Summary: Its been a few months since Goodbye Earth and the team is just doing normal everyday things, well if busting aliens is normal, but one day one of the people from Cathy's past arrive in curtesy of , having to join the team. With the newcomer, she immediately spies some matchmaking to do, but knowing the Monster Buster Club, there's definitely going to be extraterrestrial activity involve as well as almost losing a teammate?!


"Ugh, this is so boring, no aliens to bust," Danny groaned as he lied on the couch, throwing his homework to the table. Chris looked up from his work.

"Well you can't exactly expect a surprise to pop up everyday, Danny," the navy blue haired boy said as he put away his school work finished with it.

"Exactly, it's also the best time to catch up with all the work we missed ever since that virus incident," Sam added as she twirled her pen flipping a page from her workbook.

"You guys need any help?" The Rhapsodian said grinning as she jumped around the room.

"What I need is food," Danny said dropping his pen to the ground as he shifted to a comfortable position.

"You have to admit it's been an eventful year," Chris commented, "first meeting Cathy, then defeating aliens with all these adventures," as he flipped another page.

"You're acting as though we are all gonna change," Sam said looking up to the boy with a raised eyebrow.

"Whatever The Danny is too awesome to be changed," Danny said letting out a sigh as he closed his eyes.

"Change?" Cathy asked confused.

"You know, personality change? Physical change?" Sam said turning to her alien friend who blinked back.

"In Rhapsodia, our tentacles grow longer or we get more spots or lines, is that what you guys mean?' Cathy asked the trio who looked back.

"Not really..." Chris said.

"But that doesn't matter cause we will all still be friends, no matter what," Sam said as she put away her books, finally done.

"Everyone guess what?' said coming into the clubhouse.

"What is it ?" Sam asked, standing up from the chair.

"Some aliens to bust?" Danny asked sitting up, feeling excitement bubble through him.

"Actually, Cathy," said turning to his granddaughter, "guess who's here."

"Don't tell me it's mind reading boy,' Danny said groaning.

"No wait," Cathy said her blue eyes wide as Danny turned to look at her with a huh look.

stepped away and there stood a girl with black hair and brown eyes waving sheepishly.

"Oh no way!" Cathy screamed delighted as she ran up to the girl in the garden.

"Who's that?" Danny asked .

"Is she Rhapsodian too, ?" Sam asked the elderly Rhapsodian.

"The scanner doesn't say so," Chris said putting the device down.

"She was one of Cathy's friends before she disappeared." replied, "she isn't Rhapsodian, she's purely human. With a little extra."

"Disappeared?' Sam asked.

"A little extra?' Chris said raising an eyebrow.

"One of Cathy's friends?" Danny said turning to the blonde who was chatting excitedly to the brown eyed girl.

"Yes, she had quite a lot of friends back in Rhapsodia," Mr,Smith said looking fondly at his granddaughter.

It had never occurred to me about Cathy's social life back in Rhapsodia, Danny thought to himself looking at the duo outside.

"You guys!" Cathy exclaimed pulling the trio with her elastic arms, "meet Elise!"

"Hello," the girl said raising a hand, "nice to meet you."

"Hi, my names Sam," Sam said taking charge.

"My names Chris, nice to meet you," Chris said.

"The name's Danny," Danny said.

"Ooohhh we are gonna have so much fun!" Cathy cheered excitedly.

Elise's POV

Danny, Sam, Chris and Cathy I thought to myself as Cathy talked animatedly to the trio. Sam and Chris standing next to each other looking at each other with eyebrow's raised and Danny who looked at Cathy surprised.

I smiled to myself, Danny and Cathy. Sam and Chris. Time for some match making.

Its obvious Danny might have locked up feelings for Cathy so did Cathy for Danny whereas Sam and Chris might have probably made it obvious. Ah but they're 12, I shook my head, it's not as though they're interested in love yet.

"Hey so Elise," Danny asked walking to me with the others, "you don't exactly look 12, how old are you?'

"14," I replied.

"In Rhapsodian years?" Inquired Chris.

I laughed at that, "nope, I'm human so in human years."

"So how did you guys meet?' Sam asked looking at Cathy, we both looked at each other. Should we tell them?

"I have some marshmallows in the kitchen if you want,' Mr,Smith asked coming in the nick of time.

"Ooohhh sounds good!" Cathy twirled, "have you had marshmallows, Elise?! I'm sure you have!"

I smile and and nod but I knew the trio were still looking at me as though I was going to have a second head pop up.

"Let's go you guys!" Cathy yelled out gesturing them to go into the house with Mr,Smith at her side.

Sam and Chris walked together but Danny looked at me a suspicion glint in his eye.

Ohhhhh boy, what is this guy thinking? I thought to myself as I walked into the kitchen.

Danny's POV

There's something weird about that Elise girl, I better ask Sam and Chris about it! I thought to myself as I walked into the kitchen seeing Elise talk to Cathy.