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(Chapter 6 - New Stupid Assumptions and New Guests)

"Come back here, Ahoshi!"

"Gyahahahaha! Lambo-san will show Onii-san how cool he is by beating Stupid-dera!"

"Hahaha! Everyone is really having fun!"

"It sure looks like it, Takeshi. Hahaha!"

"Kufufufu. You're getting slow, Skylark"

"I'll bite you to death, Pineapple-herbivore"

"Nufufufu. You're getting pretty rusty, too, Johnny law"



You'd think that this is just another normal day for the Vongola family, having to spend their morning in chaos and destruction. But today is a special day for Giotto and Natsu. Lady Luck must've wanted a little show so, she immediately gifted the blonde bosses the headache of a lifetime. Today will always be one of the most destructive days in Giotto and Natsu's lives, today is the day the Arcobaleno's came to visit. Yes, my good people. You had read right, today is the day when the Arcobaleno's came to say hello to the rambunctious group of mafioso's and is when Reborn came to check up on his students.

"Is it always like this, Natsu-san?", asked Yuni as she watched the other once adults-turned to-babies fight and join the chaos. Natsu, along with Giotto, Fon, Mammon, Verde and Lal, stared at the innocent game of annihilation the others were playing. Giotto was already sulking, thinking of all the paperwork that was going to befall on him and his brother, after the disaster is done. Headaches, Migraines and more Headaches were going to kill them if it isn't the major depression that gets to them first.

"Yeah, pretty much. It's like everyday is a war zone", sighed Natsu. Lal nodded and continued watching the others fight like animals.

"I can relate to that", the blue-haired female replied.

"Just give up, Reborn! You can't beat this, kora!"

"Don't be so cocky, Collonelo. I'll beat you like the last time"

"It was a stalemate last time, kora! So, don't go spreading lies!"

"I, Skull-sama, will stop this-"

"Shut your trap, lackey!"

"Eep!", Skull squeaked and dodged the rapid bullets that were being shot at him by two powerful Arcobaleno's. The daredevil ran towards Fon and Yuni and hid behind the amused duo.

"At this rate, the mansion is going to be nothing but a pile of rubble!", Giotto sobbed uncontrollably as his brother pats his back in sympathy. The Arcobaleno's and guardians didn't stop, they kept attacking each other; not even taking one minute to rest. It was a good thing the rafters and supports were coated with flames and strengthen by Verde's new type of alloy or the whole building would have collapsed already. That would have been a tragic accident because not only will somebody get hurt but, Tsuna's life could've been in danger. Speaking of the brunette, we can find him in his usual place, his bedroom.

The undercover model was trying to find a way to fix his broken glasses. The gigantic eye-wear's lenses were cracked due to the pressure of the fiction book that was dropped on it. Tsuna had set his glasses on his bed-side table last night. The sudden sound of a mini-explosion and the shattering of his glasses instantly woke him up the next morning. The book and the glasses were throw off the table because of the force of the explosion, sadly, the book landed on top of his glasses, breaking them.

The small brunette sighed, he might own a pair of contact lenses but, he preferred wearing his spectacles. He got used to his glasses so much that he treated his spectacles like a shield, he felt safe when he wore them. Now, he has to got to his optician and get a new pair. Though, there was one problem; he CANNOT be seen without his glasses. Misaki made him swear not to let others see his face or his family might find out his secret identity!

Now, don't think that he's only keeping his modeling career a secret because he didn't care of what his parents and brothers thought about it. But because he didn't want to feel or be treated so special. He liked being himself, he liked being Tsuna. He didn't want to be treated unequally just 'cause he was a model. Another reason was because he was afraid that his brothers would not approve. Natsu and Giotto were both running a mafia group here! They don't want any of their family members getting hurt. If someone found Tsuna's secret identity, they might take him and use him for information about the Vongola. Don't get him wrong, the brunette loved his family but, sometimes, they act a little too...over the top, he guessed. Tsuna didn't want to quit being model, since he started loving his job. So, the only choice was to keep his career a secret.

The small brunette sighed, he thought too much and now, he was getting a headache. Glancing at his broken glasses, he decided that he needed a new pair. Tsuna momentarily scratched his fluffy head, he needed to think of a way to cover his face before he gets a new pair of spectacles. He looked all around his room, trying to find something that can solve the problem. His beautiful eyes suddenly landed on his wardrobe. An imaginary light bulb immediately lit up on top of the brunette's head when thought of an idea.

"Okay, is everybody comfortable?", Yuni asked sweetly. The guardians in front of her were all tied up separately, some were even squirming and struggling just to get out of their bonds. Reborn and Colonello were both separated by Lal, who was standing between them to keep them from each other's throats. Skull was lying somewhere, depressed and exhausted after being bullied by the other Arcobaleno's again. Natsu and Giotto were staring at Yuni in awe. Wow, this girl was dynamic, she handled the situation very calmly. Just like her mother and grandmother, according to the stories the blondes heard from their tutor and the other Arcobaleno's.

