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"Again?" Hermione Granger giggled into Draco Malfoy's shoulder.

"All day. Every day. Forever. Until we're dead. Maybe even after." Draco nibbled her earlobe.

"That's disgusting!" Hermione smacked him lightly, laughing. His hand wandered down her body, stopping on the swollen mound of her abdomen. Hermione watched his face as it filled with wonder. She was pinned beneath him, her curly golden brown hair spread out, caught under his elbows, but she wasn't complaining.

"When are you going to marry me?" Hermione was used to the question. Draco had asked it every day for six months. She never gave him a definitive answer; she'd smile and distract him if truth be told. He didn't mind the distraction, but he found himself apprehensive with her silent refusal. He rested his head on her chest, his mouth resting against his child's place of sleep.

"Your mother doesn't love me. Isn't that terrible?" The sleeping child awoke, kicking his father in the face. "Terrible manners you have." Draco smiled lazily, watching Hermione's stomach roll about.

"Malfoy." He ignored her, intent on witnessing somersaults.

"See? She won't even say my name." Hermione clenched her tiny hands into fists, fuming silently at the ceiling of their cabin.

"Draco Malfoy!"

"Now I'm in trouble." He patted her stomach before propping himself up on an elbow, kissing her chin.

"I can't. You know I bloody well can't!" Tears of frustration seeped from her soft brown eyes. Draco knew she was having one of her over emotional moments laced with a bit of over thinking, but he had grown used to such things.

"Tell me." He slid his arm behind her head, brushed stubborn curls from her forehead while allowing his child to thump beneath his palm. Hermione gritted her teeth, shaking her head violently from side to side, causing her tears to land on the pillow. He spoke softly again, repeating the words.

"You're Draco Malfoy..."

"Yes, I'm aware of who I am." He laughed lightly, planting a kiss on her brow.

"I'm Hermione Granger..."

"Yes, now that we've established who everyone is, what does it have to do with you marrying me?" Hermione gasped as his blonde hair brushed against her face, his mouth intent on a rosy peak.

"Stop distracting me!" She groaned, pulling his silky strands.

"No. I won't. You're intent on distracting me. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I quite enjoy it. I should ask you to marry me every day. Oh yes that's right. I have." Hermione felt the carefully formulated arguments, stored safely in her overworked brain, slipping away.

"I'll be a Malfoy!" She wept, her resolve dissolving. Draco's head snapped up. Brushing away her tears, he smiled, deciding to try something new.

"Hermione. You'll always be Granger to me." She gasped, clutching his face in her hands.

"Say it again." He whispered her name against her lips.

"Does this mean you'll marry me?" Draco murmured into the nape of her neck.

"But. She'll be in Slytherin!" Hermione's waterworks resumed with shaking sobs.

"It's a girl then? We're having a girl?" Draco found himself distracted by her pronoun usage.

"Yes. No. I don't know." She wailed with fists in her eyes.

"Love, I solemnly swear, I'll love her even if she's a Gryffindor." Draco stifled a snicker. "Uhm, as well, even if you don't marry me, she's part mine. She could wind up in Slytherin regardless." Hermione's eyes flew open, she struggled to sit up, but he held her firmly in place.

"Oh! I didn't think of that. Why didn't I think of that? I think of everything!" Hermione's bottom lip trembled.

"You're a stubborn minx. Marry me." Draco Malfoy was just as stubborn as Hermione Granger. She saw the steely glint of determination and knew she would succumb. She nodded slowly, a slow smile spreading, a twinkle in her eyes and kissed him.

"Do you love me?" Draco pressed the question against her lips.


One Year Later

It was a small ceremony. The families of the betrothed beamed, despite their reservations. Molly Weasley fussed over the guests, her dress robes in a gorgeous shade of lavender.

"Hurry now! We haven't much time!" Arthur valiantly tried to calm his wife, but she would have none of it. "Where's Ron? Go and fetch him! Harry, take the baby. Hermione your dress! You've got spittle on your dress!" Bill threw his hands into the air laughing.

"Fleur, take James, Victoire and Dominque to George. He'll entertain them. Harry, carry on with Albus, Ginny needs to attend Hermione. Draco…where is Draco? Where is Hermione? Mum, take the baby. I'll hunt them down. Ron, go do your pacing over there. Dad, stop staring at them. They're going to hex you." Bill doled out the orders. For a moment, they silently rebelled. They caught sight of the tic in his cheek and bustled about, exactly as they were told.

"Harry?" Ron nervously tapped his best friend's shoulder. Harry chuckled. His friend looked a bit green.

"Scorpius is a right terrible name, mate."

"Ron. Don't you think you've got other things to worry 'bout? Rather than Mione and Malfoy's kid?" Ron gulped almost guiltily.

"Well yeah, but if I think about it, I'm liable to lose my lunch and I'd hate to do that. He's a cute kid, but Scorpius? Really?" Harry patted Ron's back lightly.

"Let it go mate, let it go."

