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Now about the story. So basically this is a little AU in that, Morales is alive, Cynthia Irving is dead, Frank Irving will start off dead not sure if he will stay that way, Macey is only like four, and I think that's all the AUish we have for now. Any Questions?

"I'm sorry. What?" Abbie asked, turning her head so her right ear was slightly closer to the lawyer in an attempt to hear him a better. She clearly had misheard him before. No big deal. He could just restate his previous statement and clear up the entire misunderstanding.

The lawyer gave her a look, wondering if she had just misheard him, had not heard him, or if the people who drafted and signed these papers, the parents of this sweet little girl had made a huge mistake.

"Uh…," he started as he took the papers from his brief case and handed them to her, "he drew up the papers and signed them a few weeks ago. Which is," the man paused as if trying to find the right words, "odd. It's almost like they knew something was going to happen to them."

The lawyer continued but Abbie could only half hear him. Well, a third hear him. The other two thirds of her attention were divided between reading the papers and an internal emotional and mental freak out. "He and Mrs. Irving started the process of changing the papers about eight months ago. It wasn't until recently that they finalized the names on the documents. I don't know if they intended to change it again," the lawyer gave them an eye because from the looks of the man dressed as if he was in the middle of reenacting the revolutionary war and the lady trying to calm down the other lady, who was clearly the Grace Abigail Mills stated on the papers, who was obviously confused and possibly horrified by what she was reading, this could have very well been a joke or a mistake that ended badly, for the child, "but this was the way the papers were when they passed," he started to add an "unfortunately" but decided against it . "They are legally binding from our side of things."

"Abbie," she vaguely heard Jenny's voice somewhere outside of her head, "you okay?"

She didn't answer as the lawyer continued talking. She no longer heard him as she was too engrossed by the words she was reading on the paper.

"In the event that Mr. Franklin Irving and Mrs. Cynthia Irving the dual guardians of one minor Mackenzie Lauryn Irving is unable to care for the aforementioned minor, then the guardianship of said minor shall be transferred to one Ms. Grace Abigail Mills and/or Mr. Ichabod Bennet Crane."

What the hell had Irving been thinking when he signed those papers? Why out of all of the people in the entire world, did he have to pick her? He had to have been delusional or under some kind of spell when this happened, right. If choosing her didn't solidify his insanity, than surely choosing Crane as co-guardian should have been enough to earn him a trip to the Tarrytown, although he ended up there anyway. Which meant that he must have signed these papers before then, since his signature was on the papers also. She could hear him behind her giving his usual 'hmms' and 'ahs' as he read the papers over her shoulders.

This wasn't good. It wasn't good at all. How could Captain Irving have thought this a good a deal to leave a small child in the care of him and Lieutenant Mills? They clearly had a lot more to deal with and he knew this. The very last thing that they need was having to care for a child added on to their plates.

"Well, this is most untimely," he said in his usual almost awkward way as he tried to choose his words carefully as not to offend anyone.

"Tell me about it," Jenny mumbled.

He wanted to just flat out say that it was one of the worst ideas that he had ever heard of but he did not want to offend Abbie's nurturing skills nor Captain's Irving last wishes for his most prized possession. Nor did he want to let on to the fact that even though he had been making so much noise about finding out about his son he never got to father, that being responsible for a small innocent life scared the hell out of him. His eyes turned to Abbie as the papers in her hand dropped from his view. Her hands now lay at her sides, barely gripping the papers, and her head had turned towards the hospital room where the child in question lay resting.

"Leftenant?" He questioned as she quietly and methodically walked over to the door. It was almost as if she was floating, as if she was no longer in control of or inside her body as she had not responded to him or Jenny's soft questioning call of "Abbie?"

They watched as she walked over to the door with the plastic laminated giraffe stuck on it and peered inside the half window at the top.

"Is she okay?" the lawyer asked.

"She's fine," Jenny said. "Was there anyone else listed on the guardianship form?" She asked him, wanting to draw attention away from her sister who was clearly not fully with it right now and being curious about Captain Irving's motives and state of mind.

