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Mike ducked underneath his desk breathing heavily as he heard the gunshots break the silence of the office. He didn't understand why this was happening...well maybe he did. Some people just really hated lawyers and there would come a time when they eventually snapped and crossed the line. He flinched again, hearing another shot go off, closer this time, along with a quick yelp. How many people have they killed already? Was Jessica and Donna okay? Was Harvey okay? Mike squeezed his eyes shut as he heard slow footsteps outside his office before the person came inside. Shit. He tried to hold his breath until he felt a presence in front of him and the gun cock. Cautiously, he opened his eyes and was shocked to see none other than Logan Sanders.

"L-Logan. What the fuck are you doing?"

"Something I should've done a long time ago. Rachel is mine, not yours."

"You're going on a fucking killing spree just because I "stole" Rachel from you?"

"Not just that, Ross. This firm screwed me over...it screwed someone else over, too, so we got together and planned this."

"So you're not calling the shots?"

"Of course not. And don't think I'm stupid enough to tell you who. You'll never know." Logan lifted the gun, pointing it to Mike's chest.

"Please...Logan, please don't do this. We can work this out." He didn't want to die this way.

"There's nothing to work out, Mike. You brought this on yourself...you're not even a real lawyer. How could Rachel love a fraud and not me?"

Mike's blue eyes widened when the man said that. The only one who would know that and say something was...oh god. He couldn't believe this was happening.

The blonde could see Logan's finger squeeze on the trigger and he closed his eyes, waiting for the pain...waiting for death.


Thirteen Hours Earlier

Mike stared at Harvey who was staring at Jessica who was staring back at Harvey. Donna was sitting on the couch with Mike, wiping the smeared mascara off of her face. It had only been mere hours before Louis had found out he was a fraud and yelled at Donna...which did not bode well with Harvey. He wanted to beat the shit out of Louis right now, but he couldn't do anything. Jessica wouldn't let him. They were currently in Jessica's office while Louis was in his own, probably still angry about what he just learned.

"So, are we just gonna sit here," Harvey snapped. "Or are we gonna do something about it?"

"What is there to do?" Mike added. Jessica had called Harvey who had called him to get his ass into the office. The last time Harvey told him that, it was only Jessica that had been there after she had found about him not being a real lawyer...so this had to be just as bad. And it was. Because Louis knew. And Louis hated him. Now more than ever, at least.
"We're gonna have to give him what he wants," Jessica sighed.

"His name on the wall, I'm guessing," Harvey rolled his eyes.

"If we don't all want to lose our jobs and possibly go to jail, then yes, Harvey. Unless you have another plan. We obviously can't fire him or he'll go blabbing to the bar."

Mike's heart pounded in his chest. There had been so many close calls these past three and a half years...and now it was actually happening. Seven people knew that he wasn't a real lawyer and that was seven too many. Only Donna and Harvey...and maybe Rachel should've been the only ones. Not people who was out for blood. Not Louis.

"I can't believe this," Harvey rubbed his forehead. "Mike, why did you go see Louis in the first place?"

The associate snapped out of his thoughts. "He was down in the dumps about being fired and not being able to go to a different firm and Sheila that I thought I should talk to him. He is the one who rehired me, it was the least I could do."

"Well now look where we are."

"Are you blaming me?" Mike replied angrily.

"Yes! Stop wearing your goddamn heart on your sleeve; it gets you nowhere!"

"Boys!" Jessica shouted as Harvey and Mike glared at each other. "This- this fighting- is getting us nowhere. We have to stick together now that Louis basically wants to kill all of us. He feels betrayed and now he'll do anything to get what he wants."

Mike closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Fine."

"Fine," Harvey mimicked.

"Good. Now go home; tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day. I'm gonna talk to Louis and we'll deal with the rest of this in the morning."

All three of them nodded and got up, getting their things before heading out the door. Mike rushed out, not really wanting to talk to Harvey at the moment and not wanting to run into a pissed off Louis. Donna and Harvey walked out together and asked her if she was okay.

"How are you doing?" He asked once they got outside, the cool air and shock making the woman shiver.

"I'm okay...still a little shaken up...I've never seen him so angry. It was the scariest thing I've...Harvey, this is going to suck isn't it."

"Don't worry about it. We'll get through it." He hailed a cab and hugged Donna briefly. "Go get some sleep."

The red-head nodded. "Oh, and be nice to Mike. Or at least apologize to him. It's just as much our fault as it is his. He was just trying to help out a friend."

Harvey sighed, not giving a reply, but nodding before Donna got into the cab and drove away. He watched as it turned the corner before walking to where Ray was parked.

This was going to suck indeed.


