Chapter 9

NOTE: There is a graphic torture scene in this chapter. If you don't have the stomach to read it, just skip it. Although Dumbles scene just might be worse.

The Muggle store had few customers roaming around the aisles as the day dragged by. The store was the type of place where you would buy heavy or light machinery, from hedge cutters to forklifts.

The Muggle worker in the store named Peter was thumbing through the industrial catalogue while the customers walked around the store.

Peter was reading through specifications of a new and improved hedge cutter when he heard a massive bang on the Customer Services desk.

"Is this a chainsaw?" he heard the voice say.

Peter looked up at the customer and felt frightened. The woman in front of them seemed to have a deranged look in her eyes as she ran her hand through the item that was in front of him.

Swallowing a terrified gulp he said, "No, this is a hedge cutter."

"Show me the chainsaw section," the dark haired woman ordered.

He came out from behind the counter and led the demented looking woman down to the back of the store where the chainsaws were kept.

"Which one is the best one and how much is it?" the woman asked.

Peter pointed to it. "This one. It has a twenty inch bar and chain, sixty-four cc engine and is incredibly powerful. It will cost five hundred pounds."

"I'll take ten," the woman said, smiling maniacally as she stared at the chainsaw with lust in her eyes.

"Ten," he squeaked.

And thirty minutes later the woman left with ten chainsaws, and Peter's store was five thousand pounds richer.


Hermione was feeling conflicted about the events that were unfurling around her.

In the Wizarding World Lord Voldemort had returned. She was feeling scared of what would most likely happen if his reach became more powerful this time around. She knew she would not be safe. It wasn't just non-purebloods and Muggles that the man had killed. Voldemort would kill any of those who opposed him.

On the other hand her real mother had came into her life, changing her life for better and worse.

When the woman had introduced herself to her, she was delighted to have met her, but there was something very sinister to her. Her attempt to hide from Dumbledore and admitting that she was an enemy of Dumbledore's spoke levels of her allegiance.

Hermione had always prided herself at being able to read people and she could tell from that admission, that her mother was not a light witch, and must have been opposed to Dumbledore's ways.

Granted, she did not like Dumbledore anymore, but that wasn't because of his affiliation with the light side. It was because he could not have kept Hogwarts safe from all the time she was there.

Honestly, she thought, what sane Headmaster would decide to keep a highly coveted item in a school of all places. The Philosopher's Stone should have been kept somewhere else, not in a school full of children.

Her thoughts turned to another matter. Harry Potter.

She had known the boy since First Year. A young naive boy who had saved her life that fateful Halloween, he was her first and only true friend. There were some people she got on well with at Hogwarts, but no-one as much as Harry. Throughout the past near four years of their friendship he had grown from a happy child to a sulky teenager who struggled through schoolwork.

Then the Tri-Wizard Tournament came. The moment Harry's name had been called she had seen his face. Shock and disbelief had crossed his face, and she could instantly tell that he hadn't put his name in. Harry had always wanted a normal school year. Just why would he want something other than that. He had struggled to survive in the deadly Tournament, and she had given him so much help that he had grown dependant on her to help him survive it.

Then came the aftermath of the Third Task. When he had arrived with the corpse of Cedric Diggory she instantly feared that something terrible had happened.

The heated conversation that Dumbledore had with Minister Fudge had lowered her opinion on authority figures greatly. The Minister was refusing to believe that Voldemort was back and Dumbledore didn't try hard enough to prove it. If he really cared about safety he would have pushed his luck with the Minister to make him see sense.

For the rest of the year until the train ride home Harry had drawn himself away from everyone and disappeared for the rest of the school days at Hogwarts.

Then on the train he had taken her aside and had told her of his recent thoughts and Dumbledore's ineffectiveness. But he said nothing about Voldemort except that he stole his trunk. Hermione found that odd in itself. Past experience of listening to Harry had shown her that he would sometimes ramble on about Voldemort, always suspicious that he was up to something.

But now he said nothing about him. With the amount of time she was spending with him while her mother sometimes hung out with her foster mother he spoke of the magic he was learning, which seemed to be used for dark purposes, not that he would admit that. He instead started complaining about Dumbledore and was trying to suggest that he was a Dark Lord.

