Name: Assassin's Creed Outcast

Author: GhostCrystal

Summary: When Naruko is exiled from the Hidden Leaf Village because of the events with the Sasuke retrieval mission she is forced to reevaluate everything she has known.

She however has discovered his ancient homeland and an unusual artifact which sends her to another time and place altogether, with the aid of a man named Arno she will be trained in the arts of an ancient order that has also cast out her teacher.

But despite this and the knowledge that she will eventually return to her own place and time she now fights for a better future knowing that these new skills and this creed may just save her world.

Pairings: unknown at this time.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Assassins Creed, please support the official releases.

Just for the record there are potential spoilers for the story of assassin's creed unity and its add-on pack Dead Kings, but I tried to limit what I put in as much as possible... Still I recommend you either play or watch the movies to unity and Dead Kings so nothing spoiled.

I decided to add a cinematic like trailer as a bit of a preview to this story in the traditional of what Assassin's Creed does, which also might give you a couple of glimpses into who the next assassins might be.




LORDE's song Everybody Wants to Rule the World begins playing in the background

The screen opens on the desert sands of the Land of Wind and slowly pans up to reveal the walls of the Hidden Sand Village with a single desert Eagle flying over the walls known for a particular building.

On top of a building in the Hidden Sand Village was a young woman with sun kissed blond hair and a single ponytail begins to walk out of a smoke cloud on top of one of the buildings which gave her a unique view of the village and the attack was now being inflicted upon it.

In her hand was a simple silver pocket watch with the red lining the interior, upon her cheeks were three whisker like Marks designating who she was for all to see, she then pocketed her watch as several more people begin to emerge from the smoke wearing similar clothing to her as well.

She then turned to them and nodded her head as many of them began to pull up their hoods and then jump off the side of the building planning to join the attack, the young woman herself also pulled up her hood and took a running leap off the building using her many skills that she had taught to her students knowing that there was a chance to end this war.

Welcome to your life... There's no turning back.

The leader of the Sand village and his two siblings were engaged in heavy combat as they watched two members of the red clouds advancing upon them and a small army of both puppets and strange white men wearing nothing at all, just at that moment to men landed at the side of the leader simply nodded his head as they watched them engaged in combat.

We will find you acting on your best behavior, turn your back on mother nature.

The first man was dark skinned and had a sword in almost every position of his body and simply began to cut the enemy down like they were nothing to him but also for some reason was making rather uncomfortable rhymes, the second individual was fair skinned with raven black hair and red eyes with three talons in them in one of his hands was a strange sword with wraps and what looked like scales upon it and with one word unleashing black fire upon his enemies disintegrating them within seconds.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

The village leader nodded to the two and pulled up his own hood as they began to advance upon the enemy, directly above them a strange man wearing the colors of the red clouds was flying around on what looked like a clay bird until a young woman with green hair dark skin and orange eyes wearing mostly white with green and what appeared to be insectlike wings was flying directly at him.

Help me make the most of freedom, and of pleasure.

the young woman then quicker than anyone could see rushed him sending the blade attached to her hand into his chest she then attached a piece of paper to his body and flung him into a nearby building which then exploded with tremendous force.

Nothing ever lasts forever.

The young woman then saw what was happening at the front gate and flew towards it at top speed.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

the music becomes harder as the next scene advances.

Many different ninjas from other countries were fighting the battle in the village's front turned only to see this strange hooded warriors also entering the battle, the true leader of the Red Clouds looked out of the one eye hole of his mask with absolute fury as he watched them decimating his forces.

There's a room where the light won't find you, holding hands while the walls come tumbling down.

Of all the foreign ninjas in this village only the Hidden Leaf looked on with both shocked and remorse as well as a bit of jealousy and rage, a younger version the black haired and strange eyed man also appeared next to the true leader of the red clouds.

When they do I'll be right beside you.

several of the red clouds warriors then proceeded to attempt to take down the foreign leaders only to watch as mirrors made of ice formed and what looked like a young woman came flying out of them cutting the throats of her opponents and throwing small needles into her enemies ending their existence.

