This is going to be fun. This will have some famous total war commentators and some not so famous and Will Overgard from the Creative Assembly. I hope you guys enjoy it. If you guys want to share it with the Youtubers I don't be shy.

1/26/1790. The world thrown into chaos as large empires begin to grow. It will be a matter of time until total war erupts.

Great Britain, biggest empire in the world. Her territories spread far and wide. King Will Overgard I the monarch of the British Empire have claimed large amounts of land all over the world with the help of his four trusted generals. Lionheartx10, Alex the Rambler, Malakith Skadi, and Warrior of Sparta. They have lead Britain's soldiers to victory giving their dedication and valor to the crown and country.

The United States of America, once a young nation now an enormous super power. Have spread from sea to shining with it's president PrinceofMacedon and his veteran general and admiral. Surreal Beliefs and HeirofCarthage sometimes known as Patchy. When they receive the threat of attack they must defend themselves to prosper for future generations.

Sweden, a proud nation with it's greatest monarch. King Diplex I. United Scandinavia and brought the big Russian Bear down to it's knees. Now Diplex wishes to expand his domain to the west and the New World so the black bird can dominate all.

The Netherlands, indeed a small country lost it's mighty empire to the British and is now a territory to Britain. The Dutch have lost their honor but a certain politician and revolutionist Gamakazi wishes to rally the people to declare independence from the British to recreate the Dutch Empire.

The American West India Trading Company, an American trading company that broke away from the United Sates. Lead by Callofduty4man221 an ex-U.S general wishes to take India for his own personal gain. He challenges Afghanistan, the Maratha Confederacy, and the British East India Company to achieve his dream of conquering India.