11:57am the Next Day

Mike was anxious. Donna was scared. Hell, even Harvey was a bit unnerved. Apparently Louis wasn't in his office when Jessica went to speak to him, only leaving a cryptic note about being there around noon today. Three minutes left and then they were all going to have to face him in "congratulating" him on becoming a name partner. Pearson Specter Litt. God, it didn't sound right. He remembered back when it was simpler times when it was Pearson Hardman and Hardman was not around; it was just him and Harvey with their run of the mill cases every week and now...they were in a shit show. Maybe it was all because of him...no not maybe, it was mostly because of him. But now the only way to make things better was to quit, but he wasn't giving in that easy and Harvey wasn't letting him anyways. Mike tapped his pen on the desk, biting his lip as he looked up at the clock. His gut was telling him something was eerily wrong about the way Louis left last night. 11:58. There had been a big bottle of Scotch on his desk, so maybe he got drunk and decided to just go home, the short note being the effect from an under-processing mind. 11:59. Yeah, that had to be the reason. When Louis came in soon, they were all going to be reasonable and just give Louis what he wanted for now. Who knows, maybe they'll all be laughing about it in a month or so. 12:00. Mike stood up and stretched. Here goes nothing. And then he heard a gunshot followed by frantic screams. This couldn't be happening.

Only five minutes before, two men marched into the firm, ready to carry out their deadly plan.

"He's with me," the older man said curtly to Martin, the security guard.

"Mr. Litt, how's it going?"

"Just fine," he replied through clenched teeth. Martin looked at him with a raised brow; his shirt was wrinkled and the first two buttons were loose along with no tie. His eyes were bloodshot and he could smell alcohol on his breath...he was probably drunk but he wasn't going to question it. He never really knew what went on in the minds of a lawyer.

"I.D?" Martin gestured to the man behind Louis. He took the card, looked it over and then handed it back. "Okay, Mr. Sanders, you're all set." Once the two got into the elevator, Louis took out two pistols, handing one to Logan.

"You remember who to go for?"

"Of course. Mike Ross."

"Good. You take care of him, I got the rest. Anyone gets in your way, you kill them. This firm has screwed me over once and for all." When the elevator stopped on the fiftieth floor, they both looked forward with determination.

"Lets go," Louis growled. They stepped out and began to wreck havoc. Marnie, the front desk receptionist, looked up while still on the phone and the second she saw the guns, she gasped before Louis shot her in the chest. Let the games begin.

Logan and Louis went their separate ways: Louis to Jessica and Harvey's office and Logan to Mike's. People had heard the shots and were scrambling to get to safety or ducking into rooms. Some actually made it to the elevator. Louis stormed down the hall, raising his gun as he burst into Jessica's office. The woman looked fearful...good.

"Louis. What the hell are you doing?" The woman backed away as Louis came closer, chest heaving like a bull. And if looks could kill, she would be dead already.

"You ruined my life, Jessica. And now I'm going to ruin yours."

"Louis-" But before she could get out another word, the junior partner raised his gun and pulled the trigger, watching the woman who caused him so much pain stumble backwards before crumpling to the ground. With nothing but a small flick of the corner of his mouth, Louis made his way to Harvey's office. The second person who destroyed everything he had going for him. He should've been a senior partner way before that bastard. He deserved so much more and it was because Jessica chose favorites. Well that wouldn't be the case when Harvey was dead. When he pushed the door open, he stepped in slowly into the seemingly empty room.

"Show your face you, son of a bitch," Louis seethed. He waited for a couple seconds before Harvey emerged from behind the desk.

"Louis...you've got to be kidding me. Have you lost your damn mind?"

"No, I'm thinking perfectly clear. Where's Donna?"

"Stop, you don't need to bring her into-"

"Yes I do! You all lied to me! I thought we were friends and now you're all just damn hypocrites who covered for a fraud! Nearly got me fired! Now where is she!?"

Harvey pursed his lips before nodding to Donna who was also hiding behind the desk. She stood, shivering, hands up in front of her and tears running down her face.

"L-Louis, please stop this. We can get you help."

"I don't need your pathetic, pity help!" Without thinking, he pulled the trigger and shot Donna in the arm, sending her to the ground.

"No!" Harvey shouted and went to go tend to her, but Louis stopped him.

"Don't move! I'm not finished with you yet."

"Louis, I swear to god; you're not gonna get away with this. I'm gonna fucking kill you."

Louis smirked, causing a shiver to run up Harvey's spine. "Not unless I kill you first." He aimed the gun and took another shot, sending the Great Harvey Specter to the ground with a pained shout.

