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Pokémon Academy: The Black Dragon Saga

Chapter 1

(Ash's POV)

My name is Ash Ketchum and this may sound strange but I'm transferring to a special school for Pokémon Trainers called "Pokémon Academy" or P.M.A. for short. The strange part is I'm transferring to this school one week after the first semester started and the only Pokémon I have is my buddy Pikachu who I had since who knows how long. I think that some of the students may think I am an alien, time traveler, or an esper but I'm not worried about that because my childhood friend Gary Oak is a student there and his grandfather Professor Oak is going to be my homeroom teacher.

The train that I am on was about to reach the station closest to Pokémon Academy. The reason why the train doesn't go directly to P.M.A. is because the school is surrounded by different areas where Pokémon of all kinds live called zones. I was supposed to meet Gary and Professor Oak once I got off the train but so far I couldn't see either one of them.

"Hey Ashy-boy," shouted someone who I assumed was Gary since only he ever called me by that weird nickname. I turned around and saw a boy my age with brown, spikey hair and wearing a long-sleeve, purple shirt and blue pants. "Is that you Gary?" I asked since I haven't seen Gary in a long time. "I'll give you three choices one I'm Gary, two I'm Gary, or three I'm Gary," the boy said with a smile on his face.

I could tell it was him when he answered my question with a goofy smile on his face. "It's good to see you Gary," I said with a smile on my face. "Likewise, we should hurry up my grandpa is waiting for us in the car," Gary said pointing towards the exit. When we got to the car we saw Professor Oak waiting for us. "It's good to see you Professor Oak," I said with a warm greeting. "And it is good to see you as well Ash," the Professor replied with a smile and then he said, "Shall we head off to Pokémon Academy."

To be continued…