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Chapter 75:

Life moved fairly quickly after we settled down in London. Bella and I resigned from I-Corp after we found other work, real work, and we had soon saved up enough to pay our way through college. With the cheap rent on our apartment and no expenses for food and other consumables the numbers in our accounts rose fairly steadily even if we did like to splurge a bit on shoes and clothes from time to time.

The summer, such as it was with periodic rains and cloudcover, soon passed and Bella and I were looking into colleges. Alice had already been accepted at London Met and soon, with a bit of financial aid, so were me and Bella. Jane had some second thoughts about getting re-educated, not looking forward to it at all, but we were all fairly serious about settling down here in England for at least a few years and she eventually agreed, loathe as she was to be apart from Tanya. She had no patience for enrolment procedures, however, and in the end Irena was required to make a very large donation to one of the university scholarship funds which in turn prompted the university to offer the scholarship to Irena's dear niece Jane.

For the full college experience we decided to stay in dorms. There was a sorority house on campus, a modest mansion on a hill, and soon Bella and I were cooped up with dozens of other attractive young women like foxes in a hen house. Blondes and brunettes borrowing each other's clothes and walking around in towels or underwear. Bella and I made our orientation very clear and many of our pledge-sisters turned out to be quite experimental. They held parties in the mansion and got drunk and came up to our room and took off their clothes. Bella licked at their vaginas hungrily and I offered them my breasts to play with and we sent them on their way stumbling and giggling and newly bisexual. One of them even turned full-blown lez and chopped her hair and started dating her roommate.

Alice and Jane were in the sorority as well but we made it a rule to never hunt on campus. Instead we journeyed into the city on weekends or days off and stalked the bars and clubs for good looking women that could never be connected back to us. Irena had supplied us with tranquilizer to spike the drinks with and Claire was always happy to dispose of corpses.

Most times we hunted together, the four of us like girls on the town, but sometimes Bella and I preferred to hunt by ourselves. Just me and her. Studying at school was hard work but all-nighters came easy to us since vampires never sleep and we made sure to make time to enjoy our hunts together. We'd kept our apartment for that purpose and it was the perfect place to bring a drugged young woman for a relaxing dismemberment. Sometimes the victim would chew through her gag and start screaming and Kate and Leah would knock on the wall from next door and tell us to keep it down.

And so, life was nice. Calm. Peaceful. Mild stress from exams and juggling friendships but even those were a pleasure. I had been worried that my rambunctious mate might not enjoy this kind of life but she was assimilating perfectly. She had fun every day and rarely complained about being bored. She found several of her subjects fascinating but she wasn't quite yet settled on which career to pursue and no matter how highly educated she became there would never be anything that fascinated her more than sex. After earning a degree of some kind I wouldn't be surprised at all if her first career move was to apply as an actress at some upscale lesbian porn studio. Perhaps I would too and we could work as a team.

All that was in the future, however, and for now we focused on studying and having fun. Bella had met a girl in one of her classes and the girl had glasses and a shy smile and Bella smiled back and eventually eased her into a relationship. Her name was Nicole but she liked to be called Nikki. It was a familiar name and I had to smile at it. There were girls named Nikki all over the world, it seemed, and somehow or other they always seemed to find Bella and I.

It was our rule not to hunt on campus but we had to make an exception for dear Nikki. She had long dark hair that she wore in a ponytail but she began to wear it down after she met Bella. She was a virgin but it wasn't because she wasn't pretty. She was just shy. Bella courted her slowly and spent time with her and one afternoon when I returned to the dorm I found them makingout on the bed. Bella had a hand up Nikki's top and they startled apart as soon as the door swung open. I laughed and gave them an awkward smile.

"Oops, sorry about that," I said. "I should've knocked first."

Nikki was pulling her top back down and her face had gone pure red. "It's okay, I was just…"

She was pushing down her top and gathering up her books. Bella was grinning and reclining on the bed. I laughed and handed the girl her backpack.

"You don't have to leave," I said.

Nikki smiled and shook her head, her face still bright red, and slung the pack over her shoulder. "It's okay, I was about to go anyway," she said, and then she turned to Bella. "See you tomorrow, Bella."

Bella grinned at her from the bed. "Bye, Nikki."

Nikki nodded and scurried out.

I closed the door and turned back to Bella.

"Well," I said. "What do you think?"

Bella looked at the closed door, a sinister smile on her face, and then turned back to me.

"I think tonight's the night."

I nodded and she giggled and hopped up from the bed and gave me a kiss. I returned it, cupping her face, and then broke it abruptly.

"But right now, we have to study," I told her with a wink.

Bella groaned and let her arms flop. I chuckled at her.

"Now, now, no groaning," I said. "Let's go over your assignment, and if you do a good job, I'll let you play with my boobs for a while. Deal?"

That perked her up and she gave a bright nod. "Deal."

I returned the nod and gave her another quick kiss.

"Good," I said. "Now, come on, let's go find Jane and Alice. They ought to be studying too."