Louis chuckled as he menacingly walked over to where Harvey laid. He had gotten the man in the shoulder only so he could see him suffer...only to see the fear in his eyes. He, Louis Litt, had the power.

Harvey seethed, looking over at Donna who was pressing her hand to her bleeding arm. He did the same as he heard Louis come closer. Either the man was a really bad shot or he just wanted to shoot him again...of course it was that, Louis went to a damn gun range every week for godsakes! And then something hit him...Mike, where was he? He was supposed to be in his office right? So maybe Louis forgot about him. Please let that be the case. Pain radiated through his shoulder, the blood seeping through his fingers as he watched Louis tower over him.
"Louis," he grunted. "I'm sorry."

The man scoffed humorlessly. "It's to late for apologies, Harvey."

"Is this seriously all about Mike? That we lied to you? How childish can you be?"

Louis shot a bullet next to Harvey, causing Donna to whimper. "Don't patronize me, asshole...besides. Mike won't be a problem anymore. This is just between me and a couple of disloyal colleagues that deserve this."

Harvey's eyes widened. "What are you talking about? What do you mean Mike won't be a problem?"

Louis cocked the gun, getting ready for the kill. Harvey backed up, protecting Donna as much as he could.

"What the hell did you do to him, Louis?" Mike couldn't be dead. Did Louis...he couldn't have killed him. His heart beat widely in his chest; the only thing he wanted to do was go see if Mike was okay and not lying in his own blood.

"I'm gonna enjoy every last moment of this. I'm gonna enjoy seeing you suffer just like I did." He raised his gun, aiming it for Harvey's forehead.

The senior partner, squeezed Donna's hand, closing his eyes and waiting for the lights to go out. He never thought he would die this way...especially by the hands of his colleague.

"Freeze! NYPD! Put the gun on the ground and your hands on your head!"

Harvey gasped and his eyes flew open. He looked to see Louis hesitate before placing the weapon on the ground and placing his hands on the back of his head. In seconds, he was being handcuffed and lead out of the building. The police had gotten there just in time...or had they? He had to find Mike. The way Louis had said 'Mike wasn't a problem' made his blood run cold. The police helped the two off the floor, saying paramedics would be there soon.

"Are you okay?" Harvey asked Donna breathlessly and holding his own wound.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. Go check on Mike."

Harvey rushed down the hall towards Mike's office and what he saw made his blood boil. Turns out, Louis had an accomplice. Logan. The man was standing over, who he assumed was, Mike, an evil smile on his face. Without thinking about his pain, he ran over and tackled Logan to the ground, punching him in the face until he was knocked out. And when he got up, turning around, his heart sank.

"Oh no...Mike." Harvey crawled over to the nearly motionless body, tearing off his jacket and pressing it against the bleeding bullet wound in Mike's chest. "Oh god. Mike, wake up, kid!" The young associate's eyes were barely open and his breath was coming out in strangled gasps. Blood trickled out the corner of his mouth and his face seemed to pale with every passing moment. "Mike, dammit, look at me!" He cupped the man's face in a panic, smearing blood on his cheek. And that's when he noticed he was kneeling in a puddle of blood that was soaking through the carpet. It was all of Mike's blood. "Shit. Mike, listen to me; you're not dying. Not today, you hear?"

The blonde's eyes weakly fluttered open and stared up at Harvey who seemed to be at the end of a tunnel. His world was going dark and he couldn't breathe. His chest hurt so bad...why did it hurt again? Cause you got shot, genius. He could taste blood in his mouth and he knew that was definitely not a good thing. Harvey was shouting something at him...he looked terrified. He had never seen that type of emotion on the so-called "heartless" man. He so cared about him. Too bad he was probably going to die before he could rub it in his face.

"H-H'v'ee," he choked, coughing blood onto his pale lips.

"Don't talk, kid. Fuck." There was so much blood. Mike was really dying. "Where are the damn paramedics!?" He shouted fearfully. "Mike, you gotta hang on, alright? No dying on me; I need to have someone to do the work that I don't want to do and it ain't gonna be a Harvard douche-bag."

Mike chuckled throatily but then moaned in pain. "Y-You'll...d-do...fine...with...without...m-me. A-Always...have."

"Don't you know how to shut up?" Harvey growled. "Stop wasting your energy." And I won't do fine without you. You're my little brother.


"I know Louis did this," Harvey said, hatred thick in his voice. He still couldn't believe that the man would pull something like this. "Shit, you think you know someone."

Mike hummed and raised his eyebrows briefly. He was so tired and he wanted to close his eyes, but Harvey wouldn't let him. "M' sorry...H-Harv...m-my fault." His chest was tightening and sounds were slowly fading away. This was the end.

