Agent 30A

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Chapter 2: Flashes of Concern

"Forgive me for intruding, sister, but you have been at this for quite a while now, and our greater number has asked for me to give him an update." It was another female Nebulan that carefully and quietly entered the dark room the first was in. As she finished approaching the slightly older one, and graciously bowed, she curiously peered into the ball of multicolored light the other gently held front of her. "So, tell me, how is the progress of her development advancing?"

She turned to her and gave off a warm and affectionate smile in reply. "Welcome back, my dearest sister, welcome back to my Gallery." She greeted. Her voice was as calm and cool as always.

The figure then turned on display lights inside, revealing shelves upon shelves of spheres much like the one she had out, contained in technologically-specific canisters. They all contained various names of what she always assumed were from inhabitants of their planet, and displayed as if they might be trophies of some kind.

"The maximum number has increased to seventeen at one time. All were treated with as much attention and care as the last. Impressive, wouldn't you agree?"

The recipient of the question somewhat ignored it, and ceased to gaze around. It always made the younger one frown to see this room, especially since she had seemed to gather so many more since the last time she was there.

"But enough of my boasting. Come, come. Take a look for yourself, and see my new masterpieces. I think that you will find a few of them to be most intriguing." She said, finishing off with a soft giggle, almost sounding excited for her to follow her direction.

An uncomfortable look befell her face, as she brought her full attention back on her. "…Sanaa, I-"

The Nebulan started, reaching out to her shoulder. However, she promptly halted her advance. She was under orders, so now was not the time to try at another little 'chatting session'. "Right. So, the update on our dear Miss's progressions and developments. How goes it?"

"My, my, my…it's not like him not to ask something like this, personally, especially since he knows that I was in the middle of painting. At any rate, tell our greater that he should be rested on this subject-she still responds well to viewing my work. At least, that is what I would tell you, as per usual, but this time, our little curiosity mostly acted upon a personal accord."

She took out a pen from the pocket of her coat and quietly nibbled on it, while the other observed. A brightness came to her otherwise calm-looking optics as she stared into the orb, elbow resting on top of her other paw.

"This thing that enters her mind, it is not of my doing…" Another turn to her and the previously pleasant grin soon turned insidiously sly. "Regardless of how much we may hope to currently know about her, it goes to show that she remains to be very unpredictable, even unstably at times. There's the potential that this might cause possible setbacks in the future, but right now I can only appreciate just how fascinating a creature the Miss is becoming."

After a bit of silence between them, being that she just continued to gaze at the sphere, the slightly more youthful of the pair figured it was about time to speak up, again. "*Ahem* Well, then, I suppose that I'll take the news to our greater number. I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear what you've had to say."

Feeling that that would be everything she would be getting from her, today, she performed a second, courteous bow and prepared herself for the exit, not wanting to endure much more exposure of that room.

"Oh, sister…?"

She turned around to apparently continue their conversation. "Please, do keep in mind to refrain from calling me by that sincerely dreadful name. You will try to do that for me, yes?"

"No, please don't! You want your home back? Take it! Just don't kill us!"

"O-Or maybe we can be valuable to you all! We can, really!"

"Ah! W-Wait!"

"My Son…my beautiful, beloved son…he's infected you with so much cruelty, so much hatred. You've done terrible things under him. And yet, you still have our love."

"Please, no matter what happens to you, you must always, always remember that. You will always be my gentle giant."

"Unh! You can't! You can't do this! Look at them!"

"Focus on ONE, Selene, you have to focus on one!" It was a bright, sunny day that this took place—a few nights after her most recent incident with her brother. Inside the air-tight security of her secluded, personal laboratory, a Nebulan scientist known in the community as 'Dr. K.' was holding her weekly examination of Selene.

She and Karlson had her hooked up to a specially-designed mind converter; a very large and very expensive machine that was made up of numerous, smaller, tower-like machines, built in a semi-circle that surrounded her form.

Being that there were so many components to it, she was attached to each one of them, via various electrodes that were placed on certain parts of her body. Of course, she was seated on a circular, elevated platform that was at the center of the immense gadgetry. The purpose of the platform was to keep her circuitry's energy levels at optimum efficiency, due to the entire process being so draining.

Now, at about thirty minutes in, even the pad couldn't help much. A profuse level of sweat ran down her bright-Thistle skin, as a heaving chest accompanied her failing, meditative position, her face twisted in a deep grimace while she breathed through her teeth.

