AN: This is going to be a really short story. I was watching a rerun or Buffy on FX. Today it started showing season six. And while I was watching "Bargaining" I got an idea for a ficlet. A ficlet is a really short fanfiction story. I hope you enjoy, and if you don't then I will just take the story off the site.


This is what set me free. It released me. At that split second before I jumped, I understood. Death was my gift. Everything made sense. When I jumped, I realized how lucky I had been. To be loved by all of my friends and family. But I've lost that. That one moment of truth. And I can never get it back. I now realize that I live in hell. I'm not supposed to be here right now. I'm supposed to be at peace. In heaven. This place I call home, Is the mouth of hell.

{"I need you to live!" Dawn cried.}

But it is my hell to live in. I do belong here It is my destiny And I will make a difference.