"You can't even say it. And you named your kid Albus. What were you thinking honestly? I mean sure, he was a great Headmaster and whatnot, but Albus? Albus Severus, no less? I mean, could have considered Sirius. Or Ron. Ronald's a good name."

"Ron." Harry raised his eyebrows in warning.


"Ron. It's your wedding day." Harry cast a casual glance toward Ron's impending in-laws. The Greegrasses looked less than thrilled, but at least they weren't hexing anyone. That was something. It was progress.

Hermione squealed in surprise when her husband dragged her into a tiny cottage across the pond from Malfoy Manor. He said nothing, unbuttoning her robes, divesting of her clothing with hast.

"We can't! Not here! Not now." Draco pulled the pins from his wife's hair, watching it cascade across her shoulders, down her back.

"Yes. Here. Now. Can't wait. Got to." Picking her up, he backed her into the desk behind them. The logical side of Hermione wished to protest, but she found herself caught up in the moment, her thoughts becoming muddled. He drew her bent knee around his waist, pressing her back.

"The ceremony..." She breathed, reveling in the sensation of his teeth running down her neck.
"Bollocks on it." She gasped, squirming, her body writhing beneath him. He let his hands roam the way they were apt to do where Hermione was concerned. He watched her face contract as he slipped between her folds. He loved to watch her swollen lips part, tiny gasps emitting between them. He captured a taut peak between his teeth, drawing back mistaking her groan for pain.

"More." Draco easily complied, a sense of contentment settling with him. As much as Hermione Granger Malfoy drove him to the edges of sanity, he knew, he wouldn't trade it for anything. Quickly, he discarded his clothing, half climbing onto the mahogany piece easily.

"Someone's calling us." A dreamy sort of expression on Hermione's face, the words escaping in a whisper.

"Don't. Care." Draco Malfoy punctuated his point by thrusting into his wife. In that moment, Hermione didn't care either.

"THAT'S IT!" Bill Weasley hollered at them from outside the cottage. "WE'RE NO LONGER FRIENDS. BASTARDS. THE LOT OF YOU!"

"Bill. Get out." Draco shifted slightly, covering his wife's body from Bill's outrage.

"I can't unsee this! I'm scarred! For life!" He sputtered, his feet frozen to the spot.

"We know, Bill. Terrible thing. Get out." Draco kissed his wife tenderly. Hermione broke their kiss, flashing eyes peaking over her husband's shoulder.

"William Weasley! GET OUT!" Hermione shrieked. Bill blinked rapidly, backing quickly out of the cottage. "SHUT THE DOOR!" He complied, determined to find some obscure bit of magic for bleaching eyeballs.

Hermione and Draco Malfoy dressed quickly, laughing.

"We're late. Where's my wand?" Hermione scuttled about the cottage, finding a discarded shoe.

"Scorpius is having a right fit I bet." Draco handed her the wand in question. "We'll have to Apparate to the ceremony if we expect to catch any of it."

"Whose fault is that?!" Hermione shrieked arranging her robes over her pale green dress.

"You enjoyed it as much as I did." Draco couldn't help himself. He doubled over in peals of laughter remembering their interruption. "Bill hates us."

"I don't care. Let's go!" Holding hands, they Disapparated.

Ron Weasley stood at the end of the aisle, swallowing nervously. Harry stood beside him, passing Albus to his mother. Ginny smiled grandly, watching Scorpius sit in Molly Weasley's lap. The guests stood in preparation for the bride.

Hermione and Draco Malfoy Apparated directly in front of the bride. There was a collective gasp. Ron was craning his neck, trying to get a glimpse of his bride when Hermione Granger Malfoy lost the contents of her stomach directly on Draco Malfoy's feet. The silence was deafening, until it was broken by a high pitched peal of laughter.

"Here we go again." Ginny Potter declared with a satisfied nod.

(Four Years Later)

"Cassiopeia Rose Malfoy!" Hermione called for her daughter, searching the rooms of Malfoy Manor.

"I'm in twouble." Cassie Malfoy hid in her father's study, under his desk, looking up at him with her mother's eyes.

"What did you do?" Draco crouched in front of his three year old daughter, brushing her golden blonde curls from her forehead.

"I kicked Una Hawwy." Draco suppressed the desire to guffaw. He nodded solemnly.

"Why did you do that?" He spied his wife in the doorway, fuming. He held up his hand, pointing to the underside of his desk. Hermione crossed her arms, tapping her foot impatiently.

"He said, he said Peeus is gonna be in Gwiffendoor cuz he's bwave." Cassie pouted, her chubby cheeks scrunched in toddler anger.

"And I told you Scorpius will go wherever he's sorted. Your mum was in Gryffindor."

"Yeah but, Nana says Swifferin is da best. And mummy says we hafta be best, so no Gwiffendoor." Cassie's curls bounced with her vehement nod. Hermione laughed behind her hand, rolled her eyes and left them to their own devices.

"Nana isn't always right."

"She snot?" Draco couldn't contain himself any longer, her incredulous expression was doing him in.