Eleanor and her brother were watching the screen that connected to her converter, trying to get a clear picture at yet another flash she was seeing, before switching again. It was yet another inexplicable and rather unfortunate side-effect of her "recovery" from the procedure following the academy strike.

It was bad enough that her physiology started to change, but her psyche followed. One such change came manifest in what could only be described as mental flashes—small fragments of memories, based on her frantic descriptions. It wasn't her past that she was seeing, though. These visions were of what looked to be other Nebulans and the lives that they had lived.

They came from seemingly different walks of life, and some were better than others. This in itself was not horrible, and some were even fun to see play out. But, eventually, as the snippets of their histories continued forward, they all had turned begun to unhinge. She saw and felt things-awful, terrible things-which no Nebulan should ever experience on any level. Sometimes, she even became these Nebulans, losing all sense of self, including her own speech, if they were severe enough.

The visions…they clung to her like a desperate, ravenous parasite; taking bits and pieces from her already stressed and increasingly-fragile mind, and replacing them with its madness, one flash at a time.

For a bit, her current flashes ceased, giving her the freedom of not being forced to react, once again.

"You know I can't do this, Eleanor, it hurts too much! J-just shut off that stupid machine and get these things off of me! Quickly, before-Aah! Another one's getting dredged up! Hurry!"

"No, not yet! You're doing so well, Selene, and you've already passed by all other attempts! We need to be able to see what you see if we're going to find a way to help!" She yelled back at her. Selene's body started to jerk as her teeth bore in a snarl, veins beginning to show on the Nebulans' forehead from the stress.

With a twitch of her drooped ears, she barely opened one eye and swerved her head in the direction of a sudden, intrusive beeping that sounded. Consequently, both Karlson and Eleanor looked down at the watch-like devices they wore with fret, as they lit up and cried their now annoying and unnecessary warning. But she took it, anyway, and tried in earnest to fight the urge to go too far into her mental realm. That was, until a third flash fought back.

"How in the great Nebula do you think that this is possibly a good idea?! Do you really think that he'll help you bring this-this madness on everyone?!"

"Anh! You're crazy! You're all crazy!"

"Wrong…" She winced at hearing that dreadful word. The monstrous thing really did pick the worst times to show itself. As if the flashes weren't bad enough, now it was trying to bring her back deeper into that place she hated so much, and she was still trying to get out of it from a few nights ago.

"C'mon, sis!" He pressed, "You're always going on about how much stronger you are now, so don't be a weakling and let them beat you! I want to see you get that breakthrough! I want to help you get past this!" Selene only growled at him.

"Karlson! Re-Remind me why-urgh! Remind me why you're here, again! I thou-I-I thought I told you to stay back in the Vault, near the Activator! You can't be this close to me, anymore!"

Through the voices and pain, she vaguely heard him yell back something about helping build it and needing him. He wasn't lying.

In fact, he built and designed half of the converter, so of course he knew how to keep the machine stable. But that wasn't what she was worried about. She had hurt them both, at some point or another, due to the actions that stemmed from the effects of her change. None of it was ever intentional, but the danger she posed to them now was growing with every passing event, despite their precautions and defenses.

Selene couldn't handle losing either one of them because of something she might do, but if a choice ever had to be made between the two, she would always pick Karlson—no questions asked. The Thistle female did nearly everything she was willing to do to keep him from getting too deep into all of this, to keep him from getting hurt any further, but he just couldn't stay away.

Soon, another flash dislodged her current thoughts.

"A-Are you even a Nebulan…?" It was a simple question, one asked by someone who was very clearly petrified. She was in an empty, large, circular chamber, with odd energy restraints around her wrists and ankles. The light above her hanging head shielded her identity, but as Selene stared at the forcibly-knelt Nebulan, through yet another's eyes, she sensed an air of familiarity about her.

All of a sudden, she shuddered as a sense of terrible cold washed over her body.

That never happened, before.

Each of the other twelve individuals she had already seen histories of might have caused some reactions in their own right, but never while she was inside of these little, conscious fever-dreams. Then again, there was something very…off about this one, even compared to the others.

"Wrooong…" It teased, cutting her off from seeing deeper into the vision. With a grunt of effort, she tried to put more energy on circling that focus back to the memory, but that voice kept piercing and piercing, with each utterance; it put an unneeded strain on her. And while she continued to exert herself, Karlson and Eleanor kept watching the screen, urging her onward, due to getting some sort of clearing video.