So glad we've almost made it, so sad we had to fade it.

the then watched as the strange leader of these warriors appeared and began to show no mercy as she began to cut her way through the enemy on her way to the leaders of the red clouds.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

The other strange warriors began to cut a path for her as she made her way towards the leaders, as the young woman approached the red clouds realized the tide had turned and began to try to make their exit, that exit however was blocked by a wall of sand that had suddenly come alive.

The young woman then proceeded to use any of the objects in the environment to approach her targets much more efficiently, one of the white clones then proceeded to try to attack her only to receive a strange metal dart to the back of his head, she turned to see who fired the projectile only to look of both understanding and approval upon the Raven haired young man with the red eyes.

The young woman made one final leap up flying through the air letting gravity ultimately bring her crashing down upon her enemies, as this happened her who hood was pulled back by the oncoming air.

Everyone was shocked to finally see who this strange leader was none more so than the young man who stood next to leader of the red clouds, as she began to come down she let her wrist blades come out as she prepared to make contact with her targets.

Everybody Wants to Rule the.

the screen then goes black as they near each other, then words appear.

Joined the outcasts!

The world!

Assassin's Creed


XX "Talking." 'Thoughts.' Chapter 1, The End Of A Revolution And The Beginning

I still find it so hard to believe about everything this happened to me in what I perceive as the last six years of my life, and yet once again I stand upon the virgin soil of the world that birthed me.

Once more I feel the weight of nature and the senses that tell me this was where my life began, and yet Paris felt more like home then this world ever did.

Everything has changed for me, outcast is what some called me and yet I held to their Creed better than they did... It's almost ironic now that I think about it.

And yet there are times I struggle to come to grips with what caused all this to happen, I think of a young man I once called my best friend who was more concerned with power so he could avenge his clan by killing his own brother.

That retrieval mission changed everything for me in so many ways, the team put together rather hastily as I look back on it now realizing that none of us should have been there.

And we paid the price for it, Neji and Choji were nearly killed facing their superior opponents, Kiba and his dog Akamaru were a bit luckier but still received devastating wounds thanks to their opponents.

And Shikamaru was the luckiest of all of us to only receive a broken finger, what a lucky lazy bastard.

And then there's me, how the hell did I get my self into this I wonder.

It had taken some time but eventually I caught up with Sasuke at a place called the Valley of the End, each of us stood atop a huge statue that was part of this unusual Valley and River system.

It was beautiful that was for sure however my mission was the only thing guiding me at that moment, at first I tried to talk him out of leaving only for him to reveal he was going up his own free will.

No matter what I tried to do to convince him that this was a foolish thing to do and that it would only end in disaster, but my words would not reach him as he was dead set upon his path of revenge.

He then revealed that by killing me he would gain a new ability for his eyes, there was a time I was envious of those eyes and what they could do... But now.

Now I realized they were nothing but a crutch to him, his whole world seemed to revolve around their abilities, not only that but he also had a fully developed curse seal upon him.

This fight was beyond anything I was prepared for as he took every opportunity to not only end my life but also to escape, every time I thought I had him defeated and could return to the village he would simply escalate.

And I returned in kind to him the same treatment, the only difference was that I was trying to save him while he was trying to end me once and for all.

The battle had gone so far that looked like the Valley had been the site of a small war by at least two pollutants of ninjas, in the end we made for one final clash his Jutsu the Chidorl taught to him by our rather useless Sensei and my own Jutsu the Raengan.

The two had already clashed and canceled each other out before, but this time I knew that if my Jutsu was to connect it would end his life so I made a choice and hoped he would make the same.

I was so naïve back then, unlike me he had not hesitated in the slightest and then drove it into my chest newly ending my life in a instant... It was a good thing I moved at the last second.

To this very day I still don't know why he let me live, he had every opportunity to end me there and then but he chose not to maybe there is some good left in him or it was just that superior streak thinking he was better than everyone else and that he could finish me off whenever he wanted to.

Either way I had failed my mission was brought back to the village to recover, I spent two weeks in the hospital because of him and thinking about everything that happened and only receiving two visitors that whole time.

I learned later that the whole retrieval team was being kept a close eye on because of failure of the mission, it was clear to me after a while that they needed a scapegoat as this mission had been a total failure.

