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Regina didn't know how, but somehow she ended up outside Emma's apartment. So she took a deep breath and knock on Emma's door.

Emma ran to the door as she heard a knock. Emma opened the door, and saw Regina there, looking like a mess. "Regina?"

The moment Regina heard Emma's voice, tears started filling her eyes. Regina just walked past Emma to the living room.

"Um, is everything okay?" Emma asks, closing the door and following Regina. There was something wrong and Emma knew it. Regina would never show someone that she was about to cry, and she would sure as hell not come to Emma.

Regina sat down on the couch, looking down at the floor. Saying nothing.

"Regina?" Emma asks again. Regina didn't answer. Emma carefully sad down next the Regina on the couch. Not knowing if it was alright to so.

"What's wrong" Emma said with worry written all over her. Putting her hand softly on Regina's shoulder.

Regina took her purse, and started looking for something. She took out some kind of small stick. Regina just looked at it.

Emma took the stick out of Regina's hands.
A small gasp came from Emma. "You're pregnant?" Emma asks softly.
Regina was just quiet. Still looking at the test with watered eyes, but they didn't seem like happy tears.
"Look, it's just one test. It could be wrong you know" Emma said to calm Regina down, rubbing Regina's back slowly.

Regina took another stick out of her purse and gave it to Emma. positive.

"Regina-" Emma started but was cut off by Regina who took another test out of her purse. Positive.

"Jesus, how many test have you got in there?" Emma said

"That's all" Regina finally said. Her voice raspy from the lump in her trough. But showing a very tiny small smile, because no matter what. Emma would always be Emma.

"Robin?" Emma asks in a whisper, almost afraid to call his name.

Regina nodded. Tears now falling down her face. Crying in silent.
Robin had been gone for about 3,5 months. So that would mean Regina had been pregnant for about 3,5 months.

"Have you been to the hospital yet?" Emma asks.

Regina shook her head. A snob came from her trough, she just couldn't help it. The tears just kept coming.

Emma pulled Regina into a hug.
She remembers very well how scary it was when she found out she was pregnant with Henry. She knows Regina doesn't want to be alone, she was just too proud to ask Emma if she could stay.

Regina puts her purse a side. She puts her head down on Emma's shoulder, and throws her arms around Emma's neck.

"Come on, let me take you home"
Emma said after they sat there for a few minutes.

Regina didn't let go of Emma. She didn't want the be alone yet. She just wanted to be hold, but that was maybe too much to ask for in this town.

"You want me to come with you!" Emma asks sweetly putting her hand through Regina's hair. with Regina not letting go of her, she just knew. Regina needed someone right now. And Emma was more than happy to be that person.

Regina nodded. Still not letting go of Emma, head buried deep in Emma's neck.

"Should I take a bag along?" Emma asks in a whisper. Not sure if That was what Regina needed.

Regina nodded again. she let go of Emma's neck and pulled back a bit. Scared to look Emma in the eye.
To be honest, she felt like she was knocking on someone's door with a baby that wasn't even hers, but still asking for help. That's how she felt about going to Emma with this.

"Okay, let me get some cloths"
Emma said. She stud up from the couch. Seeing the look that Regina gave her, Emma took Regina's hand, and pulled her along to her bedroom.

Regina sad down on the bed, looking around Emma's room. She had never been here before. It was a good size bedroom. There was a bathroom, a good size bed, a live size mirror. And Emma's clothing all over the floor.

Emma packed a bag really fast. She didn't want to keep retina from getting back to her house.
"Okay, ready?" Emma asks.

"Yeah" Regina says softly and got up from Emma's bed.

Emma was walking towards the living room, when she felt Regina's hand lacing with her own. Emma stopped and turned around, looking at Regina with an eyebrow raised.

Regina showed a tiny smile at the look Emma was giving her. There was could of purple smock, and they were in Regina's kitchen.

Regina looked at Emma for a second longer, their hands still laced together, before letting go and turning on her heals and walked upstairs to her room. With Emma following her.

Emma saw Regina turn into her pj's through another could of purple smock. It was a two piece pj, in the color black. Emma dropped her bag in Regina's room and when back into the kitchen to make some lunch.