This didn't help.

Their responses intermingled with the voice that continued to mock her, to stab at her, and the increased irritation ascended further, soon reaching anger. It already thoroughly clouded them by now, but now it had warped their words, so that everything grouped together to make something quite condescending. The increasing beeping only added fuel to her fire.

"Shut up! Everyone just shut the hell up, already!" The processing through her mind now complete, both of Selene's eyes shot wide open into a deep and burning glare at the both of them, looking as if she were going to outright attack them.

"And I said to turn. IT. OFF!" Suddenly, Dr. K's machine started shudder and shake, lightly. However, as the short time passed on, the light movement grew more and more intense. Soon enough, her converter was juddering very violently. It was also starting to get hot…very hot.

Not long after this new change, it began to glow an orange-red and radiate its own aura of heat, electricity crackling like lightning in a storm. The screen itself was becoming distorted, along with the imaging they had. From past experience, things had gone past the point of no return, now. The scientist slowly began to back away from both her precious machine, and Selene.

"Karlson, we've got to get to the Vault…" She warned.

Unfortunately, though, her words ran on deaf ears, as her partner just stood there, eyes now locked with his sister's.

"Karlson, we have to go, now!" Eleanor now yelled at him, but alas, he stayed in place, wordlessly defiant. Finally having enough, she ran up to him, and latched her arm into his, forcefully beginning to tug and pull towards the direction of the room.

It was when she looked into one of his eyes to scream his head off that she noticed something.

She could see fear on that face and in those optics of his, but also a fierce determination to stay put. He was going to try to calm her down, again—she knew it. Based on Selene's reaction, though, it probably wouldn't work, this time. He only ever had a fifty-fifty chance of ever succeeding, anyway.

The heat of their converter had become so intense that it caused the two latter Nebulans to sweat quite a bit. And yet, he still stayed locked, as if he were in some kind of trance, obstinate to stay the course. If nothing else, that unwavering and foolish stubbornness was a trait the two siblings both seemed to share with each other.

Not knowing just what might happen if whatever was happening continued any longer, Eleanor gave one last tug, freeing him from his sister's invisible hold. "You idiot! There's no use! Just run! Get out of here!"

Together, the two ran as fast as they could, away from the main lab room, and down a small hallway, that led to the Vault. The chaotic noises from up ahead grew in volume, which in turn made Eleanor's terror of the unknown escalate. Acting quickly, she punched in a four-digit code on the display next to the small, metal, reinforced door, and they hurried inside it. Not wanting to run the risk of even looking back, the pair entered and hastily shut the rest of that world out with a heavy thud and numerous clicks and clangs.

For a small frame of time, there was nothing but deadly silence and complete darkness, as they huddled together, eyes shut and teeth gritted, against the sealed barrier.

Unfortunately, the partners could not start up the Activator until the climax of Selene's storm had passed. Otherwise, it could end up damaging her more than she already was. It was an inherent risk of its incomplete and imperfect design that they were not willing to take.

A muffled, but loud rumble caused them to gasp, their optics to burst open, and their ears and tails to stand straight up in panic. It was followed quickly by another, and then another. In fact, they were going off so fast after each other that it almost sounded like fireworks.

That was until a final, painfully-raucous blast sounded off, and they soon cried out, feeling their bodies lose all sense of gravity. Their minds were dizzy and disoriented from the unseen and concussive force, until everything came back in the form of pain from being crushed under the weight of what was obviously their previous protection.

As they heard the consecutive crackle of fire, alarm blaring, and then the sprinklers go off; they lied there as quietly as possible, unsure of how to yet respond to the situation. Maybe it was only the many explosions that caused their misfortune, but if it that wasn't the case, if her storm was really just beginning, then this would be a very…different problem to tackle. But after what felt like ages had come and gone, the Nebulans softly got out from under the ruined door, albeit still with extreme caution. The alarm from before had shut down now, so that made it easier to hear anything unusual that might be going on.

Both Karlson and Eleanor searched the comparatively unscathed, sizeable room, their guards up to one-hundred and fifty percent, and their frames bathed in a dull, red light.

"I think the worst is over. Eleanor, go into to the armory and get the Activator up and running." He ordered in a hushed whisper. She nodded and proceeded, onward.

