Summary: AU. After escaping imprisonment on Asgard, Loki returns to earth, only to find himself in a different sort of prison... A psychiatric ward.

Chapter One: The Place

Loki thought he was dangerously clever. He thought he had it all in the bag, what, with him escaping Asgard right from underneath Odin's nose, and with Thor bound to take the throne of Asgard one of these days... He knew that Thor wouldn't punish him nearly as heavily as Odin if he'd be found again. Not that he was planning on being found, no. In fact, Loki was certain that no one would think to look for him there.

He'd have to lay low for a while, however. After the fiasco in New York, Loki knew if he started wreaking havoc there too soon, he'd be found out so much faster than he'd prefer to... and that would not do at all. So, it was decided. Loki would blend in for a little while... But not too long, he just needed the time to piece together a plan for total domination of earth.

He chuckled to himself, not really noticing the other people on the bus. The fat, dark skinned woman he sat next to didn't even pay him any attention either. She just stared at the ground, waiting for the bus to reach her destination. Which, reminded Loki, he had no current destination. The money he had was what he had found laying around after some punk in the street tried to get away with robbing some young businessman. Loki, being the so devilishly clever person he is, was able to swiftly sneak by and take that wallet that was dropped. He supposed he'd just go as far as the little money he had would take him.


He did not expect that his money would take him here, of all places. He glanced around the area, half expecting to see rats and other diseased creatures scattering about the place. Well, it was late. Perhaps this place only looked so abandoned at night? Loki sighed. He really had no where else to go, so... it was into the building he went.

He was surprised by how much cleaner it looked inside than it did outside. But he still was not impressed with the appearance of the place... It looked, well, sad. Hopeless. Being there just made him want to crawl into a corner and weep. But Loki would never do that. Of course, not. There were rows of strange looking benches, not like the kind you'd see out in the parks of New York, these were wooden and they were in rows all leading up to a very grand stage with a large statue of a man with his hands attached to a cross. He stared at it for a moment, not too sure what it was or who the statue was supposed to be.

It was then that he noticed a man standing on the "stage". He was lighting some candles and the light bounced onto the shimmering colors of the stained glass windows above him. The man was very silent as he did this, had Loki not seen him first, he'd have no idea that he was not alone. Loki cleared his throat.

"Where am I?" He asked. The man turned around and Loki could see he was elderly and dressed in very strange clothes. But Loki didn't have time to wonder about the man's clothes. He already wasted so much time just wondering about this place and all of it's strangeness. Loki could hardly see the man as he was so far away, so he took the man's initial silence as a welcome to step a little closer.

The old man smiled.

"Glory to God!" The old man exclaimed. "Someone has finally come in!"

"What are you talking about?" Loki was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Was this man referring to a friend of his, mentioning God and whatnot? Or maybe this was a shrine for some Midgardian deity? He'll find out soon enough.

"You're the first person to come in from the streets in thirty years!" The old man was approaching him rapidly now, his hands outstretched and a smile plastered onto his face that made his beady, black eyes sink inward and his wrinkles deflated the fullness of his face, if there ever was any to begin with! Loki backed away a little, but not fast enough that the old man didn't catch his hand and hold it dearly for a while.

"What is this place?!" Loki asked.

"You're in a church, lad!" The old man smiled even more and his wrinkles deepened. Loki frowned. He didn't know what a church was, but it definitely gave him the heebie-geebies.

"No, what area of Midgard is this?!" He asked a little louder, not really to the man, he was more-so just wondering aloud to himself. This place wasn't anything like New York. Everywhere he went, it was dark, and it looked abandoned. This wasn't at all what it looked like when he first got on the bus and drove through many beautiful buildings and saw a few people bustling by, probably on their way to their meaningless jobs and carrying on with their pathetic lives.

"Midgard?" The elderly man asked. But Loki was too lost in his thoughts. He was beginning to feel a little panicked, he didn't know where he was on Midgard and he wasn't sure if he could probably concoct a plan here... No, this place had far too less people to cause any trouble... He needed an audience! He needed people! Where was this place? How could he find out?!

"Where am I?!" Loki demanded.

"Y... you're in Detroit?" The elderly man looked very carefully at Loki, who now seemed to be far off someplace else. Lost in his worries. "Young man, are you alright?"

Detroit? Where was Detroit? Loki felt even more lost now, not realizing quite how small... yet how very vast Midgard was! So many different cultures, different places! Asgard was all of one culture, yet Midgard was so many! Loki fell to his knees, not really noticing anyone else around him anymore. His thoughts were moving too fast.

Loki didn't expect the man to reach out and touch his shoulder, so, he panicked a little more.


"Young man, I do not think you're well..." The older man spoke, but Loki wasn't hearing anything he was saying.

