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Gray Fullbuster

Fairy Tail

'So cliché.'

Kagome almost wanted to sigh, but held it in as she pondered her current situation. It was something she thought she would only encounter in anime and manga, yet here she was.

The dreaded 'blanket scenario'.

"Why are you so damn cold!?" The Miko cried out, shivering as she attempted to wrap the blanket around her form tighter while trying to save some for her companion.

Dark blue looked at her dryly, "Ice Mage here, remember?" Gray retorted, ignoring her huff, "I can't help it if my body temperature is naturally lower than yours."

"So why did you suggest we 'cuddle' for warmth?" Kagome muttered, frowning as she noticed that she could visibly see her breath, "You don't have much body heat."

Gray let out a noise of frustration, feeling his new female teammate stiffen when he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her tighter into his (bare) side, "It's better than nothing," He pointed, looking out the window of the abandoned cabin they had taken shelter in, "The blizzard should be done by morning."

"And that's still hours away," Kagome pouted, "There's no way I can sleep when I'm this cold." She curled up into herself as much as she cold.

"Here," Gray shifted an arm out from the blanket and much to Kagome's awe, a small ice sculpture in the shape of a fox quickly formed in his hand, "Since I know you like foxes and all." He was glad she couldn't see the slight flush on his face.

"Aww, Gray, you're really not as grumpy as your face always suggests," Kagome smiled, snickering when he gave her another dry look, "But thank you."

The dreaded 'blanket scenario'...

Maybe it wasn't as bad as she thought.