Not far from the male Nebulan, she eventually found another door, and entered without a second thought. At the center of this smaller room she was in sat a large, simple, and cylindrically-shaped machine. It would have most resembled a metal pipe, if not for the many circuitry routes that were visible, as well as a small parting in the middle of it. Once there, she summoned a holographic display and typed in certain, specific codes and ciphers. It took no less than a minute to finish, and for the Activator's routes to light up with a blue energy. An almost mute whirring came within range to signal its start-up.

Eventually, after some short diagnostics, Eleanor had returned to Karlson's side. "There aren't any problems, so it's all up and ready to go. Now…" She closed the distance between them, placed and activated their personal force-fields, and presented him with something in the shape of a common blaster, "Here's your disruptor."

"What for?" He hushed, visibly insulted and unnerved about seeing the weapon. "I keep telling you; if those Activator's good, then it'll just go off in a few minutes and end this! Besides, we have the these fields, now, so we shouldn't need to use that thing, again! Don't you remember what it did to her last time?!"

Her ears lowered as she glared at him. "Do you remember what happened to us, last time she was strong enough to blow through the door's shield like that!?" She quietly hissed, roughly poking his chest with her digit while he returned the glare. "She was locked! She messed with our data so bad, it nearly fried our circuits! We're the only hope she's got, and if we go, she goes! So if we don't want that or something worse to happen, then we have to be ready to use these!"

At this, Karlson could not argue and held his tongue, remembering that painful event. He sighed in a resigned annoyance and tentatively wrapped his paw around the disruptor's pistol grip. The two then slowly made their way back up the now low-lit, humid hallway, trying to be ready for anything, sweat from the anxiety and heat sliding down their foreheads.

As they continued to ever-so-carefully toward the disaster area, backs together in self-defense, they steadily began to realize something: their monitors were no longer going off at all. In fact, the devices ceased their noise after the final blast destroyed the Vault's door.

This caused the pair to breathe a sigh of relief, and lower their raised disruptors. No sound meant no Selene…probably.

The possible threat now passed, they more causally completed their journey back to where the converter was, although still a little on edge.

An eternity had passed, but they were finally able to get back to the convertor area, and Eleanor rushed to get the backup lights on to see what had become of their machine. The sight that her eyes took on made her want to pull her ears off in anger. Nearly half of its form was blown to pieces—smoke and electrical discharge flowing and leaping from its insides. All that was left on the platform were the electrodes, and an open doorway confirmed their hopes of Selene's leaving.

"Dammit, not again!" The scientist yelled, throwing her disruptor hard onto the floor. This was the umpteenth time her friend's lack of tolerance had prematurely halted their acquirement of a reasonable amount of any useful information. Karlson was silently observing her from behind, waiting to see what to do, next.

"Every time! Every damn time this has happened! We try to help her, and she just destroys it, over, and over, and OVER! She's such an ungrateful bastard! You hear me, Selene, you selfish bitch?! You're ungrateful!"

If it were anyone else who insulted his sister like that, Karlson's blood would have become so molten, that he could dispatch them within a few seconds. However, he held back with Eleanor, and he knew why.

With her breathing becoming labored and shaky, the female promptly broke down and fell to her knees. As her silent sobs echoed around the chamber of her broken laboratory, she repeatedly slammed her fist into the metal floor, leaving a small crater.

Finally having enough, the male speedily came to her level and held her tightly. In turn, she spun around in his grip to embrace him, full-force, and wept into his chest. His eyes clenched, a steady stream of his own cascaded down, their tears mixing on the ground.

"Why does she have to keep fighting us, Karlson?" She asked in a strained voice, "It's only a matter of time before we can't even try to help her! Doesn't she know that? Doesn't she want to get better? Doesn't she want things to go back to normal?" Her grip tightened so much, it began to hurt him, but he didn't care. "I'm tired of this, Karlson! I'm sick and tired of this! Why can't the old Selene just come back?"

The tears intensified. "…I want to get her back!"

He kissed her on the top of her head and increased the strength of his own grip. "I do, too." He said in a failing voice of his own.

"Argh!" Selene yelled out as she kicked her metal bedframe with as much force as she could control. Naturally, this only added to the many other dents that had already accumulated on the object.