But Hermione didn't believe that for one second. Sure Dumbledore was probably the worst Headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen, but she hardly doubted that made him a Dark Lord. But Harry tried to say his actions spoke otherwise. He had abandoned a child on a doorstep, let the child be routinely abused while doing nothing, and repeatedly sending Harry back there.

Is that the behaviour of a good person? Was what Harry had asked her. The behaviour of a 'light lord'.

Of course it wasn't, Hermione knew. Harry was beginning to open up to her a bit more about his childhood, and the bits and pieces she heard so far was horrifying. It was like something out of a graphic horror novel, and it unnerved her deeply to know that her Harry suffered so badly.

Her Harry? When had she started thinking like that too? She had tried not to analyse the strange new feeling she was having for her best friend but she couldn't stop herself. She found herself developing a fast crush on her best friend, and she didn't like it. Her mind was telling her not to sabotage her friendship with him by having a crush on him, but it was intensifying every time she saw him. Her heart on the other hand was telling her to take a chance, that for all she knew Harry might possibly have a crush on her too.

But she was absolutely sure that wouldn't happen. She was only a plain girl with wild bushy hair. What male would be attracted to her? Harry would probably be interested in hot blondes with no cellulite and tanned faces. No way would he be interested in her.

What she didn't know though, was that Harry was having similar thoughts to her.


"Harry, my boy, how are you," Bella said.


"I would wonder if you could care to indulge the curiosities of an old man," Bella continued. "I have been informed that you left your relatives in the early Summer. This was a foolish thing to do my dear boy. Death Eaters could have found you."

"But they obviously didn't 'cause I'm now here talking to you and I'm alive," Harry said back. "I can keep myself safe and I needed to get away from my relatives. I just can't stand them."

"Why did you go to Gringotts and open your parents will?" Bella asked. "I had that sealed out of interest for your safety."

"I just went there to take out some money," Harry said. "It was a big surprise to me that they had a will and that it proved Sirius' innocence. The moment I read that line I had it sent straight to the DMLE so he could get free. He deserves it."

Harry made sure to put a starstruck look in his eyes when he said that.

"And CUT," said Harry. "So, how was I."

"Getting more convincing by the minute," smiled Bella. "I'd believe you myself if I didn't already knew you were faking."

Harry was practicing the things he would say to Dumbledore once he went back to Hogwarts. He was due to have this lesson with Dolly, but she said she was busy with something this morning and had not yet turned up, leaving him to practice with Bellatrix.

A booming crash was heard out in the hallway that seemed to be heard throughout the manor. The crash only meant one thing. Crabbe and Goyle had arrived. Why Voldemort recruited those two morons he could not understand. They were just like their own sons. Brutal but lacking brains.

Half an hour later Harry was still practicing with Bella when a sickeningly sweet voice cut through the air.

"Harry, I've got a present for you," came the voice of Dolly.

Delighted at hearing that Dolly was back Harry ran out of the room to see her. Despite the woman's overbearing sweetness, she had an incredible darkness to her that Harry found endearing.

"Come with me," she said gently, taking a gentle hold of Harry, slipping her arm around his shoulders and escorting him to the Dungeons.

"Remember when I said I would help you with anything."

Harry nodded.

"I have a few people trussed up in the Dungeons here that I believe are the right people for either target practice or for taking your revenge."

Harry perked up at hearing that. So far Dolly had taught him the many terrifying uses that could be done with a blood quill. He helped her torture Mundungus Fletcher with the blood quill and was left with a highly euphoric feeling at hearing the man's tortured screams.

She bent down and whispered in his ear, "they're your filthy relatives."

Harry stopped dead in his tracks. The frown that had appeared quickly on his face was quickly replaced by an incredible satisfying smile.

"You're my new best friend, Dolly," he said viciously with a happy smile.

He walked into the cell that he was told Vernon was in. Seeing the unconscious man lying there was the best thing he ever seen.



Vernon opened his eyes to see that his nephew was approaching him.