"No! This is all wrong..." Loki trailed off. Loki stood now and began to head towards the door, but the elderly man reached out and grabbed Loki by the shoulder. Loki turned around, huffy and agitated. "Unhand me."

"No, young man, I think, you should stay here a little while."


"You're not well. I think it would be best if-"

"FOOL!" Loki spouted. "Do you have any idea of who I am?!"

"Yes." The man said with a smile. "You're a child of God, as well all a-"

"I am Loki." Loki beamed. "Of Asgard and I have come to free your realm of it's freedom and lawlessness!" The man only stood in silence with his mouth agape. He studied Loki for a moment, not sure if he should speak. But thankfully, Loki spoke up so he wouldn't have to. "I have come to rule your realm and if you fools do not cooperate I will destroy Midgard from inside out until every man, woman and child perishes from this-" It surprised Loki that this elderly man had the gall to cut him off.

"Young man, I will not tolerate that sort of talk. Not here." The man then proceeded to attempt to lead Loki to one of the strange, wooden benches to sit. Loki resisted at first until he realized there'd be no reason to resist. All the man wanted to do was sit him down, and Loki was feeling a little exhausted after his trip from Asgard. Loki followed the man and sat down on the hard, wooden seat. The older man smiled nervously and spoke again. "I'll be back. I'm going to make a quick phone call and then we can continue this discussion." Loki watched as the elderly man walked away, down the middle of the path of wooden benches and into a corridor on the opposite end of the building, close to where he had first entered.

Loki let out a long breath that he didn't know he was holding in and he leaned back to stare up at the high ceiling. His thoughts were still racing and he couldn't figure out what his brain was trying to decide for him. There wasn't any point in trying to decide now what was going to happen, he knew either way, he'd have to figure out a way to get out of 'Detroit' and to someplace with a little more to work with. He didn't even notice when he began to feel a little tired.


"He might be dangerous"

The words sounded really far off in the distance as Loki slowly began to stir. His eyes wouldn't even focus, he didn't realize he'd been in such a deep sleep.

"We can handle anything this whack-job has to dish out."

There was a voice that Loki didn't recognize. And who were they referring to when they said 'whack job'? He closed his eyes again when they still didn't focus. Whatever was going on around him was of no concern to him. These people were beneath him anyway...

His eyes snapped open, however when he felt large, strong hands seize his upper arm.

"Unhand me!" He exclaimed, his eyes finally focusing. He could see they were men. Big men. And one he recognized the uniform of. It was a police officer, he remembered from the last time he was in Midgard, they drove in black and white vehicles that made a loud, wailing noise and flashed blue and red lights to warn those of their arrival. Loki snarled. Then he looked at the big man who was squeezing his arm and pulling him up. This man was accompanied by another man wearing similar clothes. Both wore an outfit consisting of pants and a short sleeved shirt that was a light shade of blue. Loki began to kick once the other, slightly smaller man grabbed his other arm.

"Just let him kick." The big man said. Loki noticed this man had dark skin and very tired, brown eyes. He had no hair and the other man, slightly smaller, was incredibly pale, with wild, red curls. Loki was growing tired of their games and he swung his leg to kick the larger man. The larger man doubled over and the other let go of Loki's arm to run away. Loki took that as a victory.

"You worthless, pathetic weaklings!" Loki bellowed. "Can you not see?! I am your superior! You will all kneel before me!"

"This one is really strong!" The dark skinned man said, "It'll take a lot more than a syringe of Haldol to get this one calm, get the strongest thing we have." Loki didn't even pay attention to them. He stood, feeling very, very powerful and he began to walk forward, towards the dark skinned man in blue who was still on the floor, doubled over in pain.

The police officer made a move as though he were going to run and tackle Loki to the ground, but Loki turned to him and held out his hand to use an energy blast, but quickly realized how weak he was from traveling between realms. He, instead put out both hands to push the offending officer away, sending him flying many feet backwards until he slammed into the concrete wall adjacent to the 'stage' of the sanctuary, where they were standing.

"Sir!" The red headed man called, "Sir, we're going to ask that you remain calm and follow us. That way, no one has to get hurt."

Loki snorted and then turned on his heels to face the red headed man. He opened his mouth to begin to speak, but was cut off before he could utter a word as another, big and heavy man tackled him from behind. They both fell to the ground with Loki kicking and squirming once more. Then something sharp pressed into his backside. He kicked even harder, but it felt as though the more he moved, the slower his body became. He felt sluggish and his body felt swollen and heavy. He did not lose consciousness, however, and it appeared that the man who tackled him noticed this.

