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Thick tears streamed quietly down Harry Potters cheeks as he sat quietly in his small dark cupboard. 'Its not fair! What's wrong with me, why do they do this to me? What have I ever done to them?' He thought and no matter how much he wanted answered he never got them. No matter how often these thoughts ran through his young mind. For these seemed to be the only thoughts that ever ran through the small seven year olds mind... He tried to lay down on the old tattered mattress, but one of the many springs that were poking out, stabbed the bruise on his side, reopening it. He sighed actually now annoyed with himself for reopening the wound. Blood began to ooz thickly from the rather large gash. Sitting up, he reached up and knocked on the cupboard door, which Vernon had locked after he'd whipped him earlier that evening before he'd gone out drinking.

The door was roughly opened and green eyes looked up at Aunt Petunia, who was looking back down at the black haired boy with a look of pure disgust. "What do you want boy?" She snapped at him as if he were trash, something filthy, not worth letting live.

"I-I-I'm b-bleeding." He stuttered and began to tremble.

"And?" His aunt snapped rolling her eyes and with that she slammed the door shut and locked it. Sighing once more, Harry slowly lowered himself to lay down again, he laid there for what felt like many painful years till finally sleep came over the small child.

He slept only for what felt like mere milliseconds before he was awoken suddenly as the door to his cupboard was jerked opened. The small boy looked up to see his large uncle. Who was drunk and looked very angry.

The small boy barely had time to blink before he was yanked from the cupboard and thrown against the wall. He slammed against it and cried out as pain flooded through his small body. He got slowly and shakily to his feet but before he could do anything else however, his uncle grabbed him by the hair and once again slammed him against the wall. "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU FILTHY LITTLE FREAKISH PIECE OF TRASH"

Harry was terrified, but had no idea what he'd done, as his uncle hit and beat him. All went silent and for a brief hopeful moment, Harry thought his uncle was finished but his hopes were shattered when suddenly, his uncle grabbed him by the throat and began choking him. The small boy coughed, spluttered and struggled but no matter what, his uncles grip did not loosen...

Suddenly Harry found himself in a plain grey area as feathers fell all around him. "W-where am I? Am I dead?" The young hoy asked and was answered by a bodiless voice.


"W-who are you?" Green eyes searched around but saw nothing as the voice continued.

"I am a demon... I would like to offer to form a contract with you..."

"Aren't demons evil? And what do you mean you want to form a contract with me?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well... depends... what do you want most? What's your deepest darkest wish?" The voice asked.

After a moment of thoughtful silence Harry replied, "I wanna be Happy, I Wanna live my Whole life With no more Dursleys."

"I can grant this wish... but for a price."

Harry tilted his head, "Really..." then he looked down sadly for he didn't have any money to pay the demon, the Dursleys had never given him so much as a penny. "I wish I could pay you, but I haven't gotten any money." He told the voice sadly.

"Oh, I don't want money... In exchange for making your wish come true, I get to devour your soul." The voice explained and at Harry's nod, he continued, "Do you wish to form a contract?"

"Can you really help me to live a happy life?" Harry asked.


"Then yes, I want to form a contract with you." The young boy finally decided.

"Now, remember if you go through with this, the pearly gates to heaven will be forever out of your reach. Do you still wish to form a contract?"

Harry thought for a moment, then decided that going to hell later would be worth it, plus he wasn't even sure he believed in god anymore... what kind of god let's little boys and girls like him go though the abuse that people like his relatives forced upon him for so many horrid years. "Yes, I still wanna form a contract." He said.

"Where would you like the contract mark... it is the mark that seals this contract. The more visible, the stronger the contract."

"Where do you think would be the best suggestion?" Harry asked.

"Well... the hand is where I'll be putting mine so... how about your hand because its visible, yet you can wear gloves." Harry Nodded and suddenly his left hand began to burn painfully. He screamed in pain and after a few minutes of this white hot, blind pain, he passed out.

He awoke what felt like minutes later to see flames. Looking around, he saw that he was outside number four and the house was burning, the flames licking the sky as smoke rolled through the air. He backed up terrified and suddenly feeling someone behind him, he looked up to see a tall raven haired, red eyed man dressed in a black butlers outfit.

"Y-you did this?" Harry stuttered and the demon bowed low.

"Is my young master upset?" Harry was a bit startled at being called young master but none the less he bit his lip.

"So... they're never gonna be able to hurt anyone again."

The man nodded, "They are gone forever and their souls devoured."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "You ate their souls?"

The demon shook his head as suddenly a boy of about thirteen walked up behind Sebastian. "Those souls were gross but they'll do for now." Harry stared at the pair of them.

"Oh, what are your names?" Harry suddenly asked.

The boy looked down at Harry, "I am Earl Ciel Phantomhive and this is Sebastian Michaelis, but if you do not like his name, you may rename him to your liking,"

Harry shook his head, "No, that's fine... What now, where do we go?"

Ciel looked at Sebastian, "We could simply take him back to the manor..."

Sebastian Nodded and looking at Harry, he said, "We'll be escorting you to a place where you'll be happier than ever." At Harry's excited nod, Sebastian scooped up the small boy and together, all three boys made their way to Phantomhive manor. Leaving the Dursley house to burn along with the three dead bodies of all three Dursleys inside of it.

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