. And Kuvira was impressed, indeed. She was a hard women to please. Bolin knew this so he was a little nervous showing her, but he wasn't hearing any complaints. Her right hand just took him and he shivered as his hands balled up tightly. Now feeling her softly stroking him in her hand up and down slow but hard. He felt her eyes on him, watching him, and he didn't care. It was too good. First off it being for ever to have a woman touch him, let alone even pretty much not have a night where he wasn't tired, and couldn't take care of it himself. So it just felt so good, and he laid there with a heavy huff from his chest. His breathing cold when he exhales and it could be seen.

As if he couldn't love this any more, her lips just took his round thick tip and a few inches in her mouth and his eyes opened wide and his back arched up as he growled out loving that surprise greatly.

"Oh fuuuck!" Was all he could muster out and she just moans with her mouth full. He could feel her tongue and mouth all wet, flicking and wiggling. Kuvira sucks hard and starts to bob her head up and down on him. If he was suppose to stop her when she first came out, he is glad he didn't. Karma could get him later, right now. Nothing else mattered.

He was lasting longer than he had thought he would. His stamina must have gotten better with all the training and working out the last three years. When she started to push more in, she gasped and pulled her head off him to gag and cough catching her breath. He just chuckled and she narrowed her eyes at him and slapped his stomach.

"Don't get cocky with me soldier."

"No, no. I wasn't it. It just, mmmm…can you like, just put me back in your mouth?" He blushed and he knows he was going to get probably kicked now, and realized he probably shouldn't have gave her an order with his cock right in front of her. But to his surprise she licked her lips and went back to pushing what she can fit in his mouth comfortably. Bolin once again moaned out and couldn't stop his hips from bucking up into her mouth a few times. Again he heard her gag, but she had this determined look on her face and he couldn't help but bite his lip and find that sexy about her. Who knew she was like this? Hot and sensual woman? When she starts to go faster and harder, his eyes once again rolled back and his right hand on it's own rested on the back of her head and held her hair. A few of his random bucks up into her skull couldn't be helped. For hearing her cough and gag on him was driving him crazy. But it came to the point he felt his cock throbbing harder and more frequent in her mouth. That's when she moans and gives him this look with her eyes to let him know it was ok. Bolin bit his lip yet again and lost it when she really started to wiggle her tongue and suck harder. He felt his cock spaz in her, and he had to push down on her head to get more of him in. As his back arched up again and he let out a big grunt from his chest, feeling himself slip down her throat and coughing as his thick cum shot out in two loads. Waiting for that last drop, his arm fell at his side and he laid there panting and grinning.

Now realizing what he just did with his Uniter, he blushed and looked down seeing her sitting on her knees and wiping her mouth and catching her breath desperately. That's when she looks to him, and he grew nervous. But she stood up, and he was REALLY scared now. Though Kuvira dropped her pants and then shimmied out of her panties and his eyes bugged out again. He had softened a little bit after that first load. But seeing her fully naked before him under the full moon he stiffed right back up and she laughed a little seeming to love his reaction. Bolin wanted to touch her again. He sits up to go rub her thighs, but she slams herself on his lap, not pushing him in, just sitting on his lap and rubs her hands all over his chest as she kisses him yet again. Wildly tongue dancing and burning lust for his touch and him wanting her touch as well. She was soaked, her thighs shimmered in the bright light of the moon and Bolin can't believe he had gotten her wild and hot for him? He felt pretty good. If this was a one night thing, he was going to make it count. And enjoy every second of it. If she wanted something more. It would have to be her call.

His hands were all over her thick thighs and sides, till he so boldly takes her plump heart shaped ass in his hands and grips each cheek tightly. Her eyes widened and she moaned into his mouth louder. She herself is impressed how bold and daring he is to just do what he wanted with her. He knew who she was, and yet, he still found ways to call the shots with what he wanted to do with her. Kurvira, was enjoying that about him, very much. So much, she couldn't take it. She stands up on her knees and he saw her grabbing his cock to hold him still and he bit lip knowing what she wanted now. He held his breath as his green eyes watched her aim him at her entrances, and slowly she sat herself down on his tip. He slid past her folds and he felt his tip and an inch or two in her snug heat and the man shivered and started burning for more. Though she yelped and pulled herself back some.