"Give me a stronger one!" He said as he pinned Loki down. Loki still struggled against him as another sharp pain made Loki wince. He felt as though everything was moving in slow motion, his legs felt like they had weights attached to them and he felt clumsy with every movement he made. Time felt like it was moving slower and slower... until it finally just came to a complete stop. And Loki lost consciousness at last.


Loki woke up, not remembering when he had fallen asleep. There was hardly any light and it was hard for his eyes to adjust. He looked around a little, trying to figure out where he it was that he had been placed after remembering the incident with the old man at the strange sanctuary. His head was aching and he still felt a little sluggish. Something felt strange and he slowly crept his hands, more specifically his fingers, up to the fabric of clothing that covered his chest. He touched it, studied it with his hands and summed up that he had been stripped of his Asgardian garb and put into something... Midgardian.

A door opened that he didn't see before and light flooded into the room. He took this time to notice what was around him. Not much, just the bed that he was lying on, which only had a pillow, sheet and thin, white blanket, a window, which showed nothing but a starless, dark sky, and an indent in the wall with some empty shelves. To his right there was also another door, probably a toilet area, he assumed.

"You're awake." A person stepped into the room, wearing white. "If you're up to it, I was hoping I could speak with you." It was a woman. She had medium length, dark brown hair, glasses, and red lipstick. "I know it's late, but this is very important. I'm sure you're wondering where you are."

Loki wanted to bitch at her, tell her that she was a pathetic bitch and that she'd bow before him and he'd rule over her and all the other worthless scum of Midgard. But he didn't have any fight in him. He was feeling too weak and his mind was too clouded. He assumed he'd been poisoned and he'd just have to go with the flow of things before trying to take over the world again, at least until this Midgardian poison had worn off.

Loki stood up from the bed and he first thought he might fall over from exhaustion, but he still remained standing and he took that as a good sign. He slowly approached the woman standing in the doorway, feeling temporary defeat. The woman began to lead him down a quiet, slightly dark hallway with closed doors on each side of the walls. The place was incredibly quiet, leading Loki to believe it must be very, very early in the morning before the sun rose, or very very late in the day, as it was still very dark outside. Finally, the woman came to a slightly open door at the end of the hallway and she opened the door wider for Loki to come inside.

"Come in." She whispered. Loki was too tired to resist. Oh, he'd have his way with her later, but not now. Now, all he wanted to do was rest and forget this terribly embarrassing moment in his life where he was defeated by weak Midgardians. He walked into the room seeing a small wooden desk with a device that had a screen and keyboard. He recognized these from the helicarrier. It was a computer. There was also a bulletin board with some papers pinned. The woman walked to the chair behind the desk and began to sit down, then motioned with her hand for Loki to sit as well. He complied.

"I just want to ask you some questions." She spoke in such an airy, calm voice. It was almost soothing for Loki's ears. He rather enjoyed the way she spoke as it reminded him somewhat of his moth- of Frigga. "What's your name?"

"Loki of Asgard" He responded. He was shocked at how hoarse his voice had become. The woman took out a sheet of paper and a pencil from her drawer and began to scribble some words down on the paper.

"Where are you from, Loki?" There it was again, her rather calm, soothing voice.

"I came from Asgard." The woman went right back to scribbling.

"Do you know where you are, Loki?"


"Do you know who I am?"


The woman continued to scribble down words on her sheet of paper, long after the awkward silence between them had begun. She leaned back and tipped her glasses forward so they rested on the tip of her nose and she studied her writing.

"Loki, you're in a hospital." She said, then she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and looked him in the eyes. "You're in a psychiatric ward."

Author's Notes:

This plot bunny came to me as I was watching Only Lovers Left Alive. I have personal experience with being in the psych ward (I've been there multiple times) and I wanted to write about a character who was going through the same sort of thing.

So, a little disclaimer, I guess. Everyone's experience in a psych ward is going to be different based on the hospital they go to, the ward they go to (as some hospitals have different wards depending on the conditions of the patients), whether the hospital is private or state, how long the person is there, and their mindset at the time. So if this story doesn't reflect your experience in a psych ward, then I'm sorry, but since we all experience things differently you can't tell me this isn't accurate according to your standards when it's accurate according to my own experience.


Anyway. I don't know much about comic Loki except for what I've read on Wikipedia and the little that I've seen of the comics on Tumblr, so if this isn't accurate for Loki, then... well... sorry? I try to keep him in character, but it's hard when all I've seen of him is from the movies. Sorry.

Anyway, same as always, R & R please. I appreciate constructive criticism as long as it's respectful and not snarky. And definitely no flames. This story could possibly turn into Thorki, so I'm warning you now, if you flame, I might get my feelings hurt, but I'll probably just delete your comment and keep writing.

Okay, it's official, this note is over.