"No, I'm afraid not," the lawyer said, a little bit surer of himself that he was actually reading the situation correctly and the fact that this little girl was left in the care of these people was indeed not an optimal situation to say the least.

She looked through the door at the little girl as she sat in bed, her back propped against the pillows, a sad and somewhat disenchanted look on her face. She had been in the hospital for the last three weeks but had only woken up about a week ago. They had found her when they had gone to the house to inform Cynthia of Irving's passing and had knocked and rang the doorbell multiple times. No one had answered so she had called the woman's phone, no answer. Jenny, had then taken it upon herself to just try the door knob and surprisingly it had been unlocked. Irving had said something about something tormenting his family' in the days before he began acting strange, but he had vehemently denied anything upon further questioning of what he meant. The three of them had shared a look, Abby pulling her gun before they slowly entered the house. They cleared the house room by room and the last room being the master bedroom, where they had found Cynthia's dead body. After discerning that there was no longer an active threat within the vicinity, Jen had taken it upon herself to further investigate the rest of the house while Ichabod and Abbie investigated the supernatural part of the scene surrounding Cynthia's corpse before calling in the rest of the department. Jen had only been scoping out the rest of the scene for about ten minutes before they heard an, "Oh my God! You guys get in here! Quick!"

They had both immediately got up and rushed towards where they had heard her voice coming from. Her intermittent yell of, "Abbie," every five seconds or so had allowed them to triangulate her whereabouts and ultimately find her. When they got to the bedroom that was obviously meant for a child they found Jenny on her knees, staring at the floor. It wasn't until Abby walked further into the room that she saw the small body lying in the bed of clothes and blankets, which had been covering her small body during their initial canvassing.

Abby had immediately dropped to her knees next to the child and placed two fingers on her neck. She was a little cold, but she had a good pulse. She then put her ear to the child's face and could both hear and feel her breathing. She tried waking the girl, but when she didn't respond, she hurriedly began wrapping the girl back up in the covers careful to leave her face uncovered.

"Where are you going?" Jen asked after realizing Abbie was leaving after scooping the child up into her arms.

"We have to get her to a hospital," was her reply. Sure she was breathing and her heart was beating now, but she had no idea for how long. She had let Irving down already, she could at least try to redeem herself and pay him back for his sacrifice by saving his child as it was already too late for his wife.

"Shouldn't we call for an ambulance?" Jen asked. But Abbie had already calculated it in her head. They could make it to the hospital in the time it would take the EMTs to get to them, if not less with Ichabod driving.

"We don't have time to wait," she said cradling the child against her body as she managed to retrieve her keys from her pocket with one hand. She tossed them to him and he easily caught them.

"Leftenant, I agree with Ms. Jenny," he tried to reason with her as he followed her to the front of the house. "Maybe we should wait for the mobile doctors." They had saved Abbie, well technically Hawley had saved her but he didn't want to think of that.

"Open the door and drive Crane," she ordered him.

He opened her door allowing her to climb in with Macey still in her arms before closing it. He tried to dissuade her the entire time, but she was adamant. He gave up as they pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street. Abbie reached behind her and grabbed the police light from under the back seat and stuck it on the dash, hoping the light alone would be enough to clear the way for Ichabod and his drag race driving skills.

They had delivered the child safely to the hospital and had stayed long enough to make sure that the child was okay, save for the coma, and to give their information to the doctors. The doctors had asked for the next of kin and they had reassured them that they would be back with that information. They were hesitant at first to allow them to leave but when Abbie showed them her badge, they were more easily persuaded that someone was at least partially responsible for the child.

They had looked for next of kin and the only living relatives they had been able to find was Cynthia's grandparents who were currently living in a home and in no shape to take care of themselves less known anyone else.

During the next few weeks they had stayed in touch with the hospital and visited every few days since she and Jen felt a little guilty about abandoning the child given their history and Ichabod had tagged along out of his loyalty and appreciation to the captain, and also feeling a little guilty at the thought of just abandoning the child.

They received a call on the day she had woke from the coma and had been asked to visit the hospital to get updates. When they had arrived, they had been told that that girl was awake, but she did not remember anything from before the accident. All of her personal memories had been erased. Her rote memory was still intact but she had not remembered her name or who her parents were, or what had happened to her at any point prior to waking up in the hospital.

