Author's Note: This story is rated M; if that is not your cup of tea, then please do not read. I do not wish to offend any reader. I do not own these characters, but they are most enjoyable to play with. Happy reading; this is just the beginning.

Summer of 84

Amanda sat in her car sweltering from the summer heat. Sweat rolled to parts of her she forgot she even had. What a time for her car to break down. She was running late for everything that morning. Due to the extreme heat, even sleeping with the air on; she still managed to over sleep. By over sleeping she was rousted by the phone ringing with one mad Lee Stetson on the other end wondering just where in the hell she was. She was supposed to have met him to help as a cover that morning. She told him she would be right there, she over slept.

"Fine, Amanda, just get here soon or I will have to use Francine. She doesn't play housewife nice very well."

"Lee, I can tell you one thing; with this heat I don't either." She hung the phone up and went to wake everyone else to get them where they needed to be. Her mother was dropped off at a friend, they were headed out of town for two weeks, and the boys were dropped off at their grandparent's hotel to spend the next two months with them. Now here she was sitting on the side of the road, in dress clothes and heels, sweating like a cat in heat, trying to figure out what just happened to her car. Before she even had a chance to get out she saw the smoke coming from under the hood and realized it must have over heated, just like her.

"Damn! What am I going to do?" She knew she wasn't far from Lee's place, but all she had was her heels and no tennis shoes to change into. She got out, left a note saying she went to call for a tow truck, and began her trek to Lee's. The road she was on didn't have a lot of traffic because it was a back road from the hotel to the city. She knew that even if Lee left his place, he wouldn't find her unless he came this way; which he never did.

What would have been a twenty minute drive; took over an hour to get to Lee's building. She knew he was gone and with Francine by now; not to mention he would be furious with her. One for forgetting to go and have her car checked like he had told her to yesterday and two for making him have to work with Francine on this assignment.

As the doorman let her in the building he looked her over and said, "Mrs. King, what in the world happened to you?"

"My car broke down and I couldn't find a phone. I was supposed to pick up Mr. Stetson; I am sure he is gone by now."

"Yes, he is and I will not tell you what he told me to if you ever showed up. Mrs. King, the temperature has to be close to 95 degrees out right now. How long have you been walking?"

"Over an hour; that was after sitting in the car and fighting with it for at least ten minutes."

"I will let you in to Mr. Stetson's apartment if you need it."

"No thank you, I have a key. One more thing I forgot to give back when I was taking care of his fish last week. I think I am going to go call a tow truck, and rest a few minutes."

"Yes, Mrs. King. You don't look so well at the moment. Do you want me to call you an EMT?"

"No, I'll be fine. I just need to cool my body temperature." Amanda made her way to the elevator and pushed the button for Lee's floor. She opened his apartment door to what felt like a winter wonderland to her heated body. She smiled as she stood in the doorway before going in and picking up the phone and dialing Billy.

"Melrose here."

"Sir, it is Amanda."

"Amanda, are you okay? Lee said you never showed after he called you."

"I'm fine, my car broke down and I am at Lee's place now. I am going to call a tow truck and try to get in as soon as I can. I am sorry, sir."

"Amanda, these things happen. How did you get into Lee's place?"

"I used the key I had. Sir, I will be there as soon as I can."

Amanda called the tow company and explained where the car was and told them which garage to take it to. They said it would be over two hours before they could go get it. There had been a huge accident and all available tow trucks were being called to that scene first.

Amanda sat the receiver down and decided that she wasn't going anywhere soon, she walked to Lee's bedroom, pulling a shirt from is closet and a pair of his boxers from his drawer. She had to wash her clothes and wear something, Lee wouldn't care and more than likely would never know. Stripping down to nothing she slipped on his robe went to the kitchen where his washer and dryer were located and put all her clothes in. After getting the washer going she couldn't help but be assaulted by his aftershave that seemed to cling to his robe. It was all Lee and all man; driving her thoughts to other things.

