Hughes rubbed his sleep deprived eyes and tried to remain casual as he strolled into the room. This week had been filled will an excruciating amount of work for the investigations department with no further indication of who was, by now, the infamous serial killer of central. The fact that IT targeted women made Hughes stomach turn. Gracia and Elysia... Hughes tried once again to read the file that had been left on his desk, something about a Mister 'Shou Tucker'. He was supposed to try and get a confession and hopefully information out of the man, though since Hughes hasn't read the file, he had no idea what Tucker had done. He sighed in frustration. It was too late for this. His little Elysia would be going to bed without seeing 'Daddy' at this rate. With one final attempt and a sigh, Hughes started to read. Oh. Shou had a daughter too, that was nice. He paused, and reread the sentence, this time forcing his eyes to focus on the information. Shou tucker had made a chimera out of his own daughter. Maes was livid. His own DAUGHTER. Why? How?! Finishing reading the rest of the article with surprising speed, he briskly walked down the hall to where Tucker was being kept. Oh, Maes Hughes was going to get information. He was going to make Tucker pay... As Hughes stepped into the room, the first thing he noticed was the silence. The man wasn't sobbing and pleading. He was just sitting there, head lowered, eyes facing the floor. Gritting his teeth, Hughes walked over to Tucker. He was a tallish man with short hair and glass. Honestly the same kind of look that Maes had himself ... The sense of hatred by now seem to Hughes to have taken over his soul. He strolled over to Tucker and took a hold of the front of his jacket, yanking his head up. The man was smiling. Smiling. Maintaining a calm facade, Hughes spoke, 'So. You created a talking chimera. Using your daughter. You-' Tucker looked thrilled to be able to talk, even if it was to confess, and interrupted. 'Alexander and Nina.' Tucker started. 'It was fascinating. Before, the other chimera was too old to adapt but i believe this one will survive. It will be useful to the military you know. I have new vital information, for the next attempt to-' . In that one moment, Maes' facade of calm faded. This man was no human, he was a monster, the kind Elysia should be scared about hiding under her bed. It had been a long week and this was the last straw. He screamed and using his left hand, that wasn't clasping Tucker's jacket, punched Tucker in the face. Repeatedly. It was satisfying. Maes' own face twisted into a smile. His sense of right and wrong had faded, consumed by the desire to kill. A part of him was holding back, but that wasn't enough to stop him at this point. By now Shou's face was a bloody mess. His nose was broken, if not completely pulp and his already bruised cheeks where stained red. The chair he had been on was tipped backwards, and still Hughes continued. Oh this was wonderful . Honestly Hughes felt he understood why people killed now. The sense of power, he could do anything, be anything, he could- Hughes stopped in mid-yell. The kind, fatherly, forgiving part of him was back. He gazed at Tucker. Tucker was still conscious though, laughing like the maniac he clearly was. Hughes left the room hastily, pushing his glass back on, and tried not to think about what he had done. Shou Tucker may have been the one person who deserved it. In the morning, he could report on what had happened, it was too late for this, and he, he had a family to get back to.