"No. She's not." He said scooping the toddler into his arms. "But I'll tell you a secret." He moved her curls exposing her ear, "Sometimes, I wish to kick Uncle Harry too. So thank you. Now, go find your mum." Cassie smiled, her chubby arms nearly strangling her father with her emphatic embrace. He watched her scurry from the room, still shaking his head.

"Malfoy. You've got to dress. The others will be here soon." Hermione stuck her head in his study a few moments later.

"Is this what my life is to be? Surrounded by Weasleys and Potters?" Draco mocked his wife as he was so fond of doing.

"Yes." It wasn't even a question requiring an answer as far as she was concerned. Harry, Ginny, and Ron would always be family.

"It's ghastly. Make it stop." Draco pulled his wife into his arms, still reveling in her scent. Hermione kicked the study door shut, a gleam in her eye.

"Bill. Go find Draco and Hermione would you? Do they even know we're here?" Ron waved away his eldest brother.

"Nope. Not doing it. Can't make me." Bill Weasley hid behind his wife, kissing her cheek.

"Scorpius. Where's your mum and dad? Why not go have a gander?" Bill shushed the responsibly onto the small boy. It never ceased to amaze him to see Hermione Granger's eyes looking back at him from the pale blonde.

"Otay Uncle Bill!" He scampered off his silky blonde hair flying. A few moments later he returned. He ran right into Bill, fists flying. Scorpius kicked, punched and cried tears of frustration.

"Hey. Hey. Calm down! What's wrong?" Bill squatted, receiving a punch on the cheek in return.

"You mean Uncle Bill! Mean!" Bill embraced the youngster, shrugging at Harry and Ginny.

"What happened? Did you get lost? It's a big house."

"No! I knows where I live now! I finded mummy and daddy and there were noises and mummy sounded like she got hurted. I opened dat door and they had no clothes on! And daddy was on top of mummy and..." Scorpius dissolved into tears. Bill sat on the floor, pulling the angry child into his lap, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

"I understand completely Scorpius. Believe me. I understand."

Harry perused the conservatory of Malfoy Manor, wondering how it turned out this way. He never expected to find himself on civil terms with Draco Malfoy. He never expected his best friend to marry anyone other than Ron. Yet, if he'd learned anything over the years, nothing ever goes exactly the way you think they will. And perhaps, love does conquer all.

"Oi! Malfoy!" Ron shouted across the room.

"What?!" Hermione and Draco shouted back, surprising each other.

"Can we go now eh?" Astoria rubbed her husband's arm, calming him. He kissed her quickly, giving her rounded stomach a pat.

"Hermione. I've got to talk to you." Ginny hissed, her eyes nervously darting about.

"Oh. I've missed you! Come with me. We'll chat a bit after." The unlikely group of witches and wizards walked down the long path of Malfoy Manor until they were safely outside the wards.

"I can't believe we're going to Hogwarts. I honestly thought the next time would be when we sent our children off." Hermione squealed to Ginny, hugging her arm.

"Minister Shacklebolt decided Victory Day should be celebrated in a way Professor Dumbledore would approve." Ginny squeezed her friend tightly.

"After some subtle convincing." Harry interjected with a snicker.

"Subtle? You threatened to hex his bollocks!" Ron laughed.

"Oi, no I didn't. I threatened to set Ginny on him."

"Same thing." Ron mumbled.

"I still maintain you should have let me hex him. He deserved it. Join my secret task force of shite so I can look bloody fabulous to a bunch of old stodgy wizards and keep my job." Ginny snorted as they traipsed through the trees.

"Regardless, it worked out alright. Lucius is safely ensconced in St. Mungos for the rest of eternity, the Minister for Magic apologized to all of us and Victory Day is exactly what it was always supposed to be." Harry smiled brightly.

"Yes, but I didn't get to hex him."

"You can't have everything, love."

"Again Daddy! Again!" Cassie Malfoy shouted, enjoying her first Side-Along Apparition. Harry found himself laughing, discovering he was quite fond of the toddler.

Ron and Astoria had started walking towards Hogwarts, heads close together in private conversation. Bill swung Fleur's hand while their young children ran in circles around them. Ginny arrived and a few seconds later Hermione did as well.


"Ginny." They spoke in unison. Harry and Draco strolled toward their wives, quickening their pace when they spotted their pallor. Hermione and Ginny spun away from each other, rushing off the dirt road, losing their meager mid-day meal.

Harry and Draco sighed, grudgingly looking at each other. As far as they had come, they would never truly be friends.

"Is yours?" Draco pointedly asked Harry.

"Yeah. Yours?" Draco sighed, rolling his eyes to the sky.


"We need a drink." Draco didn't answer, simply walked through the doors of Hog's Head the moment Hermione and Ginny shouted in glee.

Later that evening, Albus Dumbledore's portrait observed Draco and Hermione Malfoy wander throughout the Great Hall with twinkling blue eyes. He saw the stolen glances, minute caresses and yes, the kisses. He smiled broadly, his weathered hands coming together in soft applause.

"Well done. Well done indeed."