Seems none of you know who Clark Kent is. Well he IS from the Attack On Titan, and you will get another big hint on who he is in this chapter. He isn't in the anime yet, which is probably why some of you don't know him, but he is in the manga.

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"Excuse me." Upon hearing Kagome's voice, the librarian behind the counter raised her head up from the book she was reading. "I don't mean to disturb you but…" Kagome noticed the woman was around the same age as her, and dressed sharply, with glasses and her hair done up. With a look like that, this woman could only be one of two things: A smart professional business woman—or a bitch. "I'm sorry but I'm confused." Kagome held up one of the history books that was in her hand.

The woman adjusted her glasses with a huff. "Of course you are." She spoke the words, belittling her, as if saying 'of course you are confused, you are stupid.'

Yup, she is a professional bitch alright…

"Where is your books on history that go beyond 100 years?"

The woman gave her an odd look. "Where have you been living? Under a rock?"

Kagome gave a snort through her nose at the woman. "Yes, I have." She spoke sarcastically while placing her hand onto her hip. "Would you be so kind as to enlighten this poor cave woman such as I as to why your history books are lacking in actual history?"

"Once people entered the safety of the wall, all records before that time have been lost." The librarian told her this, as she adjusted her glasses. "Even a child knows this."

"You people actually think that all records of human civilization before the wall just suddenly disappeared— And you just accept it without question?" Kagome threw the book she was holding onto the counter top with a huff "You know what? Never mind. I'm just a stupid cave woman after all. What do I know?"

"Technically"—The woman pushed up her glasses with a single digit—"I said you lived under a rock, not in a cave."

"Well, technically"—Kagome flipped some of her long hair behind her shoulder dramatically while raising her nose into the air.—"you are a bitch, but I won't call you one because that would upset a close companion of mine—comparing you to anything closely related to him would be degrading to all members of his species."

The woman gave a huff. "Why I never-!"

"Now if you don't mind." Kagome turned on her heel and spoke over her shoulder. "I'm going to go look up a book about rocks."

"Try looking in the 'housing' section." The woman suggested with a smirk, which made Kagome release a growl.

The miko stormed away in a flurry of rage, stomping the whole way back to the history section.

Giving up looking for extended history of this word, Kagome decided it was time to move on to the other items on her list. It didn't take long for Kagome to have her own pile of books upon one of the tables. After she stared at the books for a moment, she came upon a dilemma. She couldn't read them here, so she had to take them back with her, but she didn't have any way to carry them.

Thinking the library might have some kind of duffle bag for her, she looked over at the counter, only to see the bitch sitting there. If she asked, she probably wouldn't give her one- and even if she was going to give her one, she wouldn't take it from her. In fact, she's going to avoid the whole thing and not even bother to ask…

The saddle bag on the horse might have enough space—If it doesn't she will just have to make room.

With that settled, Kagome went back to looking at her collection. As her eyes scanned across the titles, another book popped into her mind that she saw somewhere, that wasn't on her table. She gave a soft hum to herself and turned around to go look for it.

It took Kagome a couple of minutes to remember where she saw the book at, but when she did, she found herself standing next to another table, piled with books. Clark Kent's table. He was still looking over a map, but this one was of a different building layout.

"Excuse me." She called to him to get his attention.

"Hmm?" Yet the male never looked up from his map.

Kagome tapped the spine of one of the books that was placed on his table. "Are you done with this?"

"What? Oh, yes." He waved her off as he wrote down several things on a small notepad, still not looking up from his—whatever he was doing.

"Great!" She pulled the book out from underneath several others, being careful not to let them topple over. She read the title with a hum. 'History of the Cornymen' A.K.A the 'Military Police.' She will be needing this information—"Thank you." She flashed the male a bright smile, even though he wasn't looking.

"You're welcome." The male finally glanced up to look at her, only to look back down at his map a moment later.