Opening the fridge she found a bottle of cold water and began to sip it. She knew that if she drank it to fast that she could get sick. She decided to go and take a shower to also help her temperature come back down. Of course the only soap in the shower was Lee's but it was better than nothing. Taking the rag and soap she began to wash the sweat and grime from her body. She got a little lost in the scent she knew was Lee. Her mind went to a place it shouldn't; she closed her eyes and thought of him with her. In her mind it was his hands running the wash cloth over her arms and down her legs. It was Lee's long fingers sliding between her legs washing her, teasing her, making her want to beg for release.

Amanda stepped from the shower, drying off then going to his bedroom she put on his dress shirt and boxers until her own clothes were done. She felt strange walking around in his clothes in his apartment where she knew he brought all those girls, but really what choice did she have?

She walked back into the kitchen to get more water and to see if her clothes were ready for the dryer. She was glad to see the washer was just getting done. Standing and drinking the water she began to get dizzy. Bracing her hands on the counter she regained her equilibrium then put her clothes in the dryer. She left the kitchen and headed for Lee's room to lie down. That walk in the heat must have taken more from her than she thought. "Just a little nap," she said as she rested her head on Lee's pillow; his scent assaulting her as she did.

Three hours later Lee walked into his building as his doorman stopped him. "Mr. Stetson, do you know if Mrs. King is okay? I knocked but she never answered and I don't remember her leaving."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. King came here?" Lee asked in confusion.

"Yes, she showed up about a half hour after you left. She had been walking for over an hour in this heat because her car broke down. She said she was going to use your phone and call a tow truck. I don't recall her leaving and she isn't answering your door."

Lee felt panic run through him as he thought of something happening to Amanda. "Thank you, I'll let you know."

Lee went up to his apartment and found it was locked. Maybe she left he thought. Walking in his apartment, he saw her purse and shoes by his couch; her keys were on the coffee table but she wasn't anywhere in sight. He ran into his room to find her asleep on top of the covers. His white button up had ridden up over her waist and he saw she was also wearing a pair of his white boxers. He swallowed hard seeing her lying there in his things. He knew at that moment he had never seen another woman more beautiful or sexy. He sat on the bed and couldn't do anything but watch her sleep. He felt her forehead to make sure she was okay.

She began to stir slightly from his touch, "Mmm, Lee." She mumbled in her sleep state.

"I'm right here, Amanda, are you okay?" Smoothing her hair from her face.

She flung her arm over his waist and laid her head in his lap as Lee realized she was still sleeping. He sat there with her holding him for a few more minutes and when it became unbearable to feel her body next to him. He slipped from her embrace and went to call her mother. He left a message, not knowing Dotty was out of town, when no one had answered. He then called Billy.

"Billy, did Amanda call you?"

"Yes, is she okay? She said her car broke down and she walked to your place to call a tow. Is she still there?"

"Yeah, I just found her. She is out like a light. Do you think I need to bring her in for heat exhaustion?"

"It might not be a bad idea if she doesn't wake soon. If she is experiencing any symptoms after she wakes up then yes. If she doesn't wake up soon since you don't know how long she has been resting, wake her up. I spoke to her about four hours ago."

"Well, I think she took a shower and washed her clothes so I don't think she has been sleeping long. I will keep you informed. Can you see if her car was ever picked up?"

"Yeah, I'll let you know. Do you know who she would have called?"

"Yeah, she uses Donnie's in Arlington a lot."

"I'll check into it. If she didn't I would hate for it to have been towed by the local boys."

"If it has I'll get it out for her; she was coming to get me in the first place."

Lee hung up with his boss and called the doorman to let him know Amanda was fine at the moment and that she was resting. He walked into the kitchen and saw the empty water bottles on the counter and checked the dryer. Her clothes were all there, he pulled them out taking them into the bedroom and hanging them up for her when she woke up.

Just as he was finishing up he heard her moving around. He turned to make sure she was okay just as Amanda was beginning to stretch and open her eyes.

"Well, hello, sleepy head. Did you have a nice rest?" Lee asked standing over her next to the bed.

"What time is it?"

"Almost four thirty; how are you feeling?"

"Better, much better. I took a shower to lower my temperature, I also drank o few bottles of your water."

"Not to mention, Amanda King you are wearing my clothing."

Looking down at the boxers and dress shirt she said, "Well, I wasn't wearing your "she" robe. Lee, what are you doing with my bra and panties in your hand?"