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AN: Hello readers! Here it is! As promised, the sequel to Silver Hope! Now, you should probably read Silver Hope before you read this, you would be confused if you didn't. Also, I never watched much beyond Turbo. I've seen a few episodes of Space, Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, and Wild Force. I know only the bare basics, so the storyline won't be flawless, but I'll do my best. The prologue takes you through a brief summation of the seven years between Silver Hope and Silver Hope 2. Chapter 1 will pick up seven years after the wedding of Billy and Kat in February of 2003. For all fans, appearances of characters from the other series will appear, especially the space people. Now, I don't know much about them, but I will do my best to portray them the way they should be portrayed. Now, on with the prologue and the rest of the story! I hope you all enjoy this and please review and let me know how I'm doing. Thanks!

Silver Hope 2: Enemies Return


Nearly seven years had past since they had passed on the powers. So much had happened in seven years, enough in fact for a lifetime.


The zeo crystal(remember Turbo never happened in this story) had been destroyed when Divatox had returned. She had ambushed the rookie rangers and the power chamber was destroyed.

At the same time, a being known as Dark Spector kidnapped Zordon, who had since returned to Eltar. The rangers decided to go after Zordon. Alpha 6 readied a space shuttle for the rangers. Justin remained on Earth, while T.J., Cassie, Carlos and Ashley left the Earth in search of Zordon. And then they met Andros and became the Astro Rangers.

Several weeks after the explosion of the power chamber, Billy Cranston, Tommy Oliver, and Jason Scott explored the remains of the power chamber's ruins. It pained Billy to see that the magnificent zeo zords he had created were now only heaps of charred scrap metal.

Billy found what he was looking for in the power chamber's database, which was still intact. He recovered what was necessary for him to preserve and reactivate the Morphing Grid.

Tommy, Jason and Billy were ready to go after Zordon themselves, but the Astro rangers deserved to have their day. Though Billy, Tommy and Jason were not sure about this Andros. He had suggested that this was no place for planetary rangers and revealed that it would take much training for the other four Astros to become accustomed to space.

Billy, Tommy, and Jason had been somewhat offended, but their wives and girlfriend assured them that remaining on Earth would be for the best at that time.

And then came the Countdown to Destruction. The glittering white wave that passed over the Earth confused most everyone, except 12.

{Location: New York City: The Manhattan Apartment of Zack Taylor and Tanya Sloan}

Tanya and Zack had just gotten home from class when the wave washed over them...

"Zordon..." Zack whispered.

"He's gone," Tanya said, as she began choking back tears. The former black morphin ranger and former yellow zeo ranger fell to their knees and cried into each other's embrace.

{Location: Los Angeles: Dorms as UCLA- Adam Park's Dorm Room}

"Man, that test was a doozy," Adam Park said to his girlfriend.

"Yea, good thing we studied all last night," Trini aid, as she pecked him on the lips. Suddenly, the white wave passed over them...

"No...It can't be...Zordon," Adam said quietly.

"Zordon!" Trini cried, as she stumbled. Adam caught her and pulled her close as they cried together.

{Location: The Red Falcon Dojo and Angel Grove Youth Center}

Tommy and Jason bowed out their 4:00 class and the students went home. It was Friday and that had been their last class for the day.

The white wave came over them...

"By the power of Ninjetti, how could this be?" Dulcea uttered.

"Zordon...how could they let him die!" Jason yelled.

"He's gone and we weren't there to save him," Tommy said sadly.

{Location: Angel Grove Park}

Kim and Aisha were on their way to the dojo. They had picked Rocky up from the academy on the way. The mysterious wave washed over them stopping them in their tracks...

"Zordon..."Kim whispered.

"Zordon...but how?" Rocky wondered.

"He's gone...his essence is cleansing the universe," Aisha said.

"But why did he have to die?" Kimberly wondered, as the tears came.

{Location: Angel Grove: The Apartment of Billy and Katherine Cranston}

The wave had just washed over them...

Kat stood in utter disbelief, as did Billy.

"This can't be happening," Billy spoke.

"We didn't even get to say goodbye," Kat said sadly.

"They didn't even consult us! We should have been there with him!" Billy said angrily, but yet his voice still remained controlled. Kat hugged him close as they both broke down in grief for the sage that had been like a father to them.

The former rangers mourned the death of their mentor and father like figure. Each of them knew that Zordon's sacrifice would cleanse the universe, or so they were led to believe. But each of them didn't agree with some of the decisions made by the Astro team. Thus, a rift between the teams was created. A rift that would only cause trouble in the future.

The former rangers continued to move on with their lives. They watched new rangers teams rise and fight evil that still existed.


The galaxy rangers had risen to fight evil on Terra Venture and had been successful in freeing the space colony from evil hands. Their names were Leo, Kendrix, Maya, Kai, Damon, and Mike.


An organization in Mariner Bay had created ranger powers to defend their city against evil This marked the rise of the Lightspeed Rangers, who defended Mariner Bay against the likes of evil as well. Their names were Carter, Dana, Kelsey, Chad, Joel, and Ryan.


A team of rangers is formed to face problems with the stream of time and the threat of evil against the past, present, and future. Their names were Wes, Jen, Katie, Lucas, Trip, and Eric.


The newest team of rangers had risen to fight evil using the ancient powers of the wild zords. They too, like those before them, had defeated the evil that threatened their home. Their names were Cole, Alyssa, Taylor, Max, Danny, and Merrick.

It seems that evil is now at rest and the New Year is approaching fast. Seven years have passed since the first defenders of the planet passed on their powers. But old adversaries are rising again, wanting revenge against those who defeated them before...