The sounds of early morning were making themselves known. Birds chirped, happy and beginning their day of nest building. The wind was soft and warm. My coffee cup was hot on my mouth, liquid caffeine waking me. My journal laid in my lap, half written. I tapped my pen against the paper and looked up, seeing the sun creeping it's way over the hills.

The trees were budding, some flowers already in bloom. Each year I forgot how much I loved spring. Another gust of wind came, only it was chilly. I hadn't felt cold since December. The hair on my arm stood up. It was March, and I thought by now I wouldn't think about her or him as much anymore.

Jen and Jacob.

Edward carried me from the place I thought I would call home, got me to a hospital, and was gone by the time I woke up. There was a cop with a lot of questions, and a lot of paperwork.

Fortunately for me, Jacob was in custody still awaiting his court date. Jen, however, was gone. I shouldn't have punched her; I should have killed her.

It was a decision I would forever pay for; a giant regret.

I thought about Edward. I couldn't keep living in the past. I was safe here in my new house on a different mountain in a different state. The house I was held captive in sold not long after I moved to Asheville. I began a new life, and I took gun classes, self defense classes, and even started karate. It was for me, and it was empowering to finally get to know my own strength.

I forced myself to think of the good things in December.

Jane and Derek had a beautiful wedding. I couldn't miss it, and I didn't. I was there as my best friend's maid of honour. They promptly took their honeymoon to the Bahamas for two weeks, giving me time to contemplate my future. I quit being a private stalker, and got a job at the local animal shelter. I moved into my new house without any of Jen's money.

My heart, though it ached regularly, longed for Edward. Each second I was without him got me more excited to see him. He taught me to live for me, and stand strongly alone. Luckily, I didn't have to be alone if I didn't choose to be.

My love for him was real, and I knew he felt the same. We often spoke without words. Suddenly, I heard tires over gravel, and then a black Land Rover come around the bend. I sprang upward from my rocking chair, knocking my journal and pen to the deck floor.

My smile was so wide, I felt like it would split my face. He parked next to my old car. I skipped down the steps and jumped into his open arms, knocking us back onto the car. We laughed. His hands held me securely beneath my thighs, my legs wrapped around his waist.

"You're back early!" I said, clearly surprised.
"I missed you," he confessed, smiling deeply. I kissed his cheek.
"Well?" I asked.
"Production begins this summer!" He announced. I screamed in excitement. "My boyfriend the screen writer!"

Edward hugged me tight and kissed my mouth. This was what I never knew I always wanted. He wasn't a perfect person, but he was perfect for me. We spent the last 3 months getting to know everything about each other. Every minute detail about our lives was important to be known, so we shared it.

Edward set me down and grabbed his luggage.

"I'll make breakfast," I said.

"Pancakes?" He asked, pleadingly. I nodded. "You should cook naked." I guffawed.

"Keep dreaming," I teased. He gave me a sly grin.

"Oh," he added, reaching in to the passenger seat. "I got your mail." He handed me a stack of envelopes and magazines.

"Thanks," I replied softly, looking up into his eyes. "Kiss me."

He planted his lips on mine, then scurried into the house. The sun had risen, and it was warm on my back. I sifted through my mail aimlessly as I walked onto the porch.

Then, I gasped, and stood frozen beside my rocking chair.

Written on a blank envelope in black ink, were words that struck me painfully. Then, I snorted, fear vanishing and strength overtaking me. Whatever was to come, Edward and I would confront it together, because we were together. It was forever.

All sins are equal...

I looked up to the mountains, grinning wickedly and standing firmly. "Bring it on," I whispered.

The End

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