20 minutes later. Emma enters Regina's bedroom with a plate, there was some hot coffee, hot coco, some croissants and some chocolate croissants.

Regina was watching tv when she heard Emma come into her room.
She moaned a little at the smell of food. "That smells amazing" she said with a soft smile on the face, getting up to sit up on the bed.

Emma smiles and puts the plate down next to Regina and crawled onto the bed herself. "I thought you'd like something to eat" Emma said, giving Regina her coffee.

Regina took a sip of her coffee and a joyful moan slipped out off Regina's mouth. "Yeah, this is good" Regina said with a smile to Emma.

Emma slowly took one of her hands, and brought it to Regina's cheek. Trying to get some of the dry tears of off her cheek. With no success. So Emma stud up and walked to the bathroom and looked for some makeup remove stuff.

Regina looked back at the tv when Emma walked into the bathroom. Sipping her coffee slowly. Emma came back out of the bathroom, and whipped the dry tears and run down makeup of off her cheeks with makeup remover. Regina closed her eyes, Emma already took care of her.
"Thank you" she whispers with her eyes closed.

"don't worry about it Regina" Emma said, kissing her cheek while she still had her eyes closed.

Regina opened her eyes slowly after she felt Emma's lips against her cheek. Regina smiled softly at Emma, her way of thanking Emma again, for what she already was doing for her.

They eat and watched tv in silent, once they finished their food and drinks. Emma took all of the plates downstairs. Washing it off and putting back where they come from. Walking back up stairs to Regina, she was lying down under the blanked again. Emma took of her shoes and crawled under the blanked as well. Crawling against Regina's back, putting her arms around Regina's waist.

Regina heard Emma entering the room again, but she didn't look up. The next thing she knew, was that there were two strong female arms rapping around her waist. Regina turned around, trying to craw more into Emma than she already was.

Emma wraps her arms around Regina tighter. "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere."Emma told Regina, kissing the top of her head.

Even though it was only around 3 in the afternoon right now. They both fell asleep. Emma's arms still tight around Regina. Regina still buried into Emma's frond, not wanting to leave the comfortable space.


The next morning Emma woke up first, though it was still early. Her arms still wrapped around Regina tight.

"Regina" Emma whispers. Playing with Regina's hair a bit.

A groan came from Regina, not wanting to wake up. She felt a weigh pushing into her side, and a hand playing with her hair. Regina opened her eyes and looked up, she met with a pair of beautiful green eyes. Regina smiled, and cuddled into Emma for a moment longer.

Emma laughed a bit, taking Regina into her arms once more.

"We have to go to the hospital today." Emma said carefully to Regina.

"Hmm, let me just take a shower first" Regina said calmly.

"Sure, take your time." Emma told her, kissing the top of Regina's head once more.

Regina got up and went to take a shower while Emma made Breakfast. Once Regina was all dressed and downstairs, they had breakfast together. After that, Emma went upstairs and took a shower. While Regina got herself ready to go. She didn't had to call work, sins she isn't mayor anymore.


An hour and a half later, they were standing outside the hospital.

"I don't know If I can do this Emma" Regina said, holding on to Emma's arm.

"you want to find out?" Emma asked Regina. Regina just nodded.

"then we have to go inside" Emma told her.

Regina took a deep breath, "fine" she said with a troubled face.

They walked inside together.

About 20 minutes waiting in the waiting room, and it was there turn to go inside.

"miss Mills?" a nurse called.

Regina stud up, seeing that Emma was still sitting in her chair. "Emma" Regina whispered angry to Emma. Wanting her to come along.

"oh" Emma said with an apologetic look on her face, and got up right away.

Regina took another deep breath, following the nurse with Emma walking behind her. Feeling Emma's hand on her lower back. It felt converting, good to know that she is still there.

"You can wait here, the doctor will be right with you" the nurse said with a smile. She winked at Emma before she left the room. Emma set down in a chair in the room, not really noticing the nurse.

Regina could not take that with what was already going on.

"are you seeing her?" Regina asks Emma angry

"what?" Emma asks, not knowing what just happened

"you are aren't you?" Regina's eyes shot full with tears again.

"wow wow wow, Regina?" Emma got up from the chair and with 2 passes she was on the other side of the room, standing in front of Regina. "why would I want to see her?" she asks

"I don't know, you tell me" Regina asks, chin high, her eyes watery.

