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Silver Hope 2: Enemies Return


A few days later, Princess Shayla, Merrick, and Dulcea took Billy, Kat, and baby Larisa to the Animarium. Billy held his daughter, as Princess Shayla chanted.

"Please Lupis, Wolf Ninjetti Lord, help us to cleanse this cub of the evil poisoning," Shayla said, as she sprinkled water on the baby's forehead. Billy closed his eyes and waited for Lupis to speak to him.

"It is done William. Your child has been cleansed by the power of the wolf and she will always be protected by me, as will you and the rest of your family," Lupis spoke.

Billy opened his eyes.

"It's done, Lupis cleansed her of the evil," Billy said. Kat hugged him and their baby.

"Well, this calls for a celebration," Shayla said.

"Well Jason and Tommy are back at your house fighting over who should grill what, so I'm sure that a celebration is in order," Dulcea said. With that, they teleported back to the Cranston residence.


"Did I ever tell you about the football monster? Well, there was this football monster that turned all the rangers into cute little colored footballs, except for me. And of course, I saved the day," Rocky said proudly.

"Yeah, and then there was the time that you got hooked on the Pachinko machine and showed us how much of an idiot you really are!" Adam joked.

"You're funny," Rocky replied sarcastically.

"Dude, seriously, there was this time where Kim and Billy actually switched bodies," Jason said.

"I think we've covered that several times," Billy said, as he approached the group. Jason cracked up.

"Switching bodies with a girl would be so awesome!" Dustin said.

"Dude, you're trippin," Shane replied.

"No seriously, you could like see yourself naked, but it wouldn't be you. It'd be a girl," Dustin said, unaware that Tori was right behind him. Tori smacked him on the head.

"Ouch! What was that for Tor?" Dustin asked.

"Figure it out smart one," Tori replied, as she went into the kitchen with the women, who were doting over baby Larisa.


Later, the rangers ate and drank together in the name of peace. Soon, they would part again, but they would now always be there for each other in times of crisis. They were all pretty sure that this is the way Zordon really wanted it.


"So, I guess you're going to have to go back soon," Wes said, as he and Jen walked hand in hand by the fence.

"What if I told you that I'm not going back?" Jen asked.

"What?" Wes asked.

"I'm staying with you this time Wes," Jen said.

"But Jen, they need you in future," Wes replied.

"But I need you and for the first time in my life, I'm going to put myself first. And if a crisis comes up, then I'll go. But then, I'll come back," Jen told him. Wes smiled and hugged her tightly. She brushed her lips against his, telling him how much she loved him.


Kat put Larisa down in her bassinet and returned to the kitchen to find it empty. She went to fridge and began to gather drinks on a tray for everyone.

"You should be resting honey," Billy said, as he took the tray from her hands.

"I'm fine sweetie," she said, as he wrapped his arms around her. Billy quirked his eyebrow.

"I'll say," he replied slyly. After a long kiss, Billy and Kat went out to join the others in the backyard.

After celebrating into the late evening, the rangers bunked down for the night, knowing that tomorrow they would be returning to pick up their lives where they left off.


{Date: Wednesday March 26, 2003}

Jen hugged Katie, Trip, Lucas, Nadira, and Ransik.

"We're going to miss you," Katie said.

"I know, I'm going to miss you guys too," Jen said. Katie, Trip, Lucas, and Nadira hugged Wes and Ransik shook his hand.

"Take care guys," Wes said. With that, the three Time Force rangers and two allies boarded the time ship and headed for the year 3000.

"Jen, Eric, and I need to be getting back to Silver Hills," Wes said, as he shook Billy's hand.

"Thanks for all your help," Billy said.

"Hey, rangers are always there for one another," Wes replied. They bid farewell to the three remaining Time Force rangers, as they left in Eric's car for Silver Hills.

"We hate to say goodbye in a hurry, but sensei fears that Lothor is up to something," Tori said, as she hugged her sister and brother-in-law.

"Then you better get going. But don't be strangers," Billy said, as he shook hands with the male rangers. With that, the Ninja and Thunder rangers teleported back to Blue Bay Harbor to continue their fight against Lothor.

"It's been fun, but Turtle Cove awaits our return," Cole said, as he shook Billy's hand.

"If you ever need a babysitter, please call me, because I'd love to," Alyssa promised, as she hugged Kat.

"We'll definitely keep that in mind," Kat replied.

The Wild Force rangers loaded Cole's jeep and headed for Turtle Cove.

"I know we haven't seen eye to eye, but I hope that we can truly make amends," Andros said to the senior ranger members.

"I think Zordon would have definitely wanted it that way," Billy said, as he shook Andros' hand.

"Thanks, we'll always be around should we ever need to join forces again," Andros said.

"Yeah, but I think we should plan on getting together under good circumstances," Ashley said.

"I definitely like that idea," Kim said. The space rangers left for their respective homes, while Zhane and Karone headed back to KO-35.

"Well, as much as we hate to, T and I need to get back to the big apple," Zack said.

"The guys shook hands with Zack, and the girls hugged Tanya. The groups switched, and Zack and Tanya returned to New York via teleport.

"Well, the station is calling. I'll see ya later guys," Rocky said, as he kissed Aisha and Steve and left for the station.

Aisha said her goodbyes and put Steve in the car. She would be dropping him off at school on the way to the clinic. Kimberly put Kelly in her car seat and left to take her to daycare and then she would go to work herself.

Tommy, Jason, and Dulcea left for the dojo and Adam and Trini left for the firm, leaving only Billy and Kat.

"Come on sport, I'll drop you off at school on my way to work," Billy said, as Kat attempted to straighten his tie.

"Promise me you'll rest when Larisa is sleeping?" Billy said.

"Yes darling, I promise not to over exert myself, don't worry," Kat said.

"Me? Worry?" Billy asked sarcastically. Kat rolled her eyes.

"Have a good day at work sweetheart," Kat said, as she kissed him and he left with their son. As Kat waved to her boys, she heard Larisa begin to fuss. She picked her daughter up and cradled her. Things were once again perfect and exactly how they should be.

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