"Alright then, how about we start with a little breathing. A slow pace of inhaling and exhaling can always ease the tension", Fon gently smiled at them. A few of the guardians, especially the most...violent(?) ones, glared at the storm Arcobaleno; refusing to succumb to his wish. It's probably because they were still angry that a little girl was able to stop them from their destructive...communication. As Fon was about to say something again, the two blonde bosses suddenly(practically) squealed in glee when they noticed their youngest brother passing by the living room.

"Tsuna!", they both called; causing their little brother to freeze in mid step. The brunette shakily bowed politely in greeting as he noticed the unexpected guests. Tsuna carefully angled his head so that his face won't be seen, he was currently wearing a hoodie. Unfortunately, it was one of his modeling clothes so, it wasn't as baggy as his usual ones. The guardians, the blonde brothers and the Arcobaleno's noticed this fact very quickly. It has been almost a year since they had seen the Vongola's, things were quite new to them. They all new about Tsuna but, they have never seen or heard of him wearing a hoodie that practically hugged his body. Baggy sweaters, yes. Figure-hugging clothes, definite no.

The whole group noted the slender, lithe build the brunette had. The not-so skinny body shape, which was encased with such a stylish piece of fashion. They also noted the weird posture he had, Tsuna was bowing: exactly enough to cover his face from view with the hoodie he was wearing. Some just shrugged it off as an act of shyness but others found it very strange.

"Are you going somewhere, Tsuna? Want us to come with you?", Natsu asked cheerfully. The brunette nervously shook his head, still opting to stay in his uncomfortable position to avoid getting exposed.

"N-No thank you, Natsu-nii...I'm j-just going to the mall to get a n-new pair of glasses. I ac-accidentally broke m-my old one", Tsuna stuttered.

Giotto raised an eyebrow at the reply but, smiled and accepted the answer, nonetheless. "Really? How about we come with you to the mall then. We can take the limo, if you want", the older blonde stated. Natsu mentally gave his older brother a thumbs up for thinking of an excuse to spend some time with their youngest sibling. Of course, it would only be the 3 of them, the guardians were going to stay and clean the whole mess up. While Tsuna was trying to make an excuse to go alone, his brothers were already lost in their own fantasized world. The older Sawada's were in pure joy as they imagined bonding with their youngest member of the family.

In the blonde idiots Dreamworld (Warning: It's very short)

"Did you have fun, Tsuna?", asked Natsu as he carried a few shopping bags filled with nice clothes they had picked for the brunette. Tsuna, who had an ice cream cone in hand, smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

"Of course, Natsu-nii! This was the best day ever!", the brunette happily cheered. The oldest of the 3 chuckled and ruffled Tsuna's soft hair, causing said teen to giggle cutely. The Vongola boss and the CEDEF leader both cooed at the adorable display, thoroughly enjoying their brother's company.

"Gio-nii and Natsu-nii are the coolest and most awesome brothers ever! I love you both so much!", the small brunette squealed. The undercover model's brothers instantly melted because of the rare praise Tsuna gave. They all headed towards the limo and entered the vehicle. As they drove home, the brothers spent the trip by telling stories and laughing. Both wished that they all be like this forever.

In the Real World

"Umm...Giotto? Natsu? Hello? Anyone in there?", G waved his hand in front of the Sawada brothers' vacant eyes. The Arcobalenos and the guardians stared curiously at the duo as they drifted off into Lala land. Getting very impatient, Reborn took out Leon and shot the floor near the brothers' feet; successfully waking them up from their dazed states.

"Ah! Reborn, what was that for?!", both yelped; holding each other in shock. Reborn shrugged and lets Leon crawl up his arm to rest on his shoulder, he grinned and pointed towards the living room entrance.

"Tsunayoshi left 5 minutes ago while you two drooled all over yourselves", the hitman informed them. Natsu and Giotto both deflated, their fantasy slowly crumbling with their hearts in tow. The two bosses immediately got surrounded by mushrooms and dark clouds rained over their heads in depression. The spartan tutor used Leon again and fired multiple bullets at the Sawada brothers while they dodged and yelped for help. "Stop ruining the living room with your mushrooms and depressed auras, Baka-Gio, Dame-Natsu", the sun Arcobaleno said.

"Your ruining the living room too by firing bullets everywhere!", the blondes yelled pathetically.

The others smiled and chuckled as they watched the old students and the teacher do what they always did almost a year ago. Such nostalgia filled them as memories o the old days came rushing in. Asari smiled cheerfully, happy to have been visited by dear friends again. The swordsman then noticed his brother staring into space with a curious look on his face.

