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Il Ascoltatore is famous in the dark world. She is known to be the one who will listens and will help you anyway she can. Not everything, of course, this is the underworld we are talking about. But when it comes to listening a simple confession, listening a bad, bad attempts of flirting, or even listening to you talking about anything you want, she will listens, reply, comment, makes noises as if she understand one hundred percent (even though there was a time where a foreigner was talking to her in his language, making Il Ascoltatore doesn't understand a word but she nods anyway) and even offer advice if she needs to.

She usually would appears in street with a white gatsby hat, a sundress (no matter the season, she would always appears in one), a scarf that covers half of her face (yet, she always use one no matter the season), and a wedge heeled shoes to complete the look. She would appear in white, usually, but there are also moments where she wears lilac or blue or sometimes even bright yellow in rare days.

You might find her walking down the street, with measured steps as if she was walking in a string, heads down but rarely hits another person, and her aura that is way too accepting and too warm for a dark, dark world like the mafia world. When people greeted her, she would reply with a soft and gentle voice, like she's whispering. But it's loud in it's way, and people would be left breathless after she talks.

A beautiful voice, a kind attitude, a beautiful woman to boot, Il Ascoltatore might as well be an angel.

(And people won't deny, Il Ascoltatore is simply an angel in this hellhole.)

This is Il Ascoltatore, or someone that we know as Tsunayoshi Sawada.

"I must admit, though, miss Ascoltatore," A man in front of her says, a checkered mask covering his wandering eyes. Tsuna simply glances at the man, eyes covered by the brim of her hat. "I never pegged you to be a Japanese woman, or even a foreigner. Sure, you are pretty small," the Ascoltatore's eyebrow twitched slightly at the mention of her short stature, "But you speak Italian so flawlessly, you might as well be an Italian instead." Says the man to her with a wiggle of his eyebrow, as if he wanted to flirt with her. But the signals that he sends are pretty confusing, so Tsuna won't say anything about his gestures.

Although, she giggles, before smiles slightly (although her lips was covered by the scarf), "Should I take that as a compliment or an insult to my height?" She replied, a hint of mischief clear on her voice.

The man laugh, obviously suprised by her cheeky reply. "My, I never know you will reply in such manner!" He says dramatically, causing the female to laugh at the silliness of the act.

Tsunayoshi was resting on a bench in an abandoned park near the edge of Sicily. This is her usual place to rest, when she simply doesn't want to talk to people, or if she wants to rest for a bit before she continues her stroll. But either way, this place is her hiding place. No one supposed to know about this place, but surprisingly, this man managed to found her. He said he wanted to talk about something, so she allows him to do so. It's probably important, if the man was making an effort to find her.

"What can I help you, Monsieur...?" Tsuna's voice trailed away, tilting her head slightly as if asking the name of the mysterious man. He grins to her. "I like it when someone speaks French," Tsuna giggled at this, "But if you must know, you may call me Checkerface." He said with a grandeur motion, lifting her hand and kissed the back of her hand.

Tsuna only smiles, amused by how he acts. This man acts like he was a clown of sort. He is one, probably, seeing how he can acts that...silly, without being embarrassed at all.

"Okay, Monsieur Checkerface." She said. Checkerface nodded, before his shoulder tensed slightly, and this gesture did not go unnoticed by the younger between the two, "Miss Ascoltatore, I have a...job, for you." The brunette perks up at this, and she turns slightly to the man. "A job? No one actually give me a job, though.." She says, simply stating the facts.

But Checkerface smirks instead.

"Ah, yes, but your talent is much needed this time." Talent..? "Yes, talent. Your talent to be able to listen to many people." Oh, that talent. Tsuna thinks absentmindedly. Oh wait, did he reads my mind?! the brunette thought, feeling horrified inwardly. "And then..?" She asks softly, as she silently urging the man to speak more about this so-called job.

"I am going to gather the strongest seven on this world," Checkerface started, "and give them missions. I don't expect you to do the same, but I know that living with six others who is simply way too different from you can be difficult," He continues, eyes on the woman now, "So I simply ask you to be there for them. To accept them. Because they can be...pretty fickle, honestly," He shrugs, as if he doesn't even know if the word even cover their eccentricity. "So, yes, can you help me?" He asked, looking hopeful (or at least, looking as hopeful as one can be with mask covering their eyes).

For Tsuna though, this looks like a very interesting job. So, she needs to be a babysitter of 6 adult people who is simply way too weird to probably function correctly, or simply way too selfish to be social with each other.

See, it's pretty interesting actually.

"Hm..." She murmured, before smiling, "Sure. I'll do it. When do I start?" She asked her now employer.

Checkerface grins brightly.

"Wonderful! As soon as possible!"

Later, she asks to herself why she accepts a request from an unknown man.

But we'll get to that later.

At the same time as she says yes, another six receives a letter.

A Hitman.

An Illusionist.

A Scientist.

A Martial Artist.


A Daredevil.

With a frown on their face, they says yes to the proposal.

Thinking that it might be just another 'team' job.

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