Chapter 1: meeting the boys

Corrie's POV:
I had just finished unpacking all the boxes and putting them in the house, with the help of my brothers of course when Jack said, "I heard that there's a Dairy Queen in town. Who wants to go get lunch. If we go CJ's lunch is on me."
I grinned back at him and said, "YES!" as I jumped on his back. He chuckled and turned to the rest of the guys who all were nodding in aggrement with me. With that we were on our way to the D.Q.
When we arrived I got out of my truck and heard someone say, "Hey. I think your truck's leakin' oil. Might wanna get that checked out." I looked and sure enough it was leaking oil. I spoke a random thanks. 'Cos I didn't know if the guy was still here or not and sure enough right behind me I heard a soft, "Your welcome. Oh, I know of a place that you could take that to get it checked out if you want."
Thinking it over I glanced at my brothers and Bobby said, "We'll get you something and meet you at the house." I nodded and turned back to the guy and said, "Okay do you have a car for me to follow or are you silently asking to ride with me?"