Third Person POV

As the Magical Horcrux Hunting Gang climbed the ladder to Draco's tree house, they were amazed at its elegance. What looked from the outside like a small, albeit well-built tree house, now appeared to be a small mansion.

"This is what you call a tree house blondie?" Dean asked as the others gazed in amazement.

"Why wouldn't he? It is a house, in a tree. Tree house seems to accurately describe it." Castiel replied, taking in his surroundings without expression.

"Feel free to look around," Draconian drawled, though it seemed it was unnecessary, as the group had already begun to separate, wandering around the tree house in awe. "Unfortunately, there are only four bedrooms."

"Only four bedrooms?" echoed an incredulous Dean.

"I do not require sleep, so I will not need a bedroom," Castiel stated calmly. Everyone in the room stared at Castiel for a moment before realizing that was not the weirdest thing that had happened the last few days.

Draco shrugged. "This works out splendidly then, two bedrooms have King sized beds, and the other two each have two twins, so there will be just enough beds for everybody. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take a shower and wash the muggle off me." With that said, Draco sauntered up the stairs.

"Jeez, someone didn't get enough hugs as a kid," Dean grumbled, shrugging off his backpack and tossing it on the white leather couch in what appeared to be a living area to his right.

"This is incredible!" Sam exclaimed in awe as he started wandering around the tree house. "It looks so small from the outside, but it's the size of a small mansion on the inside!"

Hermione took the chance to explain. "It's an undetectable extension charm-it increases the space of an objects iterior, but lets it remain the same dimensions on the exterior."

"Incredible," Sam repeated as he opened a window and stuck his head out, fascinated by the charm.

"Well, while those two geek out, I'm gonna check out the kitchen and see if I can find some grub," said Dean.

"That's the best bloody idea I've heard all day," Ron agreed, following Dean into the kitchen.

"I'm gonna, uh, go to the bathroom," Harry said awkwardly to Castiel, the only one still standing in the foyer. The trench coat clad man just gave a sympathetic nod in response, mumbling something about the annoyance of human bladders.

"No way that'll fit mate."

"Don't underestimate me, ginger."

"That thing's HUGE, there's just no way."

"Oh, there's a way," Dean replied as he started stretching his jaw, staring intensely at the massive sandwich he had piled onto one of the tree house's white and green china plates.

Ron watched Dean intently, chewing one of his two smaller sandwiches with a bemused grin on his face.

Dean picked up the colossal sandwich in question, then opened his jaw to an inhuman size and took a huge bite.

"Bloody hell, you're like a snake! I didn't think that was humanly possible!" Ron set his own sandwich down to stare at Dean in awe.

"I told you I could do it, man, have a little faith next time," Dean smirked smugly, still chewing his mouthful of sandwich and wearing his best "I told you so" face.

"You have to teach me how to do that," exclaimed Ron, who had returned to his own sandwich.

"It's not a skill you can teach, it's something you gotta be born with, I was blessed."

Suddenly an excited look came over Ron's face. "Let me have a try at that thing." He pointed his wand to his mouth, scrunching his face as if he were trying to remember something, he started mumbling an incantation, and Dean watched as his lips suddenly swelled up to a hilariously large size, unable to control his laughter.

"What the hell are you trying to do?" Dean asked, chuckling. "You look ridiculous!"

"What? It's not supposed to affect the outside, just enlarge the inside! What did it do?" Ron panicked, his giant lips making it hard for him to talk. "HERMIONE!" He called, and Hermione came rushing into the kitchen, followed by Sam.

"What in the hell did you do, Ronald?" A shocked Hermione shouted when she saw his face.

"I tried to do the extension charm on my mouth so I could fit a big sandwich into it, and I don't know what happened!"

"Merlin's beard, you're thick! You must have gotten the incantation wrong and made your lips swell instead!" Hermione sighed, rolling her eyes and began to think of a spell to counter its effects.

"Can you fix it?!" asked Ron, touching his lips with panic in his eyes.

Hermione sighed, and muttered another incantation with her wand pointed at Ron's lips.

The two Winchester brothers watched in ausement as Ron's lips shrunk back to their normal size, and Ron continued touching them. "Are they normal now?!"

"Yes," Hermione replied, "you're fine now, just don't do anything else stupid."

"I was just trying to fit the sandwich into my mouth!" Ron cried in his defense.

"Yes, but unfortunately for you, you weren't born with the natural talent I was, and you had to resort to artificial performance enhancers." A cocky Dean cut in with a smirk.

"If you could do it without spells, I can too." Ron decided as he reached for Dean's sandwich.

"Don't touch my sandwich, kid," Dean warned as he followed him.

Hermione and Sam sigh, glancing at each other for non verbal confirmation that this was not something they wanted to stick around for. Both headed back to their previously discovered library to continue their conversation.


Harry sat locked in the tree house's downstairs bathroom, clutching the fake locket and re reading the note he had found inside.

To the Dark Lord,

I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.

R. A. B

'Regulus Black' Harry thought to himself. Siruis' brother. He was the one who had taken the locket, who had tried to help stop Voldemort, and who had made Dumbledore's sacrifice mean nothing. No, Harry thought to himself, it wasn't R. A. B's fault Dumbledore died, it was Snape's.

Snape, the long nosed, greasy haired git who had betrayed Dumbledore's trust and murdered him in cold blood. That night still haunted Harry in his sleep. He would relive the helpless feeling of watching Dumbledore be killed right in front of him, and now Harry was staying in the tree house of one of the people responsible for it.

No, Draco was supposed to do it, but he didn't. He had been ordered by Voldemort himself to kill the Headmaster, but he couldn't do it. Draco wasn't a murderer, the only spell he cast at Dumbledore was a disarming spell, for his own protection. Every bad thing Draco had ever done, Harry realized, was for his own protection, not out of purely malicious intent. Even Draco's petty bullying had been more about protecting his own pride then making others feel bad. Every horrible belief Draco held had been one forced upon him by birth, and now he was trying to be better. Harry realized, even though he still hadn't forgiven Draco for being an intolerable git, that he had a large amount of respect for the path Draco was choosing to take.

Rolling the fake locket over in his hands, Harry pondered the three Slytherin men. Regulus, the one who went against Voldemort, and tried to stop him; Draco, the one who was going against Voldemort, and trying to stop him; and Snape, the one who pretended to go against Voldemort, and was trying to help him.

Harry sat next to the bathtub pondering this for a few minutes, when suddenly a searing pain erupted in his head. He dropped to the ground clutching his scar as he was filled with rage that didn't belong to him.