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Chapter One

For the first time in her life, Hermione was reading words she wished she had never laid eyes upon. Hermione's Adoption Papers was printed neatly on the envelope in front of her. It couldn't be, she wasn't adopted, her parents would have told didn't keep secrets from her, not big things like this. She wanted to ask her mother and father, they would explain that this was all a misunderstanding, but she couldn't talk to them. She had altered their memories and sent them to Australia to protect them. She made the right choice, she had told herself, but right now-with all these questions flying around in her mind-she wasn't so sure.

After a long, nervous pause, she opened the folder. In it was enclosed legal papers, detailing Lewis and Jean Granger's adoption of Hermione Winchester.

"Winchester, Hermione Winchester," the girl whispered to herself. It sounded so wrong, she was used to being Hermione Granger, that the new, well old, last name didn't sound right in her mind. Just starting to wrap her brain around the possibility that she was adopted, she started looking through the files, searching for the names of her birth parents. What if they were Wizards? She thought to herself, statistically it was likely, as Witches with Magical parents were far more common than muggle borns. Hermione had lived her whole life believing she was a muggle born, having people like Malfoy look down on her because of it, but what if she wasn't? A small part of her was excited at this possibility of her not being a muggle born, not having to be judged because of it, but a slightly larger part of herself was disgusted with herself for feeling that way. It didn't make her any better of a person if she had Magical parents, she reminded herself firmly.

Finally, She found what she was looking for, her birth parents.

John Winchester was the name of her father, and her mother, was named Ellen Harvelle.

She had to talk to Harry and Ron about this, but sending an owl would be useless, she was headed to the Burrow today anyway, and soon after that, she and the others would go get Harry. Remembering her plans, she realized she wasn't finished packing, she had gotten too distracted with the papers she discovered. Quickly packing the rest of her things, Hermione left, walking to the train station.

On her way to the train, the usually focused, and clear headed girl felt her thoughts wander. The entire train ride, she was imagining what her biological parents were like. John and Ellen, she thought, were they anything like the parents she had grown up with? Normal, mundane, muggle dentists who did crosswords and read the newspaper? Or did they lead exciting, fast paced lives? We're they wizards? Did they go to Hogwarts? What House were they in? These questions and many others plagued her thoughts until her train stopped. She got off off, seek,g Ron and Mr. Weasley waiting for her at the train station. Ron raced over to greet her, and Mr. Weasley followed, lagging slightly behind.

"-Ermione!" Ron yelled, not quite finished with a bit of toast.

"Ronald, finish your food!" She laughed, the corners of her mouth forming a smile.

"Yeah, Yeah," Ron grumbled as he hugged her. When the two finally detached themselves, Ron swallowed his toast and apologized. "Sorry, we were a little late, slept in, had to finish breakfast in the car."

"I don't know if I can ever forgive you," Hermione teased in reply.

"What?" Ron asked, dumbfounded and worried.

Hermione just laughed. "It was a joke, Ron!"

Just as Ron changed his expression from realization to a smile, Mr. Weasley, who had purposefully stuck behind a bit to give the kids a moment, finally caught up with them. "Hello, Hermione. How was your journey?" he inquired politely. Hermione told him it had been good, and the three heads to the Burrow in the Ford Anglia, though not an airplane mode, as there were no muggles around.

At the Burrow Hermione was greeted by the whole Weasley crew, now including Fleur, then she and Ron headed upstairs to his room, accompanied by Ginny.

"I have something important I need to talk to you lot about." Hermione started, learning on the wall while the two Weasleys sat on the bed. "I want to talk Harry an out it, too, but I can't wait until tomorrow." She paused nervously, tapping her foot and biting her lip.

"Come on, Hermione, just spit it out already." Ron replied with all the sensitivity and insight of a spoon.

"Well, you see," Hermione began as the siblings looked at her in anticipation. "I was packing my things, and, well, I had the house to myself since my parents are in Australia." To this Ron gave her a look of sympathy, he knew it had been extremely difficult for her to erase her parents memories of her completely. "Well, um, I stumbled across some old papers," Hermione's voice began to shake as she approached the point in the story. "They were, uh, adoption papers."

Ron had a look of utter confusion on his face. "Wait, your parents adopted a kid? I didn't know you had a sibling."

Hermione gave him an exasperated look.

"No, you dimwit," Ginny replied, smacking her brothers arm. "She's trying to say she's adopted."

Ron turned his attention back to Hermione and nodded. "Who are your parents, then?" He asked, looking more than a little confused.

"I don't really know, I mean, I just have their names. John Winchester is my dad and Ellen Harvelle is my mum, but other than that, I have no idea about either of them." Hermione responded, finally sitting down with the others. "I think I need to find them, though. I had to send my . . . other . . . parents away to protect them, and my biological parents could be in just as much danger. If Voldemort finds out about them, they could be tortured and killed, they're not safe."

"Yeah, I think you're right. We do need to talk to Harry, but how are you going to find them, if you only know their names?" Ron asked.

"I don't know," Hermione stated as calmly as she could in such a situation. "I haven't finished looking through all the papers, I was hoping maybe somewhere in them, it had more information about them."

"Well, let's have a look!" Ginny exclaimed excitedly. Hermione dug them out of her magically enlarged purse.

After locating the folder, the three huddled together, rifling through every paper to find something, anything more than just names. By the time they reached the last paper, they knew an address for each parent, and both of them were in America.

"Well, at least that's somewhere to start," Hermione sighed." However, there's a good chance they don't even li've in the same place anymore."

