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August 1952

Munich - Germany

It was not a good night to be on the streets. "Hell" Albus Dumbledore muttered to himself as he wiped brick dust from his eyes "It's not a good night to even be in the bloody city". He paused, listening for even the slightest sound that would betray his enemy's location. He grimaced, the thought of Gellert his onetime best friend as his enemy causing him more than a little pain.

This duel had so far not gone according to plan he, Albus Dumbledore, a 3 time duelling world grandmaster and youngest transfiguration master in 2 centuries, was being completely outclassed by Gellert Grindelwald, a student who whilst at school showed beyond average intelligence, but no remarkable ability with a wand.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Gellert's usually soft spoken voice rang out with maniacal glee. "Albus, I'll give you a choice, submit or die!" Submit or die, 3 words that had allowed 1 man to cow Europe from the Kiev to choice had become the very basis of Gellert's rule, and his newfound power coupled with his ruthless efficiency are what had kept this wizarding war lasting 7 years longer than its muggle counterpart.

Albus sighed, he knew with his reserves as they were, short of an act of god, he would lose this fight and Gellert would use his death to end the war. He drew stood and drew himself to his full height, there were a few spells he knew, legacies of a misspent youth that would reduce this city to blackened crater, other's had used them 7 years before in Japan, that had ended the muggle war, he hoped that this would do the same.

He began the chant to end this, he felt skeins of magic twirling around him, strengthening his body for what was to come. The magic filled him, fighting him, clawing to get free, to spread in a towering inferno that would destroy the 800,000 inhabitants of a city that had already been ravaged by war. He had never felt more alive or powerful, he had the power of a god in his hands at his fingertips, there was nothing he couldn't do!

"Albus, Albus, Albus." Gellert tutted, "What would little Ariana think if she could see you now? That magic is dark, truly and uncompromisingly so. Maybe I won't kill you, maybe I will put you in Nurmengard for this. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest Dark Lord to ever live... Yes, I do rather think that would be a fitting legacy."

'Just keep talking Gellert, just a few more seconds." Albus thought desperately.

"Oh no, that won't do at all." Gellert hissed, and contemptuously waved his wand at the man.

Albus gasped, the magic he'd been channeling, the storm that had been building to wipe this city clean, had been torn from his grasp, like a toy from an unruly child, before he knew it he'd been hit by a body bind curse. "Oh Albus, your face right now, you didn't even know that was possible did you? Whilst you apprenticed to Flamel and played with quaint stones, I found real power." He smiled, it never reaching his eyes "Fortunately for you, I won't kill an unarmed opponent. Finite Incantatum. Now stand up and draw your wand like a real wizard."

Albus stood, his wand held precariously in shaking hands. "Gellert, please stop this madness" Your pride has driven a continent of muggles and mages to the edge of the abyss, and in your pride you may throw us over it." he pleaded with his old friend.

"Oh Albus, you always were too small picture, you see the trees, but not the forest. The Abyss was always my goal. There is always a price to pay." Geller shook himself "Of course, this is the point you expect me to talk and talk and give you enough time for one of your little followers to try and save you, terribly sorry to disappoint old chap! Ora noctis" he slashed his wand lazily and a shard of blackest night flashed towards him, Albus desperately attempted one last dodge, but felt a white hot line of pain across his back as he tumbled to the ground. Gellert slowly stalked towards him and looked down "I would have been terribly angry if you'd have dodged that old friend, at best I'd say you had a minute, any last words?"

Panic gripped him, he could feel himself slipping away, he reached in to his robe and pulled out an elaborate jade amulet, ripped open his sleeve and pressed it to his flesh "Moderabor meae caeleste praesidium, domine mi Pazuo, intra me, sana me, da mihi potestatem et sine me servum tuum noceret percutiam.", the sound of sizzling flesh cut through the night. Albus Dumbledore stood once more, Grindelwald turned feeling power pressing in on him from all sides, he caught a whiff of sulphur and the Dark Lord that had cowed half the world knew no more.

June 1993

Hogwarts - Scotland

Albus bolted upright in his bed, cradling his head in his hands "Why was it always that night?" he wondered, the night that had given him everything, but taken so much more. "Tempus" a ghostly 3:30am shot from the tip of his wand, the wand he'd torn from the hand of Grindelwald. He decided to take it to honour his friend, so far as he could tell there was nothing special about it, it certainly wasn't as suited to him as his oak and unicorn hair wand.

A piercing wail cut through his musing, he rose from his bed more gracefully than a man of 110 should have been able to and made his way over to the table upon which a cacophony of alarms were going off. He dispelled some of the redundant ones, and stared at the others, his customary twinkle no longer present in his eyes.

Albus waved of his wand he transfigured his pyjama's into a muggle suit and sent a note to Minerva, and with a flash of phoenix fire he apparated away.

Minerva McGonagall awoke to a weight appearing on her chest. "Who is sending me post at such an ungodly hour?" she thought, she opened the note with a frown that quickly turned to a gasp. On the note was 4 words in Albus' distinctive hand "Harry Potter is gone"