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Pokémon Academy: The Black Dragon Saga

Chapter 2

Ash's POV

We were on our way to Pokémon Academy through the forest zone. The pokémon we saw on the way were mostly grass and bug-type. We saw Deerling, Sawsbuck, Butterfree, and Beautifly. I also thought I saw some Combee and an Ursaring trying to steal the Combee's honey. But what was on my mind was why the sudden transfer to the PMA so I decided to ask Professor Oak.

"Hey Professor Oak why was I suddenly transferred to Pokémon Academy?," I asked. "You are going to have to wait for the answer to that question Headmaster N will explain everything to you when we see him in his office," the Professor said. I decided to accept that answer since the headmaster would know more than the professor does.

When we got to the academy, we headed straight for the headmaster's office. Professor Oak knocked on the door and we waited for someone to invite us in. "Come in," said someone from the other side of the door. It sounded like a guy's voice so I assumed it was the headmaster that replied to Professor Oak's knocking on the door.

Third Person POV

Ash, Oak, and Gary walked into the headmaster's office. Inside they saw a young man with light, green hair tied in a ponytail and he was wearing mostly white and a black baseball cap. "Hello Ash," said the young man, "As you have probably figured out I am the headmaster of Pokémon Academy, N." "It's nice to meet you," Ash said while shaking hands with the headmaster. "I assume you want to know why you were suddenly transferred to this school," said N. Ash replied by nodding his head.

"When you were younger you saw the legendary pokémon, Zekrom right?" Said N. "Yeah I saw Zekrom in a huge storm cloud," answered Ash, "But what does that have to do with me attending this school?" "There is a legend that says that Zekrom would choose someone to be its herald by appearing before that person once and then reappearing before that person again when it believes he is ready to battle Zekrom and capture him, you are that herald," explained N. Ash was surprised about this information but also excited at the same time.

"There once was an evil organization called Team Plasma that tried to use the herald of the legendary pokémon Reshiram and use it for world domination but they failed, that herald was me," N continued explaining, "Now another evil organization called Team Rocket is trying to get you so they can use Zekrom for their own goals of world domination." Ash put the rest of the pieces together as to why he was now going to attend Pokémon Academy. He was there for his own protection against Team Rocket and so he can prepare for the battle against Zekrom.

"Right now it's best to keep this information on a low profile since most of the students might freak out in shock about this," said N. "Only the faculty, teachers, and some close friends of mine know about this," Gary said so Ash wouldn't worry too much on keeping it a secret from the teachers. Then N gave Ash a pokedex and a key to his dorm room. The key had the number "25" engraved on it. Ash assumed that it was the number of his dorm room.

Gary was now escorting Ash to the dorms from the inside. They had to go through the cafeteria because it is the only part of the campus that connected the school with the dorms. When they reached Ash's dorm room Ash saw the number "25" engraved on the door. "This is your dorm room and I'm staying in room number 26 right next to yours," Gary said, "If you need any help and me or my roommate Brock aren't available you could also ask Clemont or Stephan in room number 24." "Thanks Gary I'll see you tomorrow in the morning," Ash said as he unlocked the door to his room.

When Ash entered the room he saw a guy with light, green hair and green eyes. The guy was wearing a waiter outfit with a green bowtie. There also was a pokémon that looked like a green monkey with a tree growing out of its head. "Hello you must be the new transfer student I'm Cilan and this is my partner Pansage," the guy said. The green monkey pokémon also bowed as a form of greeting. "It's nice to meet you, my name is Ash and this is my buddy Pikachu," Ash said in response. After Ash and Cilan introduced themselves, Cilan wanted to confirm if that Ash was destined to catch Zekrom was true and Ash nodded and said yes. That was reason enough for Cilan to agree to help Ash get ready for the battle against Zekrom anyway he can. Then, Ash, Cilan, and their pokémon ate the dinner that Cilan cooked to welcome Ash to the academy and went to bed.

The next day, Ash and Cilan went to the cafeteria for breakfast. They sat at one of the tables where Gary and the rest of his classmates who were told about Ash's situation with Zekrom. Each one of them decided to introduce themselves to Ash. "I'm Clemont, I'm a scientist and I specialty is electric-type pokémon," said a boy with blond hair and wearing round glasses and a blue jumpsuit. "I'm Stephan and this is my partner Sawk," said a boy with red hair and blue eyes that was directing Ash to a pokémon that looked like a blue man wearing a karate uniform. "I'm Brock, I am Gary's roommate and I'm studying to be a pokémon breeder," said a tall guy with spikey hair, tanned skin, and eyes that looked like straight lines kind of like eyebrows. Gary then whispered to Ash that Brock maybe studying to become a pokémon breeder but he was so good he could become a pokémon doctor.

"It's nice to meet you all. I assume Gary already told you about my current situation," Ash said with a smile. "Yeah Gary told us about it and I got to say that's one heavy challenge you have," said Stephan. "It is kind of hard to believe that you are destined to catch Zekrom," said Clemont in addition to what Stephan said. "But don't worry we'll help you any way we can," said Brock reassuring Ash. "Thank you I'll be counting on you guys then," said Ash with a smile.

After they ate breakfast, everyone went to the classroom and went inside except for Ash who Professor Oak wanted to talk to before he starts the class. When Professor Oak and Ash went inside the classroom, Oak introduced Ash to the class and told him to sit in the desk between Cilan and a girl with light, brown hair and wearing a pink hat. A lot of the students stared at Ash with curious looks on their faces especially some of the female students in the class. Once Ash sat down at his desk the girl sitting next to him decided to introduce herself to him. "Hi, my name is Serena, if you are confused with any of the lessons in the class just ask and I'll be more than happy to help," the girl said with a warm smile. Ash thanked Serena and told her that he will take up on her offer. Serena also shared her books for the class with Ash since he didn't get all of his books yet. During the class, Serena had a light blush on her face but no one noticed it while she was near Ash. Some of the girls in the class were giving jealous looking stares at Serena but neither she nor Ash noticed.

During the lunch break, Ash went to the roof top with Cilan and had lunch. They also talked about where Ash should start catching pokémon since the only one he had was Pikachu. "So do you know what type of pokémon you should start catching first?" asked Cilan. "I think I should go catch water pokémon since Pikachu has a type advantage over them," answered Ash while looking up at the sky. "Then the best place to catch water-type pokémon is at the beach zone we can go there tomorrow since tomorrow is Saturday," Cilan suggested. "Sounds like a good plan," Ash replied with a confident smile.

Little did Ash and Cilan know that a girl from their class was ease dropping on their conversation. She had orange hair tied in an off center pony tail and whore mostly yellow. "So they are going to the beach zone to catch water pokémon. Well they are going to need help from the water pokémon expert aka the water princess," she said to herself.

To Be Continued….

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