Warning: Some hot sexiness

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Chapter 1

Draco gritted his teeth and stiffened, trying to ward off the flash of heat that swam through his blood. He knew from past experience that it would do no good. But still he tried. He tried to stop his cock from slowly hardening and standing at attention, for his body to cease twitching and to prevent his skin to flush. But like every other time it was no use.

Draco squeezed his eyes shut and fisted his robes, shifting in his seat as he resisted the desire to moan and palm himself through his pants. Thankfully the heat soon subsided and left him, shivering and hard. He released a breath and resisted the urge to rearrange himself, knowing that it would bring more attention to the erection that strained against the fabric of his pants.

He glanced around the Potions room and exhaled in relief, until his eyes swept over Harry Potter and realized he was staring. Draco flushed and looked away, knowing on his bottom lip as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He prayed that the other boy hadn't seen him when the hot flashes had taken over his body, but even he knew that that was a vain hope.

Draco grunted as the weight of his books settled on his arm, the corners digging into his hip and side as he hurried down the hall to his bedroom. He and the other eighth years had been placed into one of the empty towers of Hogwarts, giving each one of the students their own room and enough privacy to choke on.

Now Draco was going to take full advantage of the fact and wank until he was raw, knowing without a doubt that if he didn't reach climax at least four times he would have a raging hard on for the rest of the day. He was jolted from his thoughts when he felt another wave of heat bombard his body, causing him to stagger from the intensity of it.

He cursed and ran the rest of the way, sprinting up the stairs and hurrying to his room, hurling himself at his door and shoving it open, throwing his books onto his desk before striping, tearing at his clothes that rubbed over his sensitive skin.

Draco gasped in relief when his clothes finally hit the floor, the cold air causing him to shudder and hiss as his leaking cock twitched. With a moan he lunged for his bed and rolled onto his back, running his hands up and down his body until his fingers brushed the base of his cock.

"Ooohhh…..Merlin." He muttered, utterly delirious as he finally fisted his cock. "AH! Hah….." He cried, his torso twisting to the side as his overly sensitive body sent pleasure pulsing from his cock. He tugged harshly, sweat beading on his skin and his cheeks flushing.

"Oh…hah yes…YES!" He keened, his eyes screwed shut and his head thrown back to reveal the long pale column of his throat. His chest heaved as he panted, withering on the bed as ecstasy shot up his spine.

He babbled uselessly as the fire inside became too much, the heat melting his skin as he came with a scream. Semen splattered on his chest and neck, streaking white as it coated his fingers in sticky liquid. The musky smell of sex drifted into his nose as he breathed, slowly falling lax as he let his body go limp from his high.

He tensed again when his cock suddenly filled back to hardness, his eyes widening as he arched his back and whimpered. It was too much too soon, his body pulling tight as he shuddered and quaked. He knew his heat would make him hard again within a moment, but he didn't think it would be so much at once. It felt like fire was licking his skin and the sun caressing his back, the heat stroking his body as it curled and withered in his belly.

With a bitten off scream Draco arched off the bed, his hands fisted on either side of him as he bucked his hips. His body convulsed as searing heat lashed up his body, his pale skin flushing as the fire stroked his sweat slicken skin.

"Goddammit! Ah! Oh holy hell!" Draco shouted and suddenly rolled onto his stomach to grind his cock against the covers of his bed, his forearms braced under him as he began to sob in pleasure. "F-Fuck! Urgh! AH!"

He grunted and mewled as he threw his head back, his hair sticking to his forehead from the sweat pouring off his body. He stiffened as his orgasm rushed toward him, cum soaking into his bedcovers and covering his stomach.

He choked as he shuddered, his arms giving out and causing him to fall limp onto the ruined bedcovers. He whimpered when his sensitive cock rubbed against the rough fabric, his body trembling with the aftershocks of climaxing.

He laid there for a moment and when the heat didn't return he breathed a sigh of relief and rolled onto his back, glaring at the ceiling as he waited for exhaustion to pull him under. He was grateful when it finally did, dragging him into sleep where there was no heat or eightieth birthdays.

HEY! This is going to be more complicated then anything i have done before! i hope i dont loose you guys along the way! but ist fine. im sorry this is so short but i have been stuck so i decided to start little and get bigger! catchy isn't it? anyways, i hope you liked it. until next time!