They had then been allowed to visit with her and they had reacquainted her with her name because everyone needed an identity. That, however, was as far as they had gone, because none of them had had enough experience to pull off what they deemed an acceptable way to tell a four year old that her parents were dead, if there was such a thing. They had taken turns visiting her every day after and had been contacted by this Mr. Davis lawyer guy asking them to meet him at the hospital, and that was how she ended up spying on the child from the hallway as she worked with the physical therapist in her room to try to rebuild her strength after being bedridden for the last couple of weeks. She didn't seem like she was really into it today though.

She heard Jen ask about options as the child spotted her through the window. Her face brightened as she smiled and waved at Abbie from her spot on the bed. She then attempted to get up and abort the physical therapy session, but the therapist wouldn't allow her as she had obviously not been participating and from the looks of it she was still a little wobbly on her legs as the therapist had to grab her to keep her from falling the moment her feet hit the floor.

She gave a small wave, hoping that her face didn't show the terror she felt inside but knowing it did. But that was okay, because Macey seemed to be too caught up in her happiness from seeing her to notice. She didn't know when she tuned back in fully to the conversation being had behind her, but figured it was more due to the turn to which the discussion had taken more than anything.

"Well as of now, they are the legal guardians," the lawyer explained. "If they decided that they are unable to care for her at this time they can transfer guardianship to someone else. There's always foster care," he added.

Abbie looked at the little girl, as the therapist finished wrapping the belt around her waist, holding on to the strap to keep the child upright, she was making progress.

"Look Abbie!" she heard the girl yell from the other side of the door as she gave her a toothy grin. "Ms. Julie let me walk." Julie shot her a look that said she didn't really have a choice least she be forced to listen to whining and sad pouty faces throughout the session.

Abbie's brows furrowed as she tried to keep from crying and fought against her internal fears to try and force herself to make the decision her heart was pleading with her to make. She knew what it was like to be abandoned, left to flail in the wind at such a young age. It was hard to come back from that, unless you found someone to help you. For her, that had been Corbin. Jenny hadn't been so lucky and had to figure it out on her own. In the end they had both been lucky because she had also seen it go wrong more ways than she had seen it go right. Sure she could pass on the chance to become Macey's guardian in the hopes that someone more suitable and more willing would come along sooner rather than later, but that wasn't a risk she thought she should be taking. Not with the little girls happiness and wellbeing hinging on her decision.

"No," she heard herself saying before she even realized that she had made up her mind to do so. She didn't notice but the three people standing behind her turned to look at her. "I wanna take her."

"Abbie?" she heard Ichabod's questioning voice behind her.

"You don't have to," Abbie told him. "You don't have to do anything, but I can't just let her…," she paused and took a deep breath before turning away from the child making her way towards the door, towards her. She turned and surveyed all of their unsure and confused faces, the last being Jenny's to which she simply stated again. "I can't."

Jenny held her gaze a little while longer before giving a resolute nod. She knew Abbie's reasoning all too well, and she would not question it. In fact she had never been more proud of her big sister in her life because in some ways, this was even scarier to Abbie than Moloch, Headless, Henry, or any demon one could drag up. Hell she was even scared because she knew she would be dragged into this to some degree, so she could only imagine the fear going through Abbie the commitment-phobe.

"But Leftenant the," demons", was what he was about to say, but he stopped himself as Abbie seemed to have wanted the child and if he had learned one thing about this time was that mentioning demons or anything supernatural could call your sanity into question and get you thrown into a mental institution. "I believe there are more pressing issues to tend to, and," he was really struggling to word this correctly without causing the lawyer to decide that he should probably take this to court and have the papers declared invalid or reverse them, because it seemed that Abby actually wanted to keep the little girl. "Are you sure this is the best time to be taking on new, eh, responsibilities?"

"Like I said Crane," she stated as she walked over to the desk to sign the papers that had been laid out in front of her earlier, which she had been too confused to sign, "you don't have to do anything. I got this."

Jenny gave her a look that said "Really?" becuase she was pretty sure that they didn't have this. They would probably make it through fairly unscathed, but they definitely didn't have this.

