Nov 2002

Disclaimer: It all belongs to George (Lucas, not my Leprechaun) & I just write for fun. The song belongs to a group called "Blackhawk" and I'm just borrowing the lyrics.

Part 17

*So please go, I'm not strong enough to say no.*

Her skin was soft under his hands as he slid them around her neck, over the rough fabric of her flight suit. His lips slid against hers hungrily, nipping gently at her bottom lip, making her moans softly. He pulled her forward, over top him, his hands sliding down her arms to her waist. He pulled his mouth from hers, nuzzling her neck before he bit her gently, but firmly. She arched into his mouth, gasping at the sudden sensation. He released her carefully, his breathing ragged. "Last chance."

She shook her head, grasping his hands and bringing them to the top of her flight suit. "Never."

"Jaina, are you-?"

She nodded, undoing the top button for him. "Yes Kyp, I'm sure." She bent her head, trying to kiss him again, but his hands held her in place, sitting straight, straddling his hips. The buttons slowly came loose as he pulled the fabric apart. The chain hanging around her neck came into view and he paused, meeting her gaze as the ring slipped from between her breasts to dangle between them. Slowly, deliberately, she reached up and removed the chain. It dropped to the floor somewhere behind her.

Kyp pulled her back down, his hands pushing the fabric off her shoulders as she kissed him this time. She teased him, beckoning him with her lips, her hands getting caught behind her as she tried to shrug out of her top. He caught them, imprisoning her, and sat up, bringing them chest to chest, the fabric of her bra rubbing against his chest. He broke the kiss again, pulling back when she tried to continue. Her eyes slowly opened to look at him questioningly. "Why, Jaina? Why me?"

"Because you love me," she told him honestly. "Because you're in love with me. Because it's you I think about before I fall asleep at night. It's you I think about when I least expect it. It's you I dream about. You've introduced me to passion and I want you to teach me more. Only you can teach me what's been missing."

"Do you love me?" he searched her gaze, needing to know. He saw honesty, desire and trepidation. Uncertainty. She was nervous, he understood. Nervous about what his reaction would be, about his opinion. She was nervous about where this was going too. He could feel her shyness, her desire to please him and yet, the fear that she couldn't.

She nodded, licking her lips. "I love you, Kyp Durron and I'm in love with you." Her smiled was almost shy. "Teach me?"

His hands released hers as he ducked his head to press a kiss on the racing pulse point in her neck. She shivered, her head falling back. "Is that an order, Goddess?"

She shook her head, freeing her hands and sliding them down the smooth muscles of his back. "That's a request."

He groaned. An order he could have resisted, but a request from the woman of his dreams? Not even he was that strong. "Then we'll teach each other. I love you, Jaina Solo." He kissed her fiercely, "and I will 'till the day I die."

She pushed him back onto the bed and rolled until he was lying atop her again, her smile taking on a seductive quality. Her arms slid around his neck, her fingers sliding into his hair and pulling him downwards.

As Kyp allowed the passion of the woman in his arms to sweep him away, he briefly wondered why he'd been fighting. Fighting her, fighting him, and fighting this between them. Yet, even as he'd fought, he'd crumbled a little each time she'd come by. She'd tried to force him into revealing his hand, and that hadn't worked. Instead she'd locked them in his room and pushed until his control had broken. And for once, he was glad he hadn't been strong enough to tell her no. Holding Jaina, claiming her finally as his, had been worth the struggle.

And, in the aftermath of their lovemaking, as Jaina ran her hands down his bare back, her body wrapped around his like a glove, he found himself looking forward to many more arguments and adventures with her. But this time they wouldn't simply be fighting the enemy as well as each other; they'd be one. And nothing would be able to stop them.


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