Somehow I just knew that I was going to be the sacrificial lamb since I had failed to stop the main target from leaving in the first place, then it was called to the Council chambers knowing full well that something was going to happen.

Of course I was surprised to learn that even those I considered like family had turned against me, first off my pathetic excuse for a Sensei Kakashi did everything he could to defend his fallen student reputation as well as his own way he had handled things with us and to place much of the blame upon me.

The fact that he had admitted any wrongdoing even if it was very small was a shock to me, the next person truly betray me was none other than Jiraiya the Legendary Toad Sage, his description that I was a poor student and a constant problem made my blood boil with anger.

He finally removed me from the summoning contract altogether right there in the Council Chambers, however it was the actions of the current Hokage Tsunade that cut me to the bone.

Here was someone I looked up to as a mother only to receive a rather cold expression that spoke of failure and disappointment, after all of this I knew nothing was going to go well for me... And I was right.

It was her decision that I be punished for the failure of the mission so that I could learn a lesson as she put it, I was exiled made an outcast by my very village.

But unlike most exiles I was expected to return to them in 2 1/2 years to retake of my duties to this pathetic excuse of a village, they even went so far as tell me that if I worked really hard not only would I regain the trust but also everything that I have lost as I need to be taught a lesson.

I was told that I had three days before I had to leave the village, I knew I needed information about exile if I was going to survive or to get even with them... And I found it.

The library had been one of my few refuges I still had and in one section were all laws pertaining to banishment and exile, I learned that if I chose I could remain in said banishment or exile and it was nothing this village could do to stop me.

I even discovered several books they were said to be destroyed about my clan, one of them was a personal journal of a woman who I realize now was my mother.

The Journal had at first was like nothing but a jumbling of words but to me the words had then reset and I read everything including where to find my mother's homeland, so I left before the three days were up with everything I could take with me.

The headband that marked me one of the hidden leaf was left behind in the hands of the man who'd given it to me one of the few who had stepped up to defend me and told me how difficult it had been for the old man to keep order and to keep me safe, it was nice to know there are still some people was good in their hearts but there were just too many that had darkness in their hearts and let it consume them over time.

It had taken almost a week to find a safe way into the Land of Whirlpool, but once there I knew that I was safe from not only prying eyes but also my former home.

Over the next week I search the island from top to bottom looking for anything I could use, every bit of information I found was a immediately sealed in case I had to leave.

Within that first week I had begun to learn everything I could thanks to the assistance of my Shadow Clones, one of the scrolls contained information about this technique and several other variants on it that I found quite useful.

But despite all of this I felt as if this tranquility and by interference outside forces, I was only half right as I realized later on upon my return that no one has discovered or disturbed the island in my wake.

By my third week there I discovered the room that would change my life forever, several dozen weapons were present that surprised me greatly.

But it was the object in the center of the room they caught my attention the most, it was a golden looking sphere of a design I had never seen before that seem to radiate energy of some kind.

The first couple of days I left it alone as I studied the weapons in the room and even began to train with some of them, unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me and I eventually picked up the sphere.

Within a second my world changed as I was suddenly engulfed in energy and found myself in a strange white room with unusual patterns of gold shimmering from place to place, I then noticed a rather unusual looking woman with strange clothing looking at me with a intensity I had never felt before.

I was mesmerized by her as she then spoke, "Hello my name is Minerva and I have been waiting for you or some time Naruko."

I was in absolute shock as I tried to come to terms with what I was seeing and hearing, how did she know my name and yet I felt no hatred or disdain directed at me only a calm demeanor and aura about her.

And yet I could feel what was about to happen was not easy for her either, I stood to my full height and could not help but ask a very obvious question, "Where am I?"

"This place is called the Nexis, it allows us to see the future in a sense thanks to our ability to predict thinks but it is never certain." She said to me as I looked around the room trying to come to grips with what I was seeing.

"You are here to show me my future?" I asked her not sure of what the answer would be.

"I have already gazed at your future and it will be a hard one, but if things are allowed to continue the way they are many will suffer because of the actions of a few... While I am forbidden to show you what will happen because it could alter certain events I can offer you a chance to make changes that will save many lives but the choice is yours."

I had to admit that I was extremely curious and decided to see what she was planning, and the world worldly was in that kind of danger I was going to need every trick in the book to save it.