"No Mike, it's all of our faults, not just yours...it's Louis' fault for being such a nosy prick. But after the stunt he just pulled...we can all forget about it. Now can you please stop talking?"

"S-Sorry." Did Harvey just say please?

Harvey gave him another look and Mike shut his mouth. If he didn't die, Harvey sure would kill him. The older man was getting genuinely scared. Mike was bleeding out, the paramedics were taking their sweet fucking time and the jacket he had over the wound was drenched. He leaned forward, ignoring the whimper he got from Mike, and pressed harder.

"I'm sorry, Mike. Just keep holding on. You're gonna be okay." Time seemed the slow down as stared at his associate. Big blue, glazed over ones stared back and he could read what they were saying. I'm sorry...goodbye. "No, Mike. Don't you fucking dare give up on me!" He could feel tears running down his face, the pain in his shoulder pulsing angrily. All he could hear was his own heart beat...and he swore he heard it stop for a second when Mike's eyes closed and his body went limp. The beating of the kid's heart was no longer there. He was dead. All Harvey could do was just sit there, shocked beyond belief. This couldn't be happening. This really could no be happening. He just got Mike back...he couldn't lose him again. He was about to try and start CPR when he was gently pushed away and then someone grabbed him by his uninjured arm. A light was shone into his eye, but he didn't pay attention; all he could do was stare emptily at Mike's body as the paramedics tried to get him back.


Sounds echoed in his ears...it felt like he was underwater...drowning.

Sir? Can you hear me?

The light was there again and then a hand was on his face, trying to turn it away from the horror he couldn't stop looking at. He wanted to punch whoever was trying to take him away from Mike, but he knew that he couldn't. His arms wouldn't cooperate, his mind wouldn't focus and it was only when he heard Donna's voice, did he turn away.

Harvey? Harvey, are you okay?

She looked terrified and she was cradling her arm that was wrapped in a bandage. Before Harvey could reply, the shock from losing so much blood, from losing Mike, overwhelmed him and his legs folded underneath his weight. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and then all he could see was black.


Pain was the first thing he registered when he came to. It wasn't agonizing, but dull. Harvey furrowed his brow before blinking open his eyes, being met with a pristine white room and machines and wires around him.

"Harvey? Oh thank God."

The older lawyer looked to his left to see Donna sitting next to him, a relieved smile on her face. It looked like she had been crying, but he wasn't gonna call her out on that.

"D-Donna?" He rasped. Wow, he sounded horrible. "Where am I?"

"The hospital. You've been out for seven hours. Do you remember anything?"

Harvey scanned the area and then himself, realizing he had a sling on his arm, pinning it to his chest. Of course, now he remembered. Louis...shooting up the firm. Logan...possibly killing...oh shit.

"Mike. Where's Mike?" If he was dead, he swore to god he would rip Logan apart and then Louis. He glanced at Donna as he sat himself up and the look on her face meant something wasn't good.

"Donna. Answer me. Where is he?"

The woman pursed her lips, wiping the tears from her eyes and Harvey's face drained of color. "He's not..."

She shook her head. "No he's not dead."

Some of the tension seemed to melt from his body. "Then what?"

"He's in a coma, Harvey; they said he might not wake up."

The anxiety that just left his body got sucked back in when he heard this. "How bad?" He had to see the kid...now.

"Harvey, I don't think-"

"How. Bad."

"He was shot...really close to the heart. It hit his lung and hit an artery; he nearly bled out. He...he died two times. They don't think he's going to make it past the night, Harvey."

"Son of a bitch." He needed to see him. He swung his legs over the bed, thankful that he still had his work clothes on and stood up. "What about the others?"

Donna took a deep breath as she and Harvey walked out of the room. There was obviously no stopping the man who wanted to see his surrogate younger brother. "Jessica was shot in the stomach, but she's okay and awake, actually. A few people were injured but...Marnie, the receptionist, was killed."

Harvey glanced at Donna. Louis- or maybe it had been Logan- had killed one of their employees. He didn't really know or care about her, but she was still a human being. "What room is he in?"

"We have to go upstairs. He's in the critical care unit," Donna answered grimly. "His doctor said she'd be there when you woke up."

Without a word from Harvey, they got into the elevator and stood there in silence before he turned to Donna. "Are you okay? I never asked." He wasn't going to be a total dick.

Tears brimmed Donna's eyes as she smiled weakly and nodded. "It was just a flesh wound."

"Not that. I meant everything that happened. From Louis yelling at you and then getting shot."

Donna sniffed and shook her head. "Not really. But don't focus on me, it's Mike that we need to worry about."