"Do you remember me, Uncle Vernon."

Before Vernon could speak or even breath the curse was roared by Harry. "CRUCIO."

Harry held his wand on the man for a good thirty seconds, thinking of the hate he had for his filthy uncle, revelling in hearing the tortured screams from his Uncle.

"You always thought magic was freakish, didn't you my dear Uncle," Harry said in his most venomous voice. "Now I'm going to show you why magic should be feared."

Terror shown itself in the man's eyes and Harry was delighted to see it. Suffering. Suffering of another human being. Suffering of this despicable excuse for a human being.

"Incitus Agonia."

Harry revelled in the dark curse that was personally taught to him by Voldemort. It spread instant agony to everywhere in the body, from your own chromosomes to the brain cells. It was like setting a man on fire. Vernon started thrashing around violently on the floor, a look of sheer terror on his now whitened face.

Harry stepped closer to the man, tasting the fear in the air. It was luring, it was beautiful, it was enticing, and he loved it.

"Lamia Morsu."

This was a spell that acted like a vampire's bite, but far more brutal and painful.

Crimson blood spurted from Vernon's neck and started filling the floor, trailing along the crevice between the tiles and beginning to overflow on the ground.

"Isn't it amazing what a little magic can do Vernon," Harry spoke in a high cold voice, after silently casting the spell to give himself the deathly voice, taught to him by the Dark Lord.

Vernon tried to close his eyes in terror so he wouldn't see himself bleeding and in pain, but Harry had other ideas. He cast a spell that would forcibly leave Vernon's eyes open so he could see his own pooling blood.

"Have I missed the party," came a deranged voice.

Harry smiled viciously, "No Bella, maybe you would like to try out your new toy."

"Gladly," she smiled in a cocking way. An engine roar was heard in the basement as Bella turned on her new chainsaw.

Vernon knew immediately what was going to happen and he tried to stand up, only for his legs to crash under him with the pain.

"Well, that won't do," Bella said. "Harry, levitate your target for Aunty Bella, would you."

Smiling viciously, Harry levitated Vernon up. The pain refused to let Vernon pass out and he only watched in horror as the chainsaw came closer.

Blood spurted around the room and on Harry as Bellatrix got to work with her new toy. He watched the scene with a morbid fascination, revelling in the screaming of his uncle, who now only had one arm and a leg left.

Before she continued with her work, Bella soothingly rubbed her hand over the frame of the chainsaw. "I love you," she said softly in a deranged tone to the chainsaw, before a maniacal grin appeared on her face and she went back to doing what she loved.

Loud screams came from Vernon as he felt the tearing motorised blade cutting through his skin, severing his arm and his blood spilling everywhere.

Five minutes later Harry was completely covered in his dear Uncle Vernon's blood, Harry and Bella left the blood covered corpse and went into the next room, that housed Harry's hated cousin Dudley.

Dudley appeared to be terrified, if his body language was of any indication. The fat boy was looking all around him as if he was looking for a way out. His eyes had widened in terror and he was clearly hungry, as he appeared to be somewhat drooling.

"Hello, Dudley," Harry quipped, opening the creaking door.

"Let me out freak, Mum and Dad will kill you if you touch me," Dudley smirked, confidence reappearing in him.

"Well your dear Mummy will be able to do nothing, you bloody brat," Harry spoke coldly. "She's currently incapable of leaving her room."

Harry's cold voice sent chills down Dudley's spine and made the fear known when the boy felt so terrified he nearly wet himself.

Trying one last time Dudley spoke out, "Dad won't let you harm me, he'll take care of you freaks soon."

Dudley seemed oddly triumphant, but the cold and steely look his cousin suddenly gave him terrified him.

"Daddy won't be able to help you anymore," Harry said in a high cold voice. "I personally took care of your dear daddy not fifteen minutes ago. Daddy is dead, Duddikins, killed by this hand of mine. Also by a deranged chainsaw wielding maniac who has now seen Scarface and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre too many times."