"Americans. . . " Ginny mumbled. "Just seem strange, if you ask me. Why wouldn't you have gotten adopted by other Americans?"

"Technically, you're a foreigner." Joked Ron. "You silly American."

"I'm not American, I've lived in England my whole life. If we're saying that you are whatever your parents are, then Americans aren't even Americans! They came from here!" Hermione argued, glad Ron could lighten her mood even with such a serious topic.

"Whatever you say, American." Ron replied, bumping her shoulder playfully.

They all laughed together, until Hermione remembered what they were laughing about.

"How should I go about finding them? I mean, I don't know if they're wizards, so it's not like I can just send them an owl. I'm not even sure if an owl would make it to America."

"Well, I suppose we would just have to go there." Ron said, after a moment of pondering.

"We would have to wait until after the wedding, we'll talk to Harry about it when we get back with him, I suppose." Hermione decided.

"I still don't understand why I can't go with you guys, I want to help you stop Voldemort!" Ginny poured.

"You're not going, Ginny. You need to go to Hogwarts, hold down the fort, you know?" Ron replied. Ginny let out an exasperated huff, but didn't continue her pleas, knowing from all her previous attempts how lost her cause truly was.

The loud pop gave them a fraction of a seconds notice to the arrival of Fred and George, who apparated right onto Ron's bed, causing a comical sense of pushing, shoving, and tangled limbs.

"Can't you aim a little more out of my personal space?" Ginny asked, giving Fred a push as the towns disentangle themselves from the beds previous occupants.

"Ah, but that wouldn't be near as much fun, would it?" He cheerily replied.

"I think it would be positively delightful," Hermione answered with a sarcastic smile. "You two apparating over there, it would be a tremendous amount of fun!"

"But what would you know about fun, little bookworm?" George teased, causing her smile to widen slightly.

"What do you two gits want? You can't just come popping into my room whenever you'd like." Ron complained.

"Well," the twins simultaneously replied.

"We can," Fred started.

"We did," George replied.

"We will," said Fred.

"We . . ." George paused for a second, thinking of his reply. "We won't not!"

"There you go, mate, wasn't sure the plan for that one was." Fred said with a smile.

George started to say something about his thoughts on plans when Ron interrupted him. "Get on with it already, what do you want?"

"We just wanted to give out greetings to Hermione, we haven't seen her since school. We didn't know we would have to clear it with her boyfriend first." George nonchalantly answered.

As soon as Ron and Hermione began to protest the boyfriend bit, Fred leaned into Ron, casually cutting them off. "Oh come on, mate, you can't deny that fiery chemistry between you. Don't pretend you don't feel it, God knows everyone else sees it!"

Ron turned bright red, and Hermione opened her mouth to argue, but no words came out.

"Relax, you two. We wanted to talk to you about something else, too," George grinned.

"What?!" Ron and Hermione asked, both eager for a new subject.

"Well," George began, folding his hands behind his back as he started pacing in a formal and confident, almost military manner.

Fred spoke, mirroring his twins movements. "It seems our dear brother, Charles, has challenged us to a war, the most serious kind of war."

"A prank war," George contimued. "Our dear, misinformed brother has held on to the insane notion that he, a simple minded Dragon pusher, is a better prankster than us." George shook his head, his face comically pained. Fred patted his shoulder sympathetically, his face bore a similar expression.

"Crazy as it may sound, he truly believes it, the poor bloke. Now, because of that, we must show him the truth, the light if you will. This is the man who thinks that a super-glued door knob is a well thought out prank, and he-HE-thinks he can out prank us!" Fred began to show mock outrage, using hand gestures and periodically pausing his pacing to face the three sitting on the bed.

"This is the start of a war," George continued, with the same emotion as his brother, "and the bystanders of the lands must pick a side!"

"The lamds?" Ginny questioned.

Fred gently shushed her, putting his hand on her head and looking down into her eyes. "Now, we don't want innocents to get involved in this any more than you do, I know, this is a difficult thing to ask. Believe me, we wouldn't be asking if it wasn't absolutely, positively, one hundred and fifty-seven percent necessary," he urgently whispered, letting a serious sadness creep into his face and words.

"Who will you stand with? The Dragon social worker who can't tell a sung bomb from a coconut?" asked George.

"Or the two brilliant, and strikingly handsome," Fred paused and gave a Lockhart style grin, and George copied, wiggling his brows. "Professionals?"

"Will you two just shove it? I don't have time for your prank wars," Ron growled, obviously not moved by the twins theatrics.

"Suit yourself, mate, but when things start heating up, and you change your mind, we'll be glad to have you on our side." George said with a grin.

"Yeah, we don't discriminate against the deplorably dim-witted." Fred agreed cheerfully, flashing Ron a smile, which was met with a pouty glare.

"What about you two lovely ladies?" George asked.

"Count me out, that sounds like it can only end badly." Ginny muttered with an unamused eye roll.

"I think I'll pass as well. I really don't want to get involved with your shenanigans." Hermione stated.

"Professional shenanigans," corrected George.

"Yes, even so." Replied Hermione, with a hint of a smile.

"Well, your loss." Fred said with a shrug.

"We could have had so much fun together . . ." George continued dreamily. Suddenly the two stepped forward, and with a loud pop, they were gone.

"Always a sales pitch with those two," Ginny sighed.

Why do they have to apparate everywhere?" Ron muttered grumpily.

"Oh, how I've missed this." Hermione mumbled sarcastically, though deep down, she really had missed the Weasley families' antics. In the back of her mind, she wondered about her biological family. Did she have any brothers or sisters?

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