"Macey, no wait," they heard Julie say as the door opened and the little girl got away from her.

"Abbie!," she yelled as she ran to Ichabod, flinging herself at him. During the weak, she had learned that it was more fun jump on Ichabod than Abbie or Jenny as he was taller and sturdier. This lesson had come after Abbie had left Ichabod in her hospital room one day while she had gone down to the cafeteria to get them some lunch. They had been discussing what Mastiphal, a new demon they had encountered had wanted with an artifact taken from the history section of the museum. He had been just as enthralled in the leggo blocks as Macey had been so she thought it safe to leave him for a while as he seemed entertained for the moment and was less likely to get into any trouble. She had returned to find the child climbing onto Ichabod's back before he picked her up and waved her around in the air as she held her arms out as if she was flying. Abbie had entered and asked if he had been having fun to which he had responded to her recognized presence by placing the child back on the floor and straightening his clothes before continuing to inspect the leggos, giving her a side look to see if she was still looking at him. Macey had responded by again climbing on his back and asking him to do it again.

"Hey Ms. Jenny," Macey replied from Ichabod's arms as he had reflexively caught her mid-air and scooped her up. She reached her arms out to Jenny indicating that she wanted a hug.

"Hey sweetie," Jenny replied, giving her a hug and placing a kiss on her cheek. She then poked her side causing the little girl to giggle. "And I told you, it's Jenny. You don't have to do what Icabod does."

"Okay," the girl continued laughing as she contorted herself in Ichabod's arm to try to get away from Jen's prodding finger that was currently giving her a case of the giggles.

"Sorry, she got away from me," Julie said. She then tried to take the girl from Ichabod's arms, which didn't go over well.

"No," Macey whined. She only got to see them a few hours a day, and she never got all three of them together. She hadn't been in the hospital long but she was a bright and observant child. She knew that she didn't have grown ups that stayed in the hospital with her all day and lay in bed with her at night when she was scared. She hadn't even realized that this was an option until she had been rolled by one of the rooms on her way down to the big machine that took pictures of her head and saw the little boy that was next door to her cuddled in his bed next to this lady. She had wanted one of those ladies because she got scared a lot, especially at night, but she didn't know how to go about getting one. The best she got was Amy and Callie, the nice ladies that called themselves her nurses. Julie only came to play with her during the day and only stayed for a short time. Some other people would come in the room for a few minutes at most before leaving her alone again. Besides that, all she had was Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny. "Don't leave," she pouted turning to Ichabod, "you just got here."

His mouth opened to respond but no words came out. Truth be told they were all a little shocked by the child's outward show of emotions. She had often expressed her dislike of them deserting her at the hospital but the tears that pooled in her eyes and threatened to overflow crocodile style confirmed to them all that the child's attachment to them had grown stronger in the short time they had been visiting her.

Abbie decided to intervene after seeing that Ichabod was at a loss for words. "Hey Mace," she said walking over to Ichabod and reaching for the child who gladly came to her. "The doctors said that you can go home tomorrow if you're feeling up to it." The child looked at her confused. She didn't have a home, she lived at the hospital. "What do you say to that? You want to blow this joint and come live with me."

The girl smiled again. "Can I?" she asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah," Abbie replied with a laugh at her reaction. "But first you have to finish your exercises with Ms. Julie so you can get stronger for when you come home."

"Okay," the girl replied eagerly as she wiggled to get Abbie to place her back on the floor. "Com'on Ms. Julie, let's go!" She handed the woman the strap that was attached to the belt that was still around her waist.

"Hold on there girly," Julie said, trying to keep up with the girl who was almost running down the hall, the three adults looking after her with an unsure look of contemplation.

"Maybe someone should tell her this isn't going to go as well as it probably should," Jenny said.

"Mm, perhaps," was Ichabod's reply of agreement.

"You two aren't making this any better," Abbie stated, as her newly gained responsibility turned the corner out of view. She walked away not needing to be freaked out anymore by the two negative people standing on either side of her.

"What other paperwork do I need?" she asked the lawyer. He opened his briefcase and began going through the rest of the paperwork with her.

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