To confirm this statement Bellatrix came out from hiding in the shadows of the room. As she was the one to be so close to Vernon when she was killing him, she was covered in even more blood than Harry was, covered from head to toe. The moment Dudley saw her his eyes widened in horror. Harry couldn't help but chuckle. Bella just had that effect on people, whether she was covered in blood or not.

"What are you going to do to me?" Dudley whimpered.

"Like I told your father, I'm going to show you why magic should be feared," Harry smiled in a vicious way.


This time Harry held the curse in longer than he did to Vernon. Vernon did not torture him during school times, so it was really Dudley who tortured him the most. While he was grateful for the exercise, he was not grateful for the beatings.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" Bella bellowed.

Combined with the Cruciatus Curse, the Sectumsempra Curse increased the pain in Dudley a thousandfold, blood spurted from his face and chest while his body was on fire from the Cruciatus Curse. He fell to the floor clutching at his fattened chest and breathing raggedly through his screaming.

"Lamia Amet," Harry spoke. The spell hit Dudley square in the chest and he began screaming much worse.

"Turn it off, make Edward go away, make Bella go away. JACOB!"

Harry was pleased that he had someone to practise that spell on. Voldemort tried it on everyone he knew whom he found annoying, and often used it as a punishment on his Death Eaters when they screwed something up. The spell translated to 'vampire film'. He did not know why it was considered torture, but he did not want to find out.

The screaming got worse as the spell intensified itself inside Dudley. Bellatrix was tired of not having something to do. She pulled the pull handle of the blood soaked chainsaw she had in her hands and the engine roar echoed through the room.

Dudley, who had been allowed by his father five years ago to watch horror and gangster films, recognised that sound immediately through his screaming. His screaming grew worse as he quickly realised in his tiny brain what was about to happen.

Bella traipsed over to Dudley who was still screaming. The last thing Dudley ever saw were the blood stained teeth of Bellatrix Lestrange, and the last thing he heard was the little message she deathly whispered into his ear, "Say hello to my little friend."

Harry left the then death room of Dudley Dursley to his Aunt Petunia's. The door into his Aunt's jail was open though. Harry whipped out his wand, and edged slowly into the room. He holstered it when he saw what was in front of him. Dolly was in the room with his Aunt.

"Hello Harry," Dolly said, without looking up. "Your so called Aunt and I are getting 'acquainted'."

Harry laughed at how they were acquainted. Dolly had brought one of her blood quills down to the dungeon and decided to start his Aunt's punishment with a certain phrase. Emblazoned on his Aunt's forehead in her own blood were the words 'I AM A FREAK'.

"You got it right on the head, Dolly," Harry laughed.

"I think it's your turn Harry," she said. She noticed Bella at the door, but the woman disappeared back up stairs, her blood lust having been fulfilled.

"IMPERIO!" Harry bellowed. "Call yourself a freak."

"I am a freak."


"I AM A FREAK," Petunia screamed.

Harry dispelled the curse. "Do you know what you just called yourself my dear auntie?"

His Aunt stood there completely shocked at what she said. "You called yourself a freak, A FREAK."

"I must agree with you," Harry said scathingly. "You are a freak, harming a child. What normal person would harm a child? Not you anyway."

Horrified at the implications her deranged nephew called her, she stood up.


Harry heard nothing more as Dolly silenced her.

"Here's the Frying Pan you requested, Madam," came a voice from the door.

"Excellent," Dolly exclaimed. She grabbed the Frying Pan from her new reluctant sycophant, Mundungus Fletcher. "Be gone or face my wrath."

Harry shivered. Dolly's cold speaking was impressing him even more and more, and he would have been terrified if she spoke to him like that. The man fled in terror.

"What's that f-"

"You often whacked poor Harry here with a Frying Pan his whole life. It was only before he turned twelve he was able to avoid it out of instinct," Dolly spoke coldly to Petunia. Petunia just squirmed and backed away from the deranged woman who was coming closer. "Harry come here."

Harry stepped forward. "It is time you show your aunt how painful a frying pan can be."

She handed the pan to Harry. She had already warded the door so Petunia could not escape.

WHACK! Harry swung the cast iron frying pan right into his hated aunt's face. She fell to the floor with a scream.