Emma broad both hand up to cup Regina's cheeks, Emma stepped closer to Regina. Their lips brushing against one and other. "she's not the one I want" Emma tells Regina.

What was happening? What is she doing? Is this real? This is probably some dream that she would wake up to just as it was getting to the good part. "Than…" Regina stared, she stopped talking, she couldn't talk after feeling Emma's hot breath on her lips. she lead her hands on Emma's hips, but scared to make another move. She just closed her eyes.

Emma felt two hands resting on her hip, and Regina that didn't finish what she wanted to say. Emma saw Regina close her eyes, Emma waited a second. Then she pressed her pink thin lips, against the full plump lips of Regina.

Regina had her eyes closed, then she felt pink thin lips being pressed against her own. She opened her eyes for a second to see if it was really Emma kissing her. And it was. Regina kissed back happily, sweeping her tongue across Emma's bottom lip.

Emma opened her mouth happily for Regina. Feeling Regina's tongue against her own, maked Emma moan. Still cupping Regina's face, moving one hand to the back of Regina's neck. Felling Regina's hands getting tighter around her waist, pressing the two bodies closer together. Tongues trying to explore the other once mouth.

They parted, both trying to ketch their breaths. Looking into each other's eyes. Both smiling, as the heard a knock on the door. They pulled apart a bit more, but not too much. Not wanting to let go of each other just yet. The doctor walked into the room, closing the door behind him.

"Miss Mills?" he asks. Looking down at a file.

"yes" Regina says, taking a step forward. Feeling a hand slip into her own, she looked down and saw that Emma slipped her hand into hers. Regina smiled.

"what can I do for you today?" the doctor asks.

Regina cleared her trough, taking a deep breath.

"well," she started. "I think I'm pregnant. I took three test at home, but, I just want to make sure." Regina said to the doctor.

"alright, that would be no problem." The doctor said. "I'll tell the nurse to take some blood, and we'll take a look at that. Than in about three days, we will know for sure and we'll let you know." He says calmly to Regina, smiling kindly at her.

"three days?" Regina asks. "do you know how long that is? Three days?" She says turning around, forgotten that Emma was there too. Emma stepped closer to her and smiled lovingly at her. Taking another breath before speaking again. "fine" she said to the doctor.

With a nod, he walked out of the room. Leaving the door open for the nurse to come in. the same nurse as just before. "you can make yourself convertible on the bed miss Mills." She says to Regina.

Regina looking at Emma with a warning look on her face. Letting go of Emma's hand in order to get onto the bed. "so, I'm just going to take your blood." She said to Regina. Regina didn't look when the nurse took her blood.

"so?" the nurse started. "are you single hot stuff?" she asks looking at Emma.

Emma looked at the nurse with big eyes of disbelieve. "uh, not really" Emma said. Emma took Regina's hand and looked at Regina. Regina looked so angry, it scared Emma for just a second.

"oh to bad." The nurse said. She saw that Emma took Regina's hand.

"you're with her?" the nurse said as she was done taking Regina's blood. Looking at Emma with wide eyes.

Another nurse came in and took the blood and took it to the lab.

Regina got up from the bed, "if that's all? I would like to go" Regina said.

"yes that all" the nurse said to Regina, getting in her personal space.

Regina didn't move a mussel as she stud there, eye to eye with the nurse. She felt Emma take her hand and pulling her along, walking out of the room. Emma removed her hand from Regina's and placed it at her lower back. Slowly letting it slip down to her ass, knowing the nurse was still watching. Making Regina smile.

Regina turned around to look at the nurse with an kind of evil smile on her face.

They walked back to Regina's house. When they got into Regina's house, Regina spoke again.

"god damn it, three fucking days" Regina said to herself. "Do you know how long three fucking days are?" Regina asks with turning around fast to face Emma. Not knowing that Emma was right behind her.

Emma slipper her arms around Regina's waist fast, letting them rest on her hips. "yes" she says, slowly getting closer. Kissing Regina's neck feather light.

"well," Regina started, like she was still trying to find something good to say. Feeling Emma's lips against the skin on her neck, not moving away. Regina tilted her head to give Emma more excess. "I," she felt Emma kissing her pulse point, a small moan leaving Regina's mouth.

