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When Hori finds out Kashima is modelling...

"Kise Ryouta! Please take care of me!" a blonde guy beamed

"Uhn! Kashima Yuu! Thanks for letting me work with you!" a bishounen looking girl shook his hand.

"You really are good looking! I can't believe you're actually a girl!" Kise said in awe looking at her, "You could actually snag a fangirl of mine-ssu!" Kise continued.

Kashima laughed good-naturedly.

'That guy better behave properly!'

"You're just inches shorter though" Kise noted

"Ahahaha! By the way Kise-kun what time will they pick us up?" Kashima asked him.

"Well we are ten minutes earlier-ssu. How about we chat a bit. Say Kashima-kun are you part of a club?" he asked

"Yup. I'm part of the drama club! How about you?" she asked back

"Me? I'm a regular of our basketball team!" he answered.

"Oh! Then did you join because you admired someone?" she beamed

"Eh? Not really-ssu. Though I do look up at someone there, do you as well?" he beamed back

"Yup! I really like Hori-senpai! He asked me to join and I did!"

'I'm gonna kill him!'

"Kyaaa!" a girl suddenly tripped. A hand quickly grabbed her arm and hoisted her up, "Miss are you alright?" Prince Kashima. On.

"E-eh? Ah! H-h-hai! Thanks!" the girl blushed

"You should be careful next time miss, it will be unfortuante for such a beautiful face to be wounded. Take care miss okay?" and flowers bloomed

'Amazing! This guy!' Kise sweatdropped in horror.

And the blushing girl bowed in thanks and walked away.

"Wow that was..." Kise trailed. She was a charmer

"What is?" and she was back.

"Ah! That's right! You're part of the drama club, right! Neh neh can you give me a demonstration?" Kise returned to the topic. "Ah sure...what role would you like?" she answered.

"Hmmm let's see..." he thought a loud putting a finger under his chin.

"Oh! I know! A prince!" he snapped his fingers

"Alright!" Kashima smiled and her aura changed

"My princess you are looking so beautiful tonight! Shall I whisk you away to my castle?" she titled Kise's chin and put a hand around his waist. Her eyes fixated heatedly on him.


He sweatdropped. She's a good actress. No a great actress actually. She knows her roles.

"Ka-shi-ma!" a voice boomed angrily

"Eh? Hori-senpai!" she beamed like a kid

"Just what the hell are you doing tarnishing a character!" Hori yelled pointing a finger at her. Vein pulsing out.

"Eh? I wasn't!" she defended.

"You were! You clearly were!" instinctively she started to run away and he ran after her, quickly catching up to her he kicked her butt and she fell. The traditional chase of theirs.

Kise sweatdropped, "Somehow reminds me of Kasamatsu-senpai" he mumbled.

"So you're the person Kashima will be working with..." Hori inspected Kise from head to toe with his index and thumb under his chin. He specifically looked at his face, "...Nah! Our Kashima is more handsome!" he said in a deadpanned manner

'What?! I lost to a girl?!' Kise internally gapped and screamed.

Seriously this is the person she looks up to?! But then again aren't they the same in this chase-the-kouhai-because-he-is-annoying thing. Well actually more like kick-the-kouhai-because-he-is-annoying-and-stupid thing. Nevermind every day was kick-the-kouhai day in Kaijou anyway. He looked over Kashima who was getting up on her feet with a wonderful smile. Yup they were both the same. Quite pathetic.

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