"Bella, think about the people you'll be helping," Jacob Black, inspector in Seattle police, pleaded to the girl sitting in front of him. "Think of the lives you'll save by helping us to stop all the drugs and weapons?"

Bella sat there unmoving, her arms folded in front of her, moodily looking at the wall, instead of the Native American sitting across the small table. She silently cursed herself for the millionth time, as she heard him ramble on, trying to get her to speak. She had taken her black Mercedes this morning and peeled out of the house, without the driver or any of her bodyguards, and now she was regretting her decision. To be fair, she had planned to go only to the drugstore, and immediately come right back, but the moment she had stepped out of the car in front of the store, the Seattle PD had surrounded her, arresting her for illegal parking.

Edward had warned her a million times, that the police would use any excuse to arrest and interrogate her, which was why it was essential for her to never leave the house without the driver, her bodyguards, and especially without informing him. But she had done all of that, and now she was suffering.

She had been sitting in the dingy, white interrogation room for the past hour, wondering when Edward would finally send someone to bail her out. For the last hour, Jacob Black, her childhood friend, the one she made mud-pies with, was trying to convince her to confess against Edward, against the Cullen family; the head mafia family of the entire US.

Bella had been trained for such situations. Emmett, the eldest son of the Cullen family, had prepared her for situations like these. He had shown her pictures that were gruesome, horrible, and she had puked more times than she could count, but she finally learned to put up a numb front, showing as if nothing affected her.

She had not spoken a word till now, staring only at the wall in front of her, occasionally glancing at the pictures Jacob placed in front of her. She had, till now, seen pictures of all the family members of the Cullen family, the numerous bodyguards and anyone they had ever spoken to in their lifetime. She had seen pictures of dead bodies that had been found in Lake Washington, pictures of people that had been tortured cruelly, and even pictures of random places where the police suspected there was any connection with the family.

She had almost broken her fa├žade, and laughed when Jacob had shown her a picture of Edward kissing some blonde haired girl in a hotel lobby, trying to insinuate as if he was cheating on her, and he didn't deserve her loyalty. You could only see her back, but Bella knew if they had captured the face of the girl, it would only show her face; from the time when she had changed her appearance to gather some intelligence.

But nothing prepared her for what Jacob threw at her next.

"Did you know the Cullens have expanded their operations?" Jacob asked, his voice losing the desperation, as he sat back smirking smugly.

Bella gave him a bored look, but she wondered what he would say next. For the past hour, he had been pleading her, frantically trying to get her to say anything he could use as a proof against the Cullens. But now, she could see the confidence shining on his face, as if he knew whatever he said next would break this pretense of hers.

"Oh, yes," he said, as he ruffled through the papers sitting in front of him. "We don't have proof, yet, obviously, we never do against them, but we do have information."

He set a grainy picture in front of her, and Bella gave it a curtsey glance. She knew it was James in the picture, a middleman in Edward's operations. He was getting out of what seemed to be a truck. She knew this picture was probably pulled from some street camera, and she wondered what this picture was supposed to prove.

"I think you know that man," Jacob said, ignoring Bella's silence. "He is the same one who has been seen with various member of the Cullen family, and once even with you. We have hundreds of pictures of that man, getting in and out of various trucks for the past three weeks.

"We wondered, what could be in that truck, and we thought maybe they could contain arms or drugs. Then, we thought, why would Edward Cullen suddenly use night trucks to transfer his goods? Why would he suddenly change his methods, especially when they're so good that, even after fifteen years, we still haven't been able to figure out how smuggles his shit?"

Jacob stopped for a second, letting whatever he had said till now sink in Bella's mind. Then he continued, "One thing that I admire about that asshole, is that he is anything but stupid. He is smart, too smart, cunning, and methodical, so he would definitely not use night trucks for a well-established business.

"Then we realized that maybe it is not a well established business. Maybe, it's something new, a territory the Cullens have steered cleared of, until now, which is why they're using these trucks, until they're able to route out a perfect system."

Bella could feel her heart thumping loudly; she had to remind herself to breathe. She struggled to remain unmoved, to maintain the perfect mask she had been wearing since she came here. There was nothing the Cullens were not involved in; they were into everything- arms and weaponry, drugs, oil, money laundering- if it was illegal, the Cullens did it.

Except one thing. One thing that Edward had promised her the family would never get into. He had promised her that no matter what happened, he would never get into the thing that changed her life in a second, had taken away her parents at just twelve years of age and thrown her into the world of crime.

"Human Trafficking."

All Bella could hear were those two words ringing in her ears as Jacob whispered them, but they were clearly heard in the silent room. She felt all the blood drain out of her face as her brain struggled to grasp at any logic that would negate it all.

She was hardly aware of the commotion that ensued two seconds after Jacob had uttered those words. She heard, from a distance, some man claiming to be her lawyer, and Jacob arguing with the man as he presented the bailment papers, before she was pushed into a car, and taken home, where Edward was standing looking equal parts pissed and worried. She looked up at the beautiful face of her husband, his messed up copper hair, which no doubt had suffered brutal treatment at Edward's hands, his forest green eyes that reminded her of the lush forests of Forks, the town where she had grown up, his straight nose, and square jaw. She looked at the man in front of her, the one she had fallen in love with when she had seen him for the first time on her twelfth birthday, the one who had been her moon, her salvation, her perfect mate; the same man who had now broken her heart into million pieces, and betrayed her in ways she didn't know was possible.