"If I say yes what will happen?" I asked her calmly curious about the answer that she would give.

She gave me a smile that warmed my heart to degree as she then spoke, "A New World unlike anything you have ever seen, and that is only the beginning... The time you'll spend in this world will be only six years but here in your world it will only be a matter of months."

I was truly surprised to hear this but then realized this could work out in my advantage as I had taken to carrying everything of value on me, and think God for seals and their amazing work.

I spent only a few minutes contemplating every possible outcome and ultimately made my decision, "I will do it!"

Once again a smile was lit upon her face as she moved her arms out to the glowing pillar like objects floating in midair in this strange room, the next minute I felt energy washing over me in ways I did not know even existed.

She then looked down at me and spoke in a very businesslike manner but one with a sense of warmth to it, "It is done and I have given you the means to understand this new land and its ways learn as much as you can and return, you will also gain several abilities that your teacher also possesses and when he returned when the time is right you can pass them on to your children... Not just for your own sake but for all those like you!"

The next moment the world changed before me as I then hit a paved road made of stones, as I got to my feet I noticed a young boy and a man with a strange blue colored hood that was connected to his jacket standing before me.

The older of the two instantly recognized that I was something special and even saw the outline of the Apple that I had once held in my hand as he began to fade, he would later tell me that Minerva had spoken to him as well.

His name was Arno and the three of us got to talking about what was to come in the future, the young boy who was named Leon had helped Arno deal with events that had threatened to destroy their country which was called France.

As we got to talking with learned much about each other and that we had both been cast out by those we had considered closest, the Assassins were the closest thing to ninja that I have come across so far, Arno agreed to take me on is his apprentice knowing that when I returned to my world I was going to need all the help I can get.

For the first year we trained almost nonstop in a little city outside of Paris wanting to avoid the brotherhood as much as possible, despite this constant fear and needing to stay hidden we did a lot of good in that first year.

Thanks to my training as a ninja I was able to quickly grasp the art of the assassination, Arno was a much faster type of opponent than most people were used to dealing with and yet he also had the power back up any threat.

By the time the year was up I had acquired a great many of the skills he had taught me, after a while it was decided we need to leave France for a while.

We decided to travel to the Americas to see other Assassin who went by the name of Connor, it'd taken almost 6 weeks to get across the huge expanse of the Atlantic Ocean before we arrived in a place called Boston.

Connor met us there and brought us into the frontier to place he called the Homestead a slowly growing community of many different people, for the next year we trained alongside this legendary warrior learning all we could from him.

He also admitted that the Phantom blade was a unique piece of engineering and quite useful, thanks to Connor my skills have been sent in a totally new direction as well is the fact that he introduced me to ships and how to sail them.

The Aquila was a truly marvelous ship fast maneuverable and deadly, Arno had told Connor about what was going to happen to me and admitted that he had seen some pretty strange things himself in his time as an assassin.

One of the things I received was the blueprints for the Aquila herself, another gift from Connor had been a second hidden blade for my other arm which made me even more dangerous in all honesty.

At the start of the third year we had traveled to England to see some old friends of my mentors, we also at this time met a few Templars who were honestly concerned about the way things are being handled on both sides of this silent war.

Many of them had been allies to the man who had taken Arno in when his father had been killed and were also trying to develop a truce with the assassins of this land.

Unfortunately it was not from the assassins the terrible tragedy came but from other Templars were so set in their ways of always trying to control everything and not trying to develop a better future.

We did what we could try to save them and to try and bring peace to this land but we were too late, eventually we decided to head back to France knowing we need all the help we can get stay hidden.

Despite our problems with the brotherhood we did a couple of jobs for them here and there from certain individuals we could trust, the dark remnants of the Templer order in France still wanted to ensure that war would be all there would be for us all.

Plus there was a rise of that man named Napoleon who started to change everything, both of us knew that something terrible was going to happen any he would be a cause of it and yet there was still a bit of hope for him that we had other concerns at the time.

By the fourth year people have started to come after us for unknown reasons, we suspected the brotherhood but there was no proof to confirm it.

By the fifth year I had already become a master assassin much like my mentor but it wasn't enough and I realized it, that whole year I upped my training in the ninja arts as well as the assassin doing everything I could learn as much as I could knowing that my time was running out.