Emma bit down and sucked on the point she had kissed that made Regina moan. Her hands slipping down Regina's ass, pushing the woman more into her. Licking her neck and kissing it again. Making sure to leave a mark.

Regina's hands flow around Emma's neck. Pushing Emma's head more into her neck. Moan again and again at Emma kisses, bits and licks her neck. Feeling Emma push her back against the wall of the living room. Pulling Emma's face back by her hair, their mouths crashing together. Their tongues fighting for dominance and teeth crashing against one and other.

Emma took one hand of off Regina's ass, and started wandering Regina's body. Moving her hand upwards, massaging Regina's breast, the other hand tightly on her ass, pulling her body as close as possible.

Regina moaning a lot as Emma moved her hand. Regina's slipped one hand underneath Emma's shirt, wandering her bare stomach. Regina's other hand was in her hair, pushing Emma's face more into hers. she pushed one of her legs in between Emma's, pushing her thigh into Emma's core. Regina head a loud moan coming from Emma, which made her smile. So she moved her leg back and forth Emma's core, getting more and more moans from her.

Emma just kept moaning at Regina's moves, while slipped her one hand that was on Regina's boob, under Regina's blouse. Emma started kiss down Regina's neck again. Moving down a little further. That wasn't enough for her, she needed more, she ripped Regina's shirt open and looked at her. "you're so beautiful" Emma whispers to Regina.

A gasp came from Regina as Emma ripped her blouse open. Hearing those words form Emma, made her smile. "you going to get a new shirt Miss Swan" Regina said with a teasing smile on her face. She took the bottom of Emma's shirt and slowly lifted it up, over her head, and letting it fall to the floor.

"isn't that why we have, magic? Miss Mills." Emma asks while Regina took off Emma's shirt.

Regina let her hands wonder on Emma's flesh, "Emma, you are beautiful" Regina says, kissing Emma slowly this time.

A kiss that was just full of love. Both taking the kiss slowly this time, both hands wondering on the others body. Loving the feeling of the woman's worm flesh. It was a sweet moment, a good moment, both knowing this maybe was something that wasn't going to happen just once.

"MOM? ARE YOU HOME?" a boys voice came from the hall

Both woman gasp as they hear Henry's voice in the room next door.

Emma grapping her shirt form the floor, trying to put it on. Regina trying to put her blouse on, if it wasn't for that the damn think was inside out. "shit" Regina mumbled.

With a flick of Emma's wrist, they where both back into their clothing. Just in time, cause one second later, Henry walk into the living room.

"he? What are you guys doing?" Henry asks, looking at his two mothers.

"Uh, just… talking" Emma tries.

"Oh, I saw you guys getting out of the hospital" Henry says.

Damn it. If it wasn't for that Emma's hand was still on Regina's ass when they walked out of the hospital. There would be no talking about this right now.

"so, is everything okay?" Henry asks concerned

"Henry," Regina stared and took seed on the couch. "come take a seed"

Henry look suspicions at Regina but took a seed anyways.

"I was at the hospital, because it think," Regina struggled to find the words. She look at Emma for some help. Emma took a seed next to her right away and took her hand in hers.

Emma saw Henry look at their linked hands, but Regina needed someone right now. She needed her. And that was good enough for Emma.

Regina took a deep breath. "because I think I'm pregnant." She said with closed eyes. Scared of Henry's reaction.

"Oh," Henry said surprising positive. "well, isn't that a good thing?" he said with a hopeful smile.

Regina smiled. Henry was 16, old enough to know how a girl gets pregnant. So he knew it was Robin's, she just didn't say anything about it.

"it is" Regina said, throwing her one free arm around Henry's neck, and holding tight to Emma's hand.

"I'm happy for you mom! This is so awesome! I get to have a little baby sister or brother!" he sound so exciting for this. "awesome, so ma?" Henry said. Getting both Emma's and Regina's attention. "are you gonna move in now or something? I saw some stuff from your place was gone, so…"

Emma and Regina looked at each other. "for now" Regina said while still looking at Emma.

"yeah" Emma said looking at Regina with a smile.

"okay," Henry said loud to get their attention again. "that's cool with me. I'll be off the Page now. See you guys on Friday!"