Before she got her bearings back Harry swung again. It collided painfully into Petunia's chest and she doubled over in pain on the ground. And then Harry started swinging nonstop. He cruelly beat up his Aunt, revelling in the screams of pain she had called forth.

"CRUCIO," Dolly shouted, pointing her wand at Petunia. Petunia screamed in pain on the ground as the torture curse overwhelmed her.

Harry stopped whacking Petunia with the Frying Pan and left the room for a minute. When he came back Petunia saw him holding a blood soaked chainsaw.

"Do you know whose blood this belongs to my dear aunt," Harry spoke in a high cold voice. "It belongs to your dear husband and your Duddikins. I loved watching them die."

Petunia's eyes widened in horror when she heard her husband and her little boy were dead.

"But it wasn't I who killed them, no," Harry smiled coldly. "It was a dear deranged friend of mine who did the death deed. Now it is my turn."

He enjoyed the screaming that came from his Aunt as he chopped off her limbs with the deadly weapon, revelling in the screams of pain that came from her. Harry's magic kept her alive long enough after the deadly cutting.

Petunia looked up at her nephew's face one last time.

"Say hello to Vernon and Dudley in hell for me," he snarled. "AVADA KEDAVRA."

The green light hit his aunt and she lay still, dead.


Dolly looked at Harry in pride. The boy was growing a spine so fast and was learning quite well from her. Before she said a word to him he turned heel and ran from the room.

She was shocked as she saw a few stray tears in his eyes as he ran out. She stood there for a few minutes trying to process what happened before she left.

She made her way to the bedroom Harry was staying in. He wasn't in the bedroom but she could hear the shower running. Her maternal instincts kicked in and so she made her way into the bathroom.

Harry was sitting in the shower and was crying. He was still dressed in his clothes which were now soaking wet.

"Harry," she probed.

Harry looked up in shock. He made to get out of the shower and run from Dolly but she wasn't going to let that happen. She pulled him close and hugged the boy tightly against her. He sobbed as she held onto him.

"Shush, child," she spoke soothingly. "They will not harm you anymore. They are not here anymore."

"I j-just can-can't be-believe my fam-family would ab-abuse me," he sobbed.

Dolly just held on to the dark haired teen as he sobbed. She had never had children so she did not know how to deal with this situation.

"They are not, and will never be your family," she suddenly said fiercely. "Family is not who you're born with, it's who you will die for. I will die for you Harry."

At hearing this Harry looked up at her. "You consider me family."

"Yes Harry," Dolly smiled warmly, hugging the teen close. "You are my family."


Albus Dumbledore woke up with a raging headache. He opened his eyes painfully and saw a slate coloured ceiling above him.

Where am I? he wondered.

A large snore came from next to him, startling him and making him desperately search for his wand to find out who was next to him.

It was then he saw his wand, or rather felt it. Positioning himself awkwardly and silently, he reached behind himself. Slowly and carefully, he pulled his wand out of his crevice, wondering how it got up there. Once he looked at it he was disgusted.

He sneaked out of the room into the adjoining bathroom. Forgetting that the nearby man could hear him, he turned on the creaking hot tap which immediately shot out noisy water. As he washed his wand, he didn't sense the man had woken up and was now behind him.

"How are you darling," the man said, wrapping his arms around Albus. "You loved what I did with your stick last night, though you were asleep."

Albus was rooted to the spot.

"I think it's time I show you one of my toys," the man said, breathing in a seducing way. "Come on handsome stranger. Clean your wand and return."

The man left the room. Without hesitating Dumbledore apparated away - only to be delivered into the wrath of one Minerva McGonagall. Maybe he should have stayed and be sodomized.

AUTHORS NOTE: A review and a few PMs have asked me why is the story not dark like the first chapter. I made the story more humorous than dark which was not my intention. I think of Supreme Champion too much, which is my favorite story to write. From this chapter on out, there will be a dark and more serious theme, but I will put in some minor amounts of humour.
By the way, Lamia Amet, the spell used on Dudley, was indeed a reference to Twilight, despite it being the 90's in the Harry Potter world
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