Chapter One---One Photograph, an entire world falls apart. Ned~

I thought that my life couldn't get any more complicated. It seemed impossible. The chaos surrounded me everywhere starting from the family after Jason was arrested because of AJ and then Brenda was arrested because of Skye. Lois got on my back about the latter, for how dare a member the Q clan dare try to 'frame' her best friend, Brooke's godmother. It was pointless trying to fight her, remind her Brenda had been my friend long before she had been hers and that the whole family stood behind Brenda and always would.

Then there was Alexis refusing me to be a father to Kristina, the child I gave up everything for and loved with me all my heart. The child, who I still worried wouldn't survive because of the man that had killed her namesake, the man I am still not sure Alexis didn't kill.

But that, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

AJ and I plotting to take down Sonny, talking Jax out of a million different ways he wanted to break Brenda out of jail, no that all seems to pale in comparison.

And it's all because of a photograph, a photograph that could be lying to me. A game for my mother, but it seems so real, she seems so real.

Paul Hornsby came to the gatehouse last night. He said that Dillon had been up earlier in the week and I recalled Grandmother and Grandfather mentioning that Paul had been by earlier in the week with Dillon and that I had meant to go say hello to the little brother who didn't know me, but had forgotten.

He said that he had found a photograph in one of Dillon's drawers as he was putting away clothing. It was of Dillon and a woman, and that the woman had seemed very familiar to him, but he didn't want to ask Dillon for fear he would be angry that Paul had gone through his things.

Finally one day when Dillon was out playing he went back to the room and took the picture and showed it Jenny. She knew at once who the picture was of, my wife before her, my wife whose memorial she crashed, my wife who according to the law and to god was never my wife. Even though we said those vows before our family and friends right before she ran off with Decker in my car.

A woman who I had grieved for and had never forgiven myself for hurting.

A woman who had 'died' over a decade ago.

Yet here in my hand is a copy of the photograph. She's older, but smiling that same smile, with her eyes closed as she hugs Dillon.

I can't go to Monica, not until I see her myself, find out why we all thought she was dead, why she did this to us.