Regina rolled her eyes. Her 17 year old son had grown up, had a girlfriend and they even had their own place now. Regina had found that they where way too young to live alone. But what it there to stop some crazy in love teenagers?

"Let's get some food huh?" Emma said.

Regina sighs, "you are always hungry? Aren't you?" she asks while standing up off the cough.

Emma just smiled. Regina didn't look happy at al.

"you want to go back to bed?" Emma asks, as she stud up from the cough. Taking a few strings of hair out of Regina's face and placed it behind her ear.

Regina nodded. That all she wanted at this point, just sleep. Three days sounded so long when you just wanted a finally answer.

"okay" Emma whispers. Slipping her arm around Regina's waist, and leading her upstairs, pressing a kiss to Regina's temple.

The next three days where spend just laying in bed, sleeping, watching tv, eating. Sometimes they went out to eat in the kitchen, or to take a shower. They did nothing more than just cuddle in bed. They didn't take showers together. They did, however, shared some kisses every now and then and sometimes there were some wondering hands add to that. Knowing that this was good. It felt right. The two of them. But both wanting to take is slow.

Finally, the three days where past. They had to go to the hospital again to hear if she was pregnant or not.

Regina was holding Emma's hand tightly. Regina tapped her feet impatiently, irritating Emma to death with it. But Emma didn't say anything about it, knowing Regina was just dying to know If she was, or wasn't.

"Miss Mills?" a female voice asks.

Regina stud up right away. Pulling Emma along. An 'ugh' sound came from Regina as she saw the nurse. It was the god damn same one as three days ago. The one that asks Emma if she was single.

The nurse walked to a room, "if you could wait here please" the nurse said. And thankfully walked away.

"its gonna fine babe" Emma says as she cups Regina's cheeks with both hand and kisses her sweetly.

"yeah" Regina said softly as she kisses Emma again.

The doctor came in, "well, I won't be holding this from you any longer" he said walking in and closing the door. "congratulations miss Mills, you're pregnant" he said with a smile.

Regina let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. A smile came to her face, looking at Emma who kissed her right away. Regina throw her arms around Emma's neck and kisses her again.

"I would like to see you every two weeks for now, just to make sure everything will be going as good as it is right now." The doctor said.

"yes, that would not be a problem" Regina said.

Leaving the hospital both smiling ear to ear.

Arriving at Regina's house again. They went into the kitchen and got something to drink, nothing with alcohol of course.

Emma slipped her arms around Regina's waist. "are you happy?" Emma asks.

"I think I am, yes" Regina said putting her arms around Emma's neck, putting their fore head together. Knowing that Robin would never be here to see or know about their child. But Regina wasn't sure, if she would even wanted a child with Robin. She could be happier of course, but maybe that was just because Emma was here.

Emma kisses Regina softly, a tender sweet kiss. "good" she whispers.

"Emma," Regina more said in a questioned way. Putting their fore head together again, biting her lower lip.


"would you like to…" Regina took a breath. "pick up some more of your clothes? I saw you where kind of running out of them" Regina said, looking at Emma with worried eyes.

Emma smiled widely. "I'd loved to" Emma said, kissing Regina once more. "how many cloths do you want me to bring?" she asks with a smile she just couldn't get of off her face.

"All of them?" Regina asks biting down her lip harder this time. She was scared Emma was going to say no and would leave her.

"well, What are we waiting for?" Emma said stepping back and taking Regina's hand.

They took Regina's car to Emma's apartment. Emma stud behind Regina, wrapping her arms around her waist again. "do you want to me take just my clothing?" Emma asks whispering into Regina's ear.

Regina turned around with a smile. Wrapping her arms around Emma's neck again. Smiling from ear to ear. The past three days being together had been good. More than good. She had been spending days with Robin like this, but it didn't felt half as good as it did with Emma.

"maybe a little more?" she said smiling

"hmm, but how much more is the question miss Mills." Emma said while walking to her room, while still holding Regina. Regina walking backwards still holding on to Emma.

"more than a bit?" Regina asks smiling still walking backwards.

They hit a wall and Regina laughed out loud, making Emma laugh too.

"all of it you idiot" Regina said laughing to Emma, kissing her sweetly.

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