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Prompt #8: Jargon - Riley learned to cover Gabriel's slips around uncleared personnel very early on.

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"The encryption is no joke. Multiple layers, interlocking firewalls, single-point and dual-point protections against multiple attempts." Gabriel squinted at nothing as he spoke. "If we're going to do this, someone else has to attack the servers so that I can chip them without interference."

Lillian's support crew immediately started typing, leaving Riley, Jameson, and their harried CIA counterpart watching with their hands in their pockets. Said CIA agent looked at Gabriel as if expecting him to move. When he didn't, the agent said, "What are you gonna do?"

Riley looked over at him. "Agent Gru, please don't distract him. He's got someone on the inside who's implanted a chip in the servers. They're in communication and Gabriel needs total focus to relay the contact's information in real-time."

"We're in," said a tech. On the plasma big screen came a detailed schematic of the servers and database layout. "Security protocols already active. Combating now."

Lillian stepped forward. "Okay people, you were hired not just because you're the best, but because you've each broken the most secure firewalls ever devised by man and escaped more than once. I need that cleverness now. These guys hold information that could potentially kick off a terrorist attack. We can't leave without it." She smiled like a proud mom and added, "So unleash hell."

Clacking keys filled the air as almost two dozen clean-cut government types simultaneously went rogue. The schematic went red almost immediately as tiny icons flooded the information pathways of the system. Riley didn't even bother trying to understand what they were all saying.

"Great. I'm into the mainframe now," said Gabriel.

"He means his contact," said Riley to Agent Gru with a subtle nudge to Gabriel's ribs.

He ignored her again. His eyes darted from side to side. "In the servers. Downloading everything as we speak."

"His contact is downloading all that information to us now." Riley shot Gabriel a loaded look. "Isn't that right, Gabriel?"

"Yes dear."

Agent Gru's eyes widened comically. Riley rolled hers. Only when Gabriel was very, very distracted did he forget protocol and call her a pet name. Sure they were dating, but that didn't mean everyone in the Department of Justice needed to know.

After seven excruciating minutes, Gabriel announced that he'd completed the download. All the techs pulled themselves out of the mainframe, dropping spikes to cover their tracks and viruses just to leave a giant mess in their wake. More than one heaved a heavy sigh as they leaned back in their chairs.

Lillian glanced back at Gabriel. "Anything good?"

"Decoding now." Riley jammed her elbow into his side. "I mean, Alan is decoding now. We should have the intel within three minutes."

"Take five, everyone. Change your shirts and grab something to eat." Lillian didn't have to say it twice. The room emptied faster than a schoolroom after final bell. Lillian turned around to Agent Gru and said, "Why don't you take this time to update your superiors? I'm sure Harold is dying for a sit-rep."

He took the hint and went out of the room to phone his bosses. Lillian excused herself a second later after ordering Gabriel to report to Dr. Cassidy. Then only Riley and Gabriel were left in the room.

"Well," said Gabriel, "that went well."

Riley punched him in the arm. Hard.

"OW! What was that for?"

"Take your pick." Riley put her hands on her hips in an attempt to look like she was in charge. "Forgetting there was an agent without top-secret clearance in the room, not following protocol for outsiders, calling me dear in front of the techies..."

"Judging from the way you're stressing every other point, I'm guessing you're maddest about the dear comment."

Despite her temper still simmering close to I'm gonna kick his smug ass, Riley's pursed lips twitched as they tried to form a smile. "It's too dangerous, Gabriel."

"I know, and I'm sorry." There was real apology in his tone, but the twinkle in his eye betrayed him. With a furtive look to be sure they were alone (and some clever chip action to be sure no cameras were watching) he took her hand and kissed the back of it. "You know how I get when I'm focusing."

"No excuses. You know better." Riley tugged her hand out of his and turned to leave. "And you know what this means."

Gabriel gave a long, loud, suffering sigh. "I'm making that veggie tofu stir-fry crap, aren't I?"

"With the spring rolls."

"Ugh! Woman, I've got to suffer through Cassidy and his brain probes for the next two hours. Why must I suffer twice in one day?"

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