"What's wrong, Takeshi?", the flute player asked. Takeshi snapped out of his day dreaming and grinned sheepishly at his brother.

"Oh, nothing, nii-san. I was just thinking about something", the baseball player answered.

"Is that so? What were you thinking about?", Asari questioned. The other rain guardian blinked and glanced at the living room entrance absentmindedly.

"Tsuna...He wasn't wearing his glasses earlier", Takeshi replied. Asari raised an eyebrow at his brother and scratched his head confusedly.

"Well, yeah. He did say that his glasses broke. That's why he went to the mall to get new ones", Takeshi only blinked once more before he spoke again. This time, with a very intrigued voice.

"Tsuna didn't even let us see his face...I wonder what Tsuna would look like without his glasses". Those words seemed to echo all through the living room, causing others to hear what he said. The group of people instantaneously got interested in the subject at hand. Like last time, everyone made up their own conclusions; only this time, it's way more ridiculous and there's more opinions that were shared. Some were sensible but, the rest was just hands down stupid.

"Maybe, he has eye bags! That's why he always wear those huge glasses!", Skull was the first one to openly share his answer. Unlucky for him, he was ignored again.

"Maybe he has dozens of eyebrow piercings like the lackey", Colonello stated with a grin. An image of a horribly pierced Tsuna came up in their minds, causing everyone to subconsciously shake their heads in denial.

"Maybe he just has acne", Lal shrugged. The rest made up an image of a terrifyingly acne-faced brunette and shuddered in disgust, even the stoic Hibari brothers.

"Or maybe he an EXTREMELY large mole!", Ryohei joined in. Everyone made a disgusted face once they visualized that idea and wondered where in the world are they all getting these gruesome conclusions.

"Maybe he has permanent pink eye", Damon commented. Okay, that was when they drew the line.

"Alright, that's enough! No more disgusting or putrid...or gross...Aw, man. Those images are forever carved in my head. Anyway, as I was saying. No more weird guesses about our brother's unseen face", Natsu told them with Giotto nodding in agreement behind him. Verde rolled his eyes at the pathetic display of deduction as he adjusted is glasses absentmindedly.

"Idiots. Tsunayoshi's shy and timid demeanor must have something to do with his lack of trust of showing you his face. In due time, maybe even by luck, you'll see his real appearance. So stop with the foolish assumptions", the green haired man reasoned.

"Verde is right everyone, it's not nice to judge others' appearances or unseen appearances", Fon added. The Sawada brothers sighed in relief, knowing there are others who thought logically towards their brother. Unlike some people. Reborn, who was sitting comfortably on a couch, pondered. Like everyone else, he was very curious about the brown haired bunny, He used defend the brunette from bullies without said teen's notice because of his wimpy attitude. The hitman even-once-considered of training Tsuna just to get the teen to find a way to defend himself. Unfortunately, that idea was cut out when he had to spend more time with training the blonde brothers. Boy, did they need help. Though, it was nice to know that his extra work was worth it.

Although, Reborn had spent almost 2 years with his former students, he had never-and I mean NEVER-seen the brunette's facial features. I mean, come on! The kid wore his humongous spectacles 24/7! He even had that special kind of glasses that reflected any kind of light; sun light, that slightly dim light from the computer, artificial light and so on! And if glasses weren't in the way, his freaking hair was the menace that hid his full face from view. You have to admit, that is just downright ridiculous!

Reborn sighed in annoyance. If there is something that pisses him off more than not getting his daily dose of coffee, it's brats and/or people that keep too many secrets that he doesn't know about. It made him feel useless when he doesn't know of something about one person. He was a hitman, a hitman should have vast information about a certain target. Not even the Vongola data book or the kid's school files have any important information about Tsuna. Huffing in irritation, the sun Arcobaleno suddely got an idea, he smirked evilly and turned towards the others, who were all still debating on what Tsuna might look like.

Sensing the mischievous, yet demonic aura from their tutor, Natsu and Giotto gulped nervously and braced themselves for what scheme Reborn's about to play. The guardians and the Arcobalenos all turned to Reborn, who was grinning like a child in a candy store. The latter tipped his hat ominously, casting a shadow on his face; creating more effect. And causing the Sawada brothers to tremble more in fear of Reborn's new game.

"Everyone, let's play a game", said Reborn; who slowly lifted his head and stared at everyone's eyes with excitement.

"What kind of game?", Colonello asked. Great, what is it this time, Reborn!

The hitman's smirk widened as he said. "'Who's the first one to see Tsuna's face' game! The winner will get anything that he or she wants. No limitations and no rules. So, does anyone want to play?"