Harvey brought her into a hug until he pulled away when the doors opened. He followed signs in the hallways, reading the names and room numbers on the doors until he reached a large room with glass doors, sitting not too far away from the nurse's station. It had Mike's last and then first name scribbled on the board and he wanted to go in, but he knew he probably shouldn't yet. He needed answers first anyhow. There was a brunette woman, maybe in her early forties, who was talking to one of the nurse's until she saw them.

"Donna, I assume this is Harvey Specter," she smiled warmly and shook the older man's hand.

"Yes, it is. I told you he would come up here immediately."

"Mr. Specter, My name is Doctor Cathryn Adams, Mr. Ross' doctor. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. Mike?"

Dr. Adams smirked at the man's urgency. "Yes; I'm sure Donna told you already that Mike is in a deep coma. On the GCS, or Glasgow Coma scale, Mike got all ones scoring with a three which is the most severe in this case. Normally, only a massive head wound would cause someone to go into a coma that, but in Mike's situation, he was hit in an artery. I'm actually very surprised he made it this far. We transfused him what he lost, which was around 4 pints. This caused him to, also, go into hypovolemic shock. So, as you can see, there is a lot of stress on his body; huge factors leading to his coma. He has a pretty high fever as well, so we're keeping a sharp eye on that. The gunshot wound was a little more complicated; the bullet went through his right lung and pushed through his pulmonary artery, thus the reason he bled out so much. The good news is, he survived surgery; he flatlined once, but the surgical team managed to get him back. The bad news is," God she hated this part. "It is possible he won't make it through the night."

"W-What do you mean," Harvey's voice shook. Everything that had come out of the doctor's mouth swirled in his head, making him dizzy and sick to his stomach. Coma, shock, blood, gunshot, flatlined, dead. Won't make it.

"He lost a lot of blood, Mr. Specter and the damage to his artery made his heart extremely weak. Even with the transfusions, it still might not be enough. We will definitely do all that we can do to keep him alive, but his body isn't strong enough right now. However, it doesn't mean it won't be in the future. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but it's highly likely that his heart will stop again."

"Jesus Christ." Harvey swallowed thickly, trying to keep it together. What has Louis done?

"I'm truly sorry."

Harvey just nodded jerkily, knowing that if he opened his mouth, he would throw up.

"If I were you, I would sit with him and talk to him...maybe even say your goodbyes just in case. However, the longer he holds on, the stronger he'll get and the better his chances will be. Don't give up hope. His room is right there and if you need anything, don't hesitate at all to page me." She smiled sadly before walking away, leaving the two alone. Harvey's breath came out in shuddering pants. Mike might die...Logan might've actually killed him. He shook his head. No, he refused to believe Mike would die; the kid was as stubborn as a mule and wouldn't give up this easily. He wiped his mouth and took a couple deep breaths.

"What happened with Louis and Logan? He said in a low voice.

"They're in jail...Harvey-"

"You stay with Mike, I'll be back in a bit." He was out for blood now.

"But the doctor said-"

"He's not going to die Donna, I don't need to say my goodbyes." With that, he spun around and headed back towards the elevator. Mike's not leaving that easily. Not again.

Donna sighed heavily when Harvey disappeared around the corner before glancing at the door that led into Mike's room. She stepped forward and the doors slid open with a whoosh; quietly and carefully, Donna walked up to the bed where Mike lay motionlessly. She choked in emotion. He looked horrible. Sitting down, she looked him over, trying to keep the tears at bay. The machines and wires around the pup were intimidating and made him look really fragile and small. A tube protruded from his barely open mouth, giving him oxygen that his lungs couldn't provide. Another machine was transfusing him the blood that he lost, the tube stabbed into the crook of his elbow. His pale chest was bare besides the thick bandages swathed millions of times around his chest and up under his armpits. She looked up at the heart monitor and sighed. His heart rate was slow and weak, just like the doctor has said and when she looked up at the brain monitor, there were no waves indicating there was activity.

"Oh Mike," She whispered, stroking his pale, clammy face. She smiled, tears dripped down her face. "Why do you put us through this torture, huh? First you leave us for a shitty investment banking job and now this?" She thought of this man as a son and she could not lose someone she cared so much about. "You have to live, Mike. You have any idea how pissed off Harvey will be at you? I'm pissed off at you for nearly giving me a heart attack." Donna wiped her nose before entwining her hand with Mike's icy one, minding the many wires sticking out of the back. She stroked his knuckles with her thumb and then closed her eyes, praying that Mike would make through the next twelve hours. He just had to. She let a few more tears fall and stared at Mike's emotionless face.

"You better be okay, Mike, or I'll kill you."

Harvey charged into the police station, determination and anger on his face. He went to the reception desk and knocked on the window. The lady behind it jumped along with the others in the small office.