The final year was for the lack of a better word a blur to me as I tried do is much like could and was always traveling heavy realizing that any moment I could leave and never return to this wonderful place, there were times I wish I could just stay there.

Then the day came that I would return home, all throughout the day I just knew it was going to happen I could feel it so could my mentor, we spent that day just talking and spending time in a little café.

Unfortunately the brotherhood has decided to come and see us at this moment in time, what they wanted I did not know that I did not feel safe around them.

When they looked at me what was left of the Council it looks a shock and even a bit of approving, before I can ascertain what was going to happen I was engulfed by the light once more and try to reach out to my mentor.

We at least managed to say our goodbyes before I was pulled back into my world, and once more I found myself kissing the ground as I hit it.

As I got to my feet I began to familiarize myself with the surroundings and realized I was back once more in what was left of my ancient homeland, eventually I found the small cabin that was was mostly intact and a been my personal home during my stay in my ancient homeland only to discover that had been gone for only six months.

Curiosity then got the best of me as I walked over to the large mirror in the room and noticed that I indeed had aged six years in six months time.

Unlike a little 13-year-old who had stood before this mirror six months ago there now stood in 19-year-old young woman in all of her glory.

Even at 13 I had begun to fill out quite well but luckily was properly balance if you get my meaning, I also noticed I was still wearing my assassin robes and all the equipment that I had Me including many of my personal effects.

I unsealed everything knowing that I was home once more, and yet I still missed Paris despite all the dangers that lived there.

After that first day of being back I then sent out a small army of clones to continue the restoration work of the village to eventually restore it, not only would rise once more as a ninja village but also as the home of the assassins in this world.

One of the few buildings was still intact was the government building itself that had been used by not only my clan of many of the military and even civilians to keep peace freedom in order and this land despite what happened, one of the towers was still intact and I climbed to the top of it.

Once there I used my Eagle vision enhanced by everyone I had met thanks to what the woman had said and observed my land in all its glory despite the ruins it was still beautiful for the lack of a better word.

At this moment the theme to Assassin's Creed by Lindsey Stirling begins playing in the background.

The cry of an Eagle was heard as I saw the majestic bird fly overhead and performed my leap of faith knowing that there was still much to do in this world at least for a time I would not bother by my so-called birthplace.

UBISOFT and FanFiction Present

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Assassin's Creed


End of C1.

Character Theme Song,

Naruko and Arno's Theme, Dirty Paws By of Monsters and Men

I recommend that everyone listened to this song as it fits the two of them quite well after what has been done to them.

Development Diary One,

the idea for this story came from two sources, first was from unity itself which I started playing as soon as I got it and the other was a personal message from one of my readers of another story.

As soon as I had finished unity and rogue I began working on this story and possibilities for another one that's still in heavy development, however I ran into one problem as I realized Dead Kings wasn't even out yet and everything was looking far more interesting getting that final piece of the story if you will.

The other problem I had was what would be uniqueness of this story as it seems almost everyone has done their own take on the two universes in a crossover, luckily the game provided a few unique twists I hadn't expected.

This is another reason why I asked if you haven't played the game I didn't want to spoil anything, like Naruko in this story Arno had been exiled from the brotherhood because of his actions and we get to see him at one point at his lowest.

Then I remembered what happened with the third games DLC and how unique that idea had been so it took it a step further.

At the same time it makes the land of whirlpool's a little more mysterious and he gives are heroin a real challenge with some of the things she must do as well as a slight edge for a while, that was the other thing originally was going to be a he and not a she but I realize that haven't been too many female stories not only in the game universe also in fan fiction and wanted to see what kind of challenge this would pose for not only me and also what kind of challenge would be to the reader as well.

I plan to start development on the second chapter as soon as possible but remember that black fox and Lazarus are my two primary stories that the moment and I have do a little work on a third story but I do intend to finish this one as well it'll just be on the back burner much as I hate to say that.

At the same time you'll give me plenty of opportunity to check it and even to make changes since I won't be publishing is nearly as often as the others and like to hear what you all think as I do plan to have a few flashbacks to her time in our world.

Please read and review.