"I can't…Bolin..I haven't….You have to." She told him before rolling off him and laid on her back now before him. He blinked a few times and was a little confused.

"You haven't…before? Not even with your fake fiancée?" He teased and she laughed in a little chuckle and shook her head.

"I told you, men don't take a liking to me so well. Their mommies tell them I'm not womanly enough."

"Oh, you're all woman. A woman who knows what she wants, and you grab it and take it. Uhhh, literally." He laughed and she rolled her eyes with that smirk. Seeing her laying there, and waiting for him, he couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. She was just so stunning, this side of her that no one has seen before, he felt honored really.

"Have you?" Kuvira started to ask, but trailed off.

Bolin finally answered as he got himself settled up between her thighs to get ready. "Have I done this? Ye-yeah."


"Yeah." The earthbender couldn't believe she was getting nervous about this? This was the great might Kuvira. Seeing her venerable, was a site to see. And he was loving it.

"You're done with her right? I mean, that's what you were all talking about to your self when I first got here right?" She asked with her eyes on him sitting on his knees between her thighs.

"Yes. I'm not going to let her get me down." He answered with this serious look in his eyes, and she nods with a little weak smile.

"Just, get the worst part over."

"Yes Sexy Boss Lady." He teased and grabbed her ankles to pull her to him and she gasped loving to watch his muscles flex. He was a very toned and filled out earthbender, she found it very alluring. Then his hands slide on the outside of her thighs for a while, before they grabbed her lightly from her inner thighs, and pushed them opened. Kuvira bit her lip and watched him looking down at her and seeing him grinning made her smirk more. He was loving everything she was offering, and she couldn't help but part her legs a little more for him.

"In! NOW!-AH!" She gasped out feeling his round tip and a few more of his inches slam into her. She gasped out and her body shook not believing the pain of him stretching her to make sure his large self fit in her. With her being so wet and turned on, that first push was rather easy. He has to ease the rest in, he knows that much.

"HOW did you get this thing in little Opal!?"

"Uuhmm..mmm…I didn't… Oh man…relax some…you're body is trying to get me out…relax.." He took a deep breath and she didn't know how this worked, so she listened to him. Kuvira took a few deep breaths, not sure if him saying that he didn't get himself in Opal was really reassuring, or more exciting.

"We only did this once, and it was her first time too. So, she wouldn't let me get more in-"

"Wuss….I want all of you in-GAAAH!" She arched her back up as he did a quick gab to get a few more thick inches in. By now half of him was in, and it would be hard for her to actually push him out. So he just lets her body relax and get use to taking in his first half.

Bolin laid on his elbows, forearms tucked under her arms and she had one arm around his shoulder with a hand behind his head and her other hand on his shoulder blade digging her nails in the back of his head and back as he would pull out, and slowly push in. His hips rising and falling slowly in a perfect warm up speed. Her being soaking wet helped greatly and he would grunt against her neck and his cock throbs against her tight walls. Though he did jab in once more and he felt thicker fluids around his cock and he bit his lip. He just took her virginity. Kuvira's. He was a bit fearful of her right now, would she really be so accepting of him doing this? Bolin's green eyes look up to meet her dark green eyes and she bit her lip with a groan.

"It's ok…it's nothing important….just..just…go! MORE!" She shoves his face back into her neck and slid a hand of hers down his back to grab his ass, making him grin and blush. With one more slam into her, all of him filled her up and both huff out a heavy deep breath with a growl from both their chests. Kuvira's nails never stopped scratching down his body, he didn't care.