"Louis Litt. Where is he?"

"Who are you, sir?"

"His lawyer," he lied.

"That bastard doesn't deserve a lawyer, if you ask me," she sighed. "You do know he shot up a law firm?"

"Yes, I know."

"Alright, I'll tell him he has a visitor and an officer will be out to bring you to a private room. What's your name?"

"He knows who I am." He wanted it to be a surprise.

The receptionist raised her eyebrow before punching a few numbers into the phone and speaking to someone else on the other end of the line. When she hung up, Harvey leaned forward eagerly. "It'll be just a minute."

Harvey nodded and paced the small waiting area before the door open, an officer leading him down the hallways towards interrogation. "He'll be right in," the young man said.

"Thanks." Harvey went in a sat down, his leg bouncing. He had to control himself- as hard as that would be- so he didn't fuck things up. And then the door opened, Louis being pushed in roughly. He was already in an orange jump suit, handcuffs chained around his wrists in front of him.



The rat faced man sat down in front of Harvey. "I'm so sorry; I don't know what came over me when I did that. I was drunk and I was just so pissed off-"

"You were drunk and mad that you didn't get your way?!" Harvey snapped, slamming his hands on the table and making Louis jump. "That's why you decided to shoot up the office and colleagues? Because of your petty anger against all of us?"

"Harvey, I'm sorry-"

"Sorry doesn't mean shit Louis! You shot people and killed them! You injured me and Donna and Jessica and Mike..." he swallowed thickly. "Mike almost...died. He still might and you're sorry? You're lucky we're in a police station and I have to much self respect or I would kill you right here. And Logan? You brought that piece of shit in on this to kill Mike? Boy, when you stoop low, you go right down to the abyss don't you?"

"How is he? Mike?"

Harvey ground his teeth. "Like you care. He's on life support, because of you Louis. Doctor said he might not even make the night."

"Harvey, please. You have to believe me. I wasn't thinking straight. I feel so guilty," Louis sniffed. He didn't know what happened. He had been drinking angrily at the firm at one moment, he went home to drink so more and then the next thing he knew, he was waking up in a jail cell. All he could remember was an extremely vivid dream of shooting up the office and nearly killing his co-workers. But it hadn't been a dream.

"You better feel guilty, because when I bury you in court, you'll be in prison for the rest of your worthless, miserable life, locked in a cell and never seeing the light of day. If it were my decision and legal in this state, you would get the death penalty. And when you're in there, Louis, being pushed around and fucked by the lowlife that decides to make you his bitch, I want you to think of me; that you'll never better than me...you'll never be better than a rat infested sewer. You make me sick, Louis! Your life is over. And after the trial, you are dead to me, understand!?"

"Harvey," Louis cried as Harvey stood up. He felt so much remorse right now. The man was right; he ruined his life. He almost got what he wanted- his name on the wall- and he screwed it all up by drinking and making the worst decision ever. "Please-"

Harvey growled and his self control was gone. He spun around he clocked Louis in the face breaking his nose and blood spilling out onto his hands. With a smirk, Harvey left the room, telling the officer he was done and then left the building.

When he got back to the hospital, he had a terrible feeling at the pit of his stomach. Something wasn't right and he knew Mike had to be the cause of it. Instead of taking the elevator, Harvey rushed up the stairs to the fourth floor, praying that, for once, his gut was wrong. When he turned the corner, his blood froze; Donna was standing outside the room and she looked like she was crying.


The secretary snapped her head at his voice. She indeed, had been crying.

"Donna, what happened?"

"Mike...it was only for a minute...his heart stopped again."

"Shit. Is he okay?"

"I think so...Dr. Adam's is looking over him now. I was sitting with him, just brushing his hair when his heart rate...it was already slow to begin with and then it just stopped. I heard them call a code blue and before they could even get into the room his heart started up again. I don't know what happened, but he came back."

"Sounds like he's fighting," Dr. Adams said as she came out of the room. They both turned around to see the doctor smiling.

"You mean he's okay?"

"Well, he's not out of the woods yet' I'd give it maybe a few more days until he's absolutely safe, but he's getting stronger."

Harvey breathed a sigh of relief. "So he won't die?"

"I'm not one-hundred percent certain, but if he holds on for the next forty-eight hours or so, he'll be okay."

"Thank god," Donna laughed.

"You're welcome to go back and sit with him. If anything changes, let Nurse Amanda know."

"Thanks," Harvey said.

When the doctor left, Harvey turned to the red-head. Before he could even open his mouth, she shook her head with a smirk. "Let me guess, you want to sit with him, Mr. 'I don't give a shit about anyone.'"