Bella cupped my face and caught me with another kiss and then finally released me to gather up her books.

The sun was setting over the campus as we made our way to the library. We'd found Jane and Alice and the four of us moved in a group across the courtyard and up the stone steps. The library had been standing for hundreds of years, a huge stone building with spires and slated roofs like some cathedral of knowledge. Small birds roosted on the roof-corners in the last of the twilight and several of them flew up and started across the orange sky as we skipped up the stairs.

The inside of the library was cool and quiet. The four of us found a table together and studied by lamplight and chatted about relationships. Alice provided us an update on her orientation. She was now officially a lesbian, apparently. Since arriving at college she'd tried to get back into boys but it hadn't happened. So now she was strictly-chickie and quite comfortable about that. Bella, of course, was extremely happy for her. Jane couldn't care less. Jane herself was above labels but she had never been with a man and never wanted to. I smiled at them and watched them giggle and talk about girls. The four of us seemed to be a sort of coven within the coven, or perhaps it was just the three of them. They had everything in common, these girls, and they were just perfect friends.

Bella was telling them about Nikki and what we were going to do tonight and of course they thought it was very unfair how Bella and I were allowed to break the rules and they weren't. Bella smirked and shrugged it off and Alice and Jane were forced to accept it with an eyeroll.

Jane had a trigonometry textbook open in front of her and she was already in a bad mood from these needlessly complex equations that her small blonde head couldn't quite decipher. She was jotting something in her notebook but then she paused and realized she had gotten it wrong and scowled and balled her fist around the pen and stabbed it into the book.

The rest of us jumped at the thump. Jane was growling and Bella gave a small chuckle.

"You okay, Jane?" she asked.

Jane frowned and laid down the broken pen. "Yes," she said. "I just don't understand the point of school. All it's doing is keeping me away from Tanya."

I gave her a shrug. "Well, Tanya's modelling again, so you wouldn't see her anyway."

"I could be a model too."

"You're not hot enough," Bella said with a smirk.

Jane narrowed her red eyes at her in the lamplight. I was well aware of how violent things could become between the two sadists so I quickly intervened with a peacekeeping smile.

"What Bella means to say," I said, "is that conventional models tend to have…"

"…bigger tits," Bella said with a grin.

Jane scoffed at that. "Tits are overrated."

"Says the girl with no tits at all," Bella quipped.

Jane glared at her across the table. Alice giggled and she seemed to take Jane's side.

"Bigger isn't almost better, though," she said. "Mine are kind of small too but much more perfect than all of yours."

Bella snorted as if that was nonsense. "Bullshit," she said. "As far as tits go, nobody in this coven beats Vicky. Not even me. Show em, Vicky."

The other two girls grinned and I glanced about the library briefly. All the other tables were empty and we were fairly isolated among the bookshelves and rows and rows of books. I turned back Bella and smirked.

"Well, I did promise," I said.

Then I lifted my top and showed them my boobs.

They were, of course, as perfect as they always were. Large. White. Succulent with big tasty nipples. Alice gave them a hungry stare, grinning, and Jane cleared her throat in consternation.

"Yes, well," she said. "I suppose they are spectacular."

Bella giggled and turned to me. She was sitting right beside me and she gave one of my mounds an affectionate stroking. The touch of her hand sent tingles of love and electricity all through my body and my nipple instantly hardened in response.

"They really are," she said, and then she leaned and gave the nipple a lick.

The two other girls watched for a little bit as Bella licked and suckled and groped up those huge globes on my chest and then Alice giggled excitedly.

"Hey," she said. "You guys wanna slip off into the rare books room?"

I gave a small moan from those lips attached to my nipple and even as the responsible one of the group I was very tempted.

"We're supposed to be studying," I said.

Alice protested. "We got all night to study."

"Bella and I don't. We're going hunting tonight."

"Well, you've got all night tomorrow to study. Come on, I'm bored."

Jane nodded in agreement. "Me too."

I sighed, stroking Bella's hair, and then I looked at both Alice and Jane and smiled.

"Oh, very well," I said.

They giggled and hopped up, leaving their books there, and Bella and I followed them into the rare books room.

This was where the most precious tomes of the library were contained. There were high windows over the bookcases and you could see the stars out there. We left the light off, so no one would know we were in here, and took off our tops and unzipped our jeans. There was a table in the center of the room and Bella sat on it with her legs open while Jane and I knelt down and licked at her, cheek to cheek. Alice watched with a couple fingers inside herself, the other hand groping one of her breasts, and then she leaned to Bella's mouth and the two of them began tonguing each other passionately until they orgasmed at the same time. Quietly, of course. It was a library, after all.

After that we abandoned studying and decided we better get our laundry done. It had been piling up for a week. Bella and I had purchased an SUV with tinted windows just before we started college and there was plenty room in the back for a few hampers of dirty clothes and slutty underwear.