Kagome turned and walked away from the man, book in hand. Just as she did so, the man suddenly paused in his map-reading and his head snapped up. He quickly did a double take, his eyes glued to her form as she walked back to her table without her noticing…

Knowing she didn't have much time, Kagome went back to fetch her last book for her collection. "I know I saw it somewhere—Ah!" She gave a small cheer when she spotted what she was looking for, and pulled out the surprisingly thick book, with its hard binding. She traced her fingers along the title of the book with a smile—

"The legends of the philosopher stone?" A masculine voice read the title out loud, almost making her jump. She glanced up, finding herself face-to-face with none other than Clark Kent. "I didn't know you would have interest in such tall-tales."

"Well." Kagome patted the book and smiled at him. "I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover." She laid out a cheesy and cliché line, but the male gave a soft chuckle at her joke, finding it funny anyway. She watched the man make several notes on his pad, and so she questioned him. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Oh, umm, yes." He smiled at her. "I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions."


"Where you came from. What kind of powers you hold—And if the threat of human existence as we know it will really be wiped out by this—" He flipped through his notepad, before finally stopping on a page—"Sesshow-mare-roo?"

"Sesshomaru." She corrected. He nodded and wrote on his paper. "I'm not from this world. My powers are kind of hard to explain and yes—He will kill all of you if I'm harmed or turn up dead." The man's pen was a blur as she told him this. "Why do you want to know all this anyway? Do I know you?" Probably should have asked that before answering him…

"We haven't meet before." He stopped writing to adjust his glasses with a single digit. "Well, not like this anyway—I was in the court room during your hearing." He pointed upwards with his pen. "I was in the upper floor, observing." He then hummed. "I see your injures have healed greatly since I saw you—You were barely able to walk. Is that one of your powers too?"

"No. I couldn't walk because I was beat up on for five days, and locked in a cell without food or water. It's amazing what some real food, rest, and a bath can do." Again, she answered without knowing anything about the man. "I'm still sore, and I have cuts and bruises allover." She reached up and touched the fine cut that was across her cheekbone. She decided not to mention her injured arm. Something that even the scouts have not noticed yet, and if she could help it she would like to keep it that way. "You know, you never did tell me why you want to know."

"Excuse me, I thought it was obvious." He stopped his writing and apologized. "I'm a journalist." Oh snap crackle and pop! He for real? She was only joking about that Clark Kent thing, but – Wow! The real deal huh!? "Ever since I heard about you, I've been wanting to do a piece on you. I've been looking up a lot of information trying to find out where the scout's base might be hiding you, to see you and ask you some questions—I'm sure the people would want to know a lot about you." He told her. So is that what all those books and maps were about? Just to look for her? Doesn't he know that's why they are called secret bases—they are a secret. "But to find out here—Wow! I had to make sure it was really you—I couldn't believe it!" He cleared his throat. "I hope I do this right…" The man raised his hand in the air, splitting it into the signature V. "My name is—"

"You don't have to tell me." Kagome smiled at him. "I already know."

"You do?" He questioned as he lowered his hand. "How? I just started working at—"

"The Daily Planet. I know. You're Clark Kent, right?"

"Clark?" The man repeated. "I'm not—"

"Don't worry." Kagome bent down and whispered to him. "Your secret's safe with me, Clark." She winked at him and he tilted his head.

"Umm… Thank you?" His voice still sounded confused but he went with it anyway.

"You're welcome!" She flashed him a big smile. "Now, about those questions…" The male nodded and lifted up his notepad. He raised his pen and opened his mouth to begin questioning her—"Before we get started." But then she interrupted him. "I will answer them on one condition."


"I want your bag." She pointed to the large bag he had strapped around his shoulder that hug low on his body. "I need something to hold my books."

He looked down at his bag. "Okay." But he didn't take long before he had the strap leaving his shoulder and handing it to her.

"Great!" She hummed in delight as she shoved the book she was holding into the carrying case. "Now." She placed the strap up and over her head so that it was across her chest. "What do you want to know?"

The male smiled as he touched his pen to his notepad. "Everything."


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