Harvey rolled his eyes.

"I'll be a floor down with Jessica if you need anything."

"Thank you, Donna. For everything." When the woman left, Harvey stepped into Mike's quiet room and washed a hand down his face. It had been really close and like the doctor had said, the kid was still not out of the woods. He went over and sat down in the vacant chair next to Mike's head.

"You really know how to put a guy through hell, don't ya kid." He licked his lips, looking at the pale, mechanically breathing man. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, Mike. And I'm sorry I blamed you for Louis getting pissed at us. I had my fair share, too." He shifted as his shoulder ached; he was gonna have to get some pain pills soon. He leaned forward and placed a hand over Mike's, squeezing it comfortingly.

"You're gonna be okay, Mike. You have to be. You don't have my permission to die. I'm proud of you kid; you beat the odds. Not very many people can do that...then again, you're not many people. You're far from normal," he chuckled. "You may be a pain in my ass, but...I care about you Mike and you can't leave me again. And things are going to get better, I promise." Half of him was hoping that Mike would miraculously wake up and start responding to him, but he knew that was a long shot.

"You need to wake up, kid. I can't be me without you."

He sat back in the chair, staring at Mike's face. He didn't plan on leaving this exact spot until Mike woke up, because he would wake up. No doubt about it. He just knew it would be a long wait. And waiting was not one of his strong suits.

Four Days Later

Harvey stared at himself in the mirror. He looked like shit. His face was drawn, dark shadows underneath his eyes. A stubble had started to sprout on his chin and his hair was tousled. He probably smelled a little ripe since he hadn't showered in a while. Thankfully, Donna had brought him a change of more comfortable clothes. It had been four days since the shooting and Mike still hadn't woken up. He, himself, had barely moved from the chair, only getting up to pace or go to the bathroom. Donna would bring him something to eat and a coffee, but frankly he was never hungry. Sighing heavily, he bent over the sink and splashed cold water onto his face with his good hand, trying to keep himself alert. Even though Mike hadn't moved a muscle, he was starting to get better. Well, he still looked like death warmed over, but the ventilator tube had been taken out, replaced with a nasal cannula. His breathing was scratchy, but at least it was his own. According to the doctor, Mike had been getting stronger and therefore, there was a better chance of him making a full recovery. Taking a deep breath, Harvey dried off his face and shook his head to clear the cobwebs before heading back out to the room. What he saw nearly stopped his heart; Mike's eyes were blinking open and he was looking around the room. Harvey knew he was probably completely out of it, but he was awake and that's all that mattered.


The kid rolled his head towards the familiar voice before frowning. He opened his mouth to say something but all that came out was a hoarse whisper. Why couldn't he speak? He looked up at Harvey with fear in his eyes.

"Easy kid," Harvey smirked, resting a hand on Mike's shoulder. "You've been unconscious for four days plus you had a tube down your throat."

"Four days?" Mike mouthed, his eyes wide and Harvey nodded.

"Here's some water." He helped Mike take a few sips before letting him relax again. The small task seemed to exhaust him, because Mike slumped back into the pillows, his eyes having a hard time staying open and his breath coming out in puffs.

"You alright?"

Mike nodded and cleared his throat before attempting to speak. "Chest...hurts; hurts...to b-breathe," he rasped. It sounded like he had been chain smoking for ages.

"Well, getting shot will do that to you." He leaned forward and pressed the call button. "The doctor will need to check you over. Do you remember what happened?"

Mike rubbed a hand over his face, wincing when he pulled at the wires. "Yeah...unfortunately."

Harvey could sense some uneasiness in Mike's voice. "Are you okay?"

"What? Yeah...I'm fine. It was just...terrifying; I was s-staring down the...barrel of a gun. Twice. I was...in my o-office when I heard...the gunshots." He took a deep, uneven breath. "I hid under my desk...and then Logan c-came around; I...I tried to move but...that only ended up g-getting me shot in the chest instead of the face."

"Guess you were really lucky." And he was. Mike came too close to dying.

"Yeah. The last thing I remember was you being over me...shouting my name. After that, it's all blank."

Harvey smiled sadly. "Well, you sure gave Donna a scare...and me too."

Mike raised a curious eyebrow.

"You died three times Mike. The doctor, uh...said you probably weren't going to make it past the first night."

The blood seemed to drain from Mike's already pale face. "R-Really?"

Harvey bobbed his head and they sat in silence. He wasn't going to tell Mike that he had been there for four days just sitting there. He wasn't going to tell him that he was in tears when Mike died in the office. And he sure as hell wasn't going to tell him how scared he had been when the doctor said he wouldn't make it...that he would have to say goodbye.