"Oooo! My good soldier! MORE!" She ordered and tucked her thighs up more to spread them and he huffed and panted. Unable to stop his eyes from rolling back and loving her snug warmth around his thick cock. Bolin couldn't stop thrusting in her faster and harder. He's never felt this good before during sex, he's never been so deep in a woman before. His great mighty boss' face was a turn on, for she can't seem to believe just how deep he was in her. Her moans grew out more and more letting him know he was safe to grab her thighs and keep them down and spread and let him really start to buck into her harder. He would groan and swear as her walls sucked his throbbing meat more.

"Ooommm…you feel so goooood!"


"Yeeeeeaaah…" He nodded his head and sat up on his knees. Her hands hold his wrists as she watche shim hold her hips and lift her ass off the train some and felt his eyes watching between her thighs as his cock would enter her over and over again. Her back would arch up as she screams out now, she was screaming!

"FUCK ME! HARDER!" Kuvira groans and slashes her nails down his arms and he grunts out with another swear and slams his meat down her harder and deeper. From feeling her walls gripping his cock, trying to keep him in her. He knew she was close.

"Mmmm, yeah you can't handle Bolin can you?" He grins and her eyes roll back and as her jaw drops with sexy loud moans and screams.

"OOOO!" Her eyes rolled back and all her nails dug down harder into his back. The earthbender groans and couldn't help but pick up more pace and force as he rams into her. Their bodies mingled into one and couldn't get any closer to each other, no matter how hard they tried. Shaky breathes were shared between the two of them, gasps and swears under their breath. Her walls clamped tighter on his cock making him throb harder against her walls and it was as if both of them knew it was time for both of them. For she was bucking more into his hips in sync with his thrusts. And his lips were kissing all over her neck and breasts. Loving this side of Kuvira, she looked so vulnerable and over powered. And to know she wanted him to do with her, was all that much more exciting. There were plenty of other men on this train. But now he was finding himself, not wanting anyone else to know about this side of her.

Bolin finally hears her screaming out and her whole body was shaking under his as her legs were in the air with her toes curled and he felt her fluids coating his meat more and pooling under them. That was all he needed to know that he did his task, and quickly pulled out with him cumming hard on her stomach a few strands, before she quickly leans down to lap his seed off the tip of his cock. His eyes fluttered back as he gripped her hair and kept her there for a while as she sucked the tip to get every drop out of him. When nothing was coming out no more, he lays back down taking deep breaths, watching her laying right next to him and doing the same thing.

This is where he got a bit confused as to what they do now? She looked spent, he himself could go for more, but she looked as if she was done. Then she quickly looks to him, and he blushed and looked away quickly.

"Our little secret Bolin. Understood? I am getting married after all. And if word got out that I was having affairs with a lower ranked officer. My reputation would be over. Besides, are you and Opal actually really officially apart?" Kuvira sat up and stretched a bit. It sounded as if she didn't want to do this again, and he could understand. It was fun while it lasted. The bulky earthbender sat up, but soon felt her straddling up on him again. His eyes wide and that soft blush on his cheeks again, feeling her hand grip his thick raven hair and yanks his head back to look up at her.

"Doesn't mean I wont need my soldier any more. I don't care what's going on with you Opal. But as far as I know. You're now mine. You're five times the man as Battaar. Say it."

"Say what Ma'am?"

"Say you are mine and-" She gave his face a quick slap before kissing him harder.

"Call my Kuvira when it's just us." She smirked and Bolin grins right back as his hands held her thighs and ass softly.

"I'm yours Kuvira."

"Only loyal to me?"

"Yes. My loyalty is all yours."

"Good soldier. " She smirked yet again and started to kiss him wildly, letting her tongue force it's way into his mouth and kept kissing him harder. Before she started to slide her self down on his hardening cock. The man groans against her lips and held her thigh and ass tighter to help her slide down his massive pole. And she rode him several more times that night. Before both had to get back to their rooms. It being so close in the morning, he was tired and ready to finally pass out. Grinning from ear to ear that night. Having the best night of sleep in a long time.