Esme and Carmen had been more than willing to assume laundry duties for us college girls and they eagerly took custody of the hampers after we pulled up at their house. Alice, by now, had even took to calling them mom or mommie. Esme was mom and Carmen was mommie. It was a kind of kink between them, I suppose. They did a lot of mother-daughter role play. They invited us inside for a while and the girls quickly retreated to Alice's room while I helped the two women with the laundry. They had two washing machines and we filled them both and added the powder and set them on a gentle cycle. Wouldn't want to damage the delicates.

Once we were done I leaned a hip against one of the machines and looked them over. Each of the two married women were wearing housedresses of floral cotton that clung to their figures and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested. Esme was washing her hands at the sink and she turned to me as she dried them with a towel.

"Times like these I wish it was easier to serve food to guests," she said. "We might be able to rustle up a neighbour, if you're interested."

"No, no, no, Bella and I are hunting tonight," I said. "We'll be fine."

Esme nodded at that and smirked. "Well, are you sure I can't interest you in anything else? I have some vegetables in the fridge. You and I were always inventive with them, even if we didn't quite eat them."

I laughed and looked down demurely. I wasn't sure if we had time for vegetable orgies but my vagina was indeed a little hungry.

Carmen smiled and took a seat on one of the washing machines and lifted the skirt of her red dress to reveal a pair of sexy red panties underneath.

"And if you're not interested in vegetables," she said, "we could always skip straight to dessert."

I hesitated a moment more but she peeled aside those panties to reveal the soft juicy pussy behind them and I had no choice.

I lowered myself to my knees and started licking.

Carmen giggled and Esme clucked her tongue.

"You're going to spoil these girls, Carmen," she said, chiding her wife, and then I felt her hand stroke my hair as I continued licking. "Just because you're having dessert now, Victoria, doesn't mean you don't have to eat your vegetables too."

I laughed and winked up at Esme and kept licking at Carmen while the washing machine rumbled and made her moan.

Ten minutes later we were in the kitchen and calling for the girls to join us. They came trotting through the house like a trio of bunny rabbits, naked, horny, already wet between the legs and eager for a little penetration. Carrots and cucumbers weren't quite as sophisticated as vibrators but the novelty was always fun. Alice was soon bent over the kitchen table and demanding a carrot in her ass. Esme took care of her, pumping the slim orange vegetable in and out until the younger girl orgasmed. Carmen and I were sharing a cucumber like a doublesided dildo, the two of us spread on the kitchen counter—pussy to pussy—and moving our hips to stir the vegetable inside each other. Jane had grabbed a large kitchen knife and she teased the blade over Bella's body and breasts before shoving the handle into Bella's vagina and pumping it till she orgasmed.

It was getting late by the time we finally left. We left Alice there so she could have a movie night with her mommies and Jane asked if she could get a ride home.

Tanya and Jane still had their house out in the country but it wasn't a long drive. The rolling green hills were dark in the moonlight and the sky was awash with stars. Tanya had heard the car come down the driveway and she emerged from the cottage in a pale white dress to greet us. I smiled at her through the windshield and she smiled back.

Jane was the first out of the car and she flew over to give Tanya a hug. Tanya twirled her and laughed and set her down again with an arm around her waist. Bella and I were getting out of the car as well and Tanya greeted us warmly and asked if we could stay for a while. I glanced at Bella, always eager to spend time with dear Tanya, but Bella was checking the time on her phone and she winced at how late it was. She explained that we were hunting tonight and she was already running late. She was supposed to meet the target at the movies ten minutes ago and while she had her phone out she sent a quick apology text. Tanya smiled and turned to me.

"Who's the lucky girl?" she asked curiously.

I opened my mouth to reply but Bella excitedly did so first.

"Her name's Nikki," she said. "We have a Spanish class together. I know we shouldn't hunt on campus, but…"

Jane gave her a little glare at how the rules didn't seem to apply to her. Tanya, however, smiled and allowed it with a chuckle.

"Well, I suppose one time won't hurt," she said.

I smiled as well and added my own explanation. "We wouldn't usually, but she really is a nice girl. It would be a shame to let her go to waste."

"She sounds very lovely."

Bella was sending another text and she looked up again with a bit of guilt in her face. "You guys are welcome to join us if you want," she said. "I mean, it's all good."

Jane smiled in excitement and glanced at Tanya but Tanya laughed and shook her head.

"No, no, no, you two have fun," she said. "We all need time to ourselves every now and then. Don't we, Jane?"

Jane was still wrapped in Tanya's arm and Tanya gave her a squeeze. Jane smiled up at her adoringly.

I smiled at them as well and gave Tanya an adoring look of my own. I sauntered toward her, two small steps, and I slipped my hands around her waist and gazed at her in the moonlight.

"That's true," I said. "But we do need time together as well."

Tanya smiled at that and I gave her a kiss on her lips. Soft and gentle. She returned it a little bit and then I smiled and turned to Bella.

"We can stay for a little while, can't we Bella?" I asked her.

Bella grinned and gave a shrug. "