"What happened to your arm?" Mike said suddenly.

"Oh, Louis shot me. He shot Donna, too."

"Is she okay?"

"She's fine. They're both flesh wounds."

Mike sighed. "I can't believe Louis did this. I mean, I know he was pissed, but shooting people?"

"I guess he just snapped. Look, Mike, it wasn't your fault...that he found out, I mean."

"Yeah it is. I shouldn't have gone to talk to him. That stupid key gave it all away. I'm just glad Rachel wasn't there when it happened."

"Yeah, well Donna called her and as much as she wanted to get the first train back from Boston, she had to finish things up with her training and I said I had it covered anyways. She should be here in an hour, though." Harvey looked at Mike when he saw he wasn't really paying attention. He pressed the call button again. Where the hell was the nurse? "Hey." Harvey touched the kid's shoulder and he flinched violently and jumped away. "Mike, you're not okay."

"I'm fine, Harvey." He wiped his eyes. He had a freaking eidetic memory! How the hell could he forget the scent and taste of his own blood? How he could he forget staring into the dark hole of the gun Logan pointed in his face? The pain...the fear...the fact that he really thought he was going to die when Logan was about to shoot him again. It was traumatizing and probably something he would never be able to forget.

"Mike!" The kid was hyperventilating and it was probably going to pull his stitches. "Mike, calm the hell down!" The shock had worn off and Mike was finally coming to terms with what happened.

"Harvey, I c-can't calm down! I was...I was shot!"

"I know."

"I almost died!"

"Mike, I know." Mike was gonna have a hell of a time working past this. Tears started running down Mike's cheeks as his body trembled. Without thinking, Harvey brought Mike to his chest with his uninjured arm and hugged him tightly. That's when the dam broke. And he didn't blame him; Mike did almost die and that wasn't something to be take lightly. That wasn't something you forget right away. Especially with Mike's memory. He rubbed the man's back, saying that it was going to be okay. There was a sudden movement in the corner of his eye and he turned his head to see the nurse in the doorway, a startled look on her face. He shook his head, telling her to leave for a moment and she nodded.

"You're gonna be fine, kid."

For the next three minutes, Mike sobbed into Harvey's chest and the older man just comforted him...like a big brother should. When the blonde finally pulled away, he wiped his face and kept his head down. He opened his mouth to say something, but Harvey cut him off.

"Don't apologize."

Mike looked up briefly and smirked. "Thanks."

"Oh my god," a female voice said from the doorway. The two looked up and saw Rachel; she looked exhausted and about ready to collapse. "Mike!" She ran forward, dropping her things by the door and brought Mike into an embrace. "I'm so happy you're alright." Tears dripped onto Mike's bare shoulder.

Harvey smiled and stood up, wanting to give the two privacy. Mike was okay now and he could finally relax. He saw Donna and went out into the hallway shutting the door.

"When did he wake up?" Donna said as they watched the two inside the room.

"About fifteen minutes ago."

"Is he okay?"

"Far from it...mentally, anyways. But we're gonna get him through it." He crossed his arms.

"You mean you're gonna get him through it."

Harvey frowned and then came to realization. "How long were you standing out here?"

"Long enough," she smirked when Harvey grumbled. "Come on, I'll get you a coffee. Mike's in good hands."

Rachel cupped Mike's face in her hands before pressing her lips against his. She ran her fingers through Mike's blonde hair while he ran his hand up and down her back. After a moment, they pulled away and Rachel sniffed. "I would've came earlier, but they wouldn't let me."

"It's okay, you're here now."

"When Donna called...and told me what happened; Louis a-and Logan and about you," she shook her head and looked down. "I thought I was going to lose you. I-I don't what I would've done-"

"Hey," Mike smiled, lifting her chin and wiping the stray tears from her face. "I'm okay now. Granted, I'll probably need some physical therapy, but I'm alive. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

Rachel chuckled and the two hugged again, longer this time. "I love you, Mike," Rachel whispered.

"I love you too."

They laid down together, Mike making more room for Rachel on the bed. She gently rested her head on his chest, careful to not put pressure on the wound. She listened to his heartbeat and let out a sigh of relief. She had almost lost the man who meant so much to her; during her training, after she heard the news, she couldn't concentrate...she cried herself to sleep, wishing that she could just leave in case it would've been the last time Mike was...she didn't even want to think about it anymore. He was alive now.

"Don't ever get shot again, either."

Mike huffed, breathing in the scent from Rachel's hair. "I can definitely promise that." It was going to be tough to get past the memories, but he had his family by his side and nothing could change that. No matter how many times Harvey didn't say he cared. He would get the words out of him eventually.


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