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Several months after the final encounter with Ron and Ginny, things had become much more peaceful. During that time, Harry resumed his job at the Aurors Department not long after. Upon returning he discovered that Ron moved his desk to the other side of the room. He also found a note from Ron on his desk that said, "Didn't think I wouldn't find out? People talk around here. Shoulda known you'd go and marry Hermione after we got divorced. Thanks for at least giving it a month first. Hope it was worth our friendship you miserable prat!" Harry shook his head after reading it. That same day, he turned in his resignation to Kingsley and sent an owl to Professor McGonagall inquiring about an open teaching position. He was set to begin teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts, at the beginning of the next school year. He didn't mind that at all

Misty spent close to a month in St. Mungo's due to the power of the stunner spell she had taken to her head. Once she was out of St. Mungo's, she wanted to avoid the reporters and other questions that would follow. Harry gave her permission to move into Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place for as long as she desired. She sold her flat and made Grimmauld Place her permanent home. Neville and Susan went back to life as usual. Not much changed for them other than having a new friend in Misty.

In the present, Misty sat with Neville and Susan and their baby, anxiously tapping her foot on the floor. Susan eventually reached over with her free hand and pressed down on Misty's leg and glared at her. Neville looked away and muttered, "Bloody hell. That is annoying." Misty looked back over at Susan and admired the fact that she was nursing her child.

"I envy you Susan. I look forward to a day where I will be able to do that," she said with a hint of sadness.

Susan patted her on the shoulder. "Some day Misty. You just need to make the time to find yourself a good man to settle down with."

Misty sighed and looked down. "If only," she said and was cut off when Harry strolled into the room. They all looked up. Misty leaned forward when Harry took a deep breath.

He then smiled. "They're here. After eleven hours, they're here. "Lilly Misty Potter. Six pounds, three ounces. Fifteen minutes later, out came James Sirius Potter. Seven pounds even. Come on everyone!" Hearing the girls name, Misty teared up.

They all followed him to the room where Hermione smiled at them while holding a baby in each arm. Harry picked up and held James. Everyone stood in awe of how beautiful the children were. Harry waved over Neville and Misty. He and Hermione smiled widely at them and carefully held out their children to them. Happily, Misty took and held Lilly and Neville held James.

Misty looked at Lilly and as she smiled, she began to cry. Harry put a hand on her shoulder as Hermione sat up slightly. Neville and Susan stood next to her to comfort her. She looked at the others in the room and did her best to stifle her tears. She kept her hold on Lilly and took a couple of deep breaths.

"What's the matter dear?" Hermione asked.

Misty drew another deep breath. Harry gently rubbed her shoulder.

"It's alright Misty. You can tell us," Harry added.

Misty looked at everyone in the room and then at the baby in her arms. She let out a sigh and handed her back to Hermione.

"I have never told you. I have never been able to. But I have been in envy of you and Susan. Especially now," she confessed.

"Why?" both women asked her.

She took a moment and before answering "Because, I can not have children of my own. It was nothing magical. I was in an accident when practicing to try out for Quidditch. Of the internal injuries, I became baron and it could not be fixed even with magic. What wizard would want to be with a witch who can not produce children?"

Hermione leaned forward. "Oh Misty," she said with sorrow. "There is someone out there for you. I want you to know this though," she paused and handed Lilly back to her with a smile. "Our children are your children."

Harry looked her in the eye. "You're family Misty. You're also their God Mum. You can come see them whenever you want."

Misty hugged him and Hermione each with one arm She looked at the twins and Neville and Susan's baby, Frank and cried tears of joy.

"This is what we fought to get away from this time. To see who true friends are and take on whatever may come for those we love." Harry said. Everyone nodded and continued to adore the new life before others would arrive with gifts and their congratulations. Their circle would remain for the rest of the day.

"In the end, it was just as I had said. Second chances can and do happen. I did what I felt was necessary to take my second chance and be happy with someone I have always been in love with. People were hurt and friendships were lost. However, I am happy now as is Hermione. Something that neither of us, would change."

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