"Why can't you do it!? You just need to focus on one! Just one, single, frame would help them, and you can't. even. do. that!" Another four dents followed. Her leg started to hurt, but she didn't care. She wanted to keep taking her anger out on that frame, but had to remind herself that if she wasn't careful, she would destroy the supports. Well…destroy them at a faster rate.

Panting, with fury still coursing through her veins like a drug, she pounced on top of the mattress, rage flowing from her mouth, and had her violent way with most of the many pillows on its edge. After those were gone, all she could do, now, without completely destroying the room, was screaming into one of the remaining ones as hard as possible.

…Eventually, she calmed down.

Feathers floated and flittered around her sleeping place, as she stared up at the ceiling with a deadpan expression, her body splayed about, and her mind buzzing with soft whispers.

To try and keep focus, Selene brought her attention to a single feather, and blew on it at a soft pace. There were a couple of times where it got close to tickling her nose, but she managed to keep it afloat. Unfortunately, this did not succeed in keeping that same buzzing from increasing in ferocity. She groaned and rubbed her head, trying to stall the itching from gaining any more traction. That was the last thing she wanted to deal with, at the moment.

"Yet again, twice you have been tested, and twice you have failed, completely." A gentle voice suddenly sounded from the southeast corner of her room. It spoke with a familiarly odd brogue.

Second. That was the second to last thing she wanted to deal with.

She immediately stopped, the feather finally finding its intended target. "Not now." Selene directed, although her heart was clearly not in her words.

"And why is that? Because you are upset with yourself?"

"No shit, Sherlock." She continued with her previous task.

"Well, now." It replied; calm, as always, but clearly insulted, "I see that you retained very little from my past, side-lessons on civility."

With another groan, this time of annoyance, Selene rolled over so her back faced the voice's direction.

"Do not blame me for your bungling in your direction. And ignoring me will not make me leave, Miss Selene," It called out, "It never does."

It had a point.

"Besides, one would think that, by now, you would have become more hardened to experiencing these failures."

A third, louder groan escaped, and she finally sat up in her bed, turning to look at the mirror in that corner. Following a flick of her paw, an odd black and white aura appeared around both it and her appendage. With a see-able bit of essay, it lifted up and unsteadily floated to her bedside, showing not her own reflection, but instead that of another Nebulan.

She was noticeably older and taller than Selene, herself, but not by too much-probably about ten cycles or so. Maybe a little more. This did show in a physical way, but at the same time, it didn't. Most notably, it was the face that brought some light on things.

Her face was soft and nearly expressionless, and altogether held a quality of wisdom to it. Whatever was inside this woman's head, she surely knew more and experienced more than Selene did. But her eyes were what really pushed the envelope. They held knowledge, for sure, but there was so little life in them. It was such an odd, astonishing, and intimidating thing to witness.

In comparison, the rest of her body was nothing that special, really. Sure, it was smooth and beautiful, but that wasn't really such an uncommon thing on this planet; there were enough.

However, there were some interesting features about it. It was actually very odd in color, not unlike Selene was, post-change. Her skin was now a bright-Thistle, giving an almost white appearance, but this Nebulan woman was completely white. Not a sickly or pale-white, though, but a glowing, radiant one.

Another oddity was that, again, like her, she sported no different-colored splotches on her body, not even at the tail. That was, of course, except for a set of three, inverted, intersecting, stylized triangles, dead-center on her forehead. The aforementioned intersections created a small diamond at the bottom of the design, colored the exact same as the most prominent of the three: a bright-Thistle, interestingly enough. The other two were a solid black, and cut into the first shape. In all actuality, they were very similar to Selene's single, inverted triangle.

She had her own thoughts about those black ones. Sometimes, she could have sworn that she could see them fade in and out, but most of the theorizing was based off a peculiar feature, regarding them.

And, finally, on top of those marks were the ears; unnaturally-erect, as if they were standing at attention, waiting for an order. These also helped with her height.

"I'm not in the mood for you, today, Oanez. What do you want?" Selene coldly asked, as she turned to her uninvited guest with a glare.

All Oanez did in immediate response was place her arms behind her back, and give a patient, waiting gaze. The silence between them lasted for a bit before the mirrored image closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, her chest expanding and contracting ever so slightly.

"What I 'want', as you so-crudely put it, is to talk, Miss Selene. That is all I ever desire. Nothing more, but nothing less." She said, the only thing moving after that being her tail. It was always moving, that tail; free and as smooth as water.

"Of course it is, straight-ears." She replied, rolling her eyes. "Why couldn't you have just been one of the voices in my head, huh? They're a lot easier to deal with than you are. Sometimes, I can even get them to go away. It's only you that gives me the real problems."

Her eyes opened up at hearing that. "Would you rather that I was the creature that stalks you at night, perhaps?" She tilted her head quizzically, face unchanging.

Selene was about to give a snide retort, but stopped in her tracks. Having this thing stare back at her was much better than that thing. "Well…no, I guess not."

"Then there you go." She completed by offering a paw and a small smile. "Speaking of her, I wished to speak with you about that. This is the eighth time you have failed to escape either her reach or quite frankly, the Halls in general. I must admit, I am becoming a tad concerned with your lack of cognitive progress."

"Ugh. Here we go with the "progress" stuff, again." She huffed, "What progress do you keep talking about? What's my goal supposed to be? Is there something special that I need to be doing there, besides trying to escape or, you know, actually survive? Should I be looking for an object? A certain door? Do I need to find a way to activate these new powers? What? All I could find out was that that stupid, blinking light is involved, somehow, that's it. That's all I go for, but that's the only option I can see."

"Again, I apologize, Miss Selene, but you know that I cannot tell you what you are progressing towards, nor how to progress to it."

Selene looked down at her paws in irritation. "Or maybe, I just need to kill that…thing." She picked up a feather from her bed sheet, and held it in one of her palms. A few seconds, later, it burst into flame, becoming nothing but ashes not long, after that. "I just need time to master all this, but new things just keep coming in! If I could just use what I knew before this whole mess started and apply it with what I know now, she'd be gone in an instant."

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Oanez shaking her head disappointedly. Her ears lowered, knowing what would come next. She immediately covered them up and shut her eyes, trying to block it out what was about to happen. But there was no stopping Oanez once she made a decision.

Without warning, she immediately split into three of herself in the mirror. One was her original self, while the other two were silhouetted copies. Said individuals held a single, white, inverted triangle on their foreheads, while hers was left with the Thistle one.

"So, the Parasite continues to devour her?" One of the black figures asked this, still in Oanez's odd voice.

"Indeed, it does." Oanez replied. "She unwittingly feeds it by refusing to acknowledge its severity."

"So I have seen." The other silhouette stated. "She is still under the impression that it is under her ownership."

Selene knew where this was going, and she didn't want it to continue.

"Look, I know it doesn't look like it, but I am in control here! These powers keep growing and developing, but I'm still taking it well in stride! I've shown time and again that I can keep myself from getting too deep! How is that not being in control?" She defensively asked, their words still worming themselves into her skull, but the Oanezs paid no attention to her and continued to talk amongst themselves.

"And, yet, she just returned from nearly blowing up half of her dear friend's precious laboratory in a fit of rage."

"Hey! That doesn't count! And not only that, but you're exaggerating!" Selene defended, "The only thing that really got messed up was that machine!"

"For months now, she has tried to find new meaning in this new life she is burdened to carry. To find out what true power is.

"She claims to have found it, to know of its purpose."

"She believes that she is mastering it."

"On the contrary, her situation is the exact opposite in nature."

"Quite. She continues to lose and entangle herself in its deadly webs, you see. Not realizing that it is mastering her."

"Quit it, Oanez! I don't want to hear your nonsense!" Selene yelled, back still turned to the mirror.

"Oh? My, that was unusual for you. Being a bit hard on her, hm?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. I was merely attempting to voice my thoughts in a way that might be a tad more interesting."

"By no means did she insinuate offense with that query. Take into account that it was a rather different turn you just took. Very unexpected."

"For Nebula's sake, do you ever shut up?" Selene snapped.

"But let us not distract ourselves, further. Could she be a hypocrite? A dullard? You must admit, her rash and unstable methods and ideas are growing in psychological popularity."

"Is that your way of trying to be cute?"

"No, I believe that is her way of trying to make sense of Miss Selene's delusion."

"I'm not listening, you know! You're not going to get to me!" She clenched her teeth tightly.

"The words "Hypocrite" and "Dullard" are being a bit jarring on the poor girl, do you not agree?"

"Yes, I do; much too insulting to her character. I believe the term "fool" would suffice well enough."

"Oh, yes. That is indeed a much better word to use. It flawlessly accounts for her uncouth behavior in all branches of thought."

She didn't know just how much more she could take of this.

"Your way of going about your destabilizing situation is increasingly inappropriate, Miss Selene." All three spoke at once, obviously in her direction, now. "You must dispose of your cowardice, if you truly wish to absolve yourself."

Oh, how she taunted her with her vagueness.

"Yup! Right there! That's it! That's the limit!" She let out a short, derisive laugh. "But that's always what I need from you! To be pushed to the limit! No, it can't ever be anything straightforward, or simple, or easy, or distinct; you have to do shit like this, instead! Oh, thank you, great Oanez! Thank you for always being the huge, cryptic pain in the ass you always are!" Selene sarcastically countered, angrily flopping back onto her bed with a soft thud. Instantly, she was in a new blizzard of feathers.

"Oh, why am I talking to you, anyway? You're just another by-product of this "change" thing, right? It's not like you're real. You'll go away, once things go back to normal."

"And, yet, here we are. Obviously, you have grown quite comfortable with the thought of interacting with me as you would Karlson, Eleanor, or your friends Iysle and Asim. Does that not fit your parameters of reality, enough? Or have you already forgotten just what your reality is?"

She turned to the mirror to argue with what she assumed were still three Oanezs, but found that it all that stared back at her was her own reflection. Selene let out a sigh, and looked to her right. Sure enough, a reformed Oanez was lying there in a coffin-eques position, staring up at the ceiling. She relinquished her feelings and decided to copy her position, and stared as well, somewhat relishing this new-found quiet.

Despite this being's irksomeness, there was really no point in Selene staying angry with her. This was just how Oanez was. It was her nature to be like this, and she had learned a while back that staying mad at her just wasted too much energy.

"Your reality has become devitalized, Miss Selene—broken." She finally spoke, "But we all still have our purposes within it. We all have a reason to be where we are, right now. You have yours, and I have mine. That said, at current, you are naught but a shell; infected by the uncertainty of the Parasite."

"It wasn't always like that, Oanez." The young woman sadly whispered, "I used to know, you know? I had plans. I was going to do great things. But now? With everything that's been going on, now I might as well be wandering in the dark. I haven't the slightest clue about what's going on, anymore."

A few more minutes of silence passed by, and playful expression replaced Selene's dispirited one. She turned on her side to face the white Nebulan, paw rested on her cheek, who now gave her a questioning look. "'Don't suppose you'd tell me what yours is to make me feel better?" She jokingly asked.

She breathed and closed her eyes, clearly in deep thought. The Thistle triangle on her forehead lit up for a few seconds, before returning to normal, and she opened them back up. "Knowledge untainted by falsehood brings great suffering to those who are unwilling or ill-prepared to accept it. How that applies to you, at this point, is uncertain. We must be patient and see what unfolds."

Selene laughed at this and shook her head at that last sentence. It was a light laugh, but it was genuine. In a way, it always amused her how she could manage to stay so hazy. "Ah, same, old straight-ears; I needed that." She may be annoying and obscure, but she was still one of the few individuals she could talk to about things like this.

"You know what I could really use right about now. A good hug. How about it?" Selene inquired with a somewhat warm look.

Oanez just emphasized her initial, questioning look.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with asking." She shrugged with a smirk.

"Selene?" A voice sounded at the door, quickly catching her attention. She knew right away that it was Karlson.

"Are you awake? You feeling any better?"

"'Am I awake'? He must have decided to give me some time to cool down. But how long was I away? Did he…?"

She shook the thoughts out of her head and, before answering, turned back to see that her tiresome companion was no longer there.

"Gone, like usual."

"Yeah, Karlson. Hang on a minute. Let me just take care of something, first."

She got off of her bed and grabbed her still-floating mirror with her paws, then proceeded to take it back towards the southeast corner of her room.

"No—No, I'm sure he didn't. I was too quiet."

As always feel very free to voice yourselves on this. This time, I will give you fair warning; this will still be a fairly-slow process. All that I ask is that you are all patient with me, as shall be giving my best effort to shorten, and to keep the waiting period shortened.

Author's note: There was no, true order to which Oanez was speaking to which. They were all Oanez, and she was merely conversing with herself. By the way, in case you are wondering, I feel that I should tell you that the names "Selene" and "Iysle" will be pronounced as (sə-LEE-nee) and (iz-lə) respectively, in English. And, yes, Iysle's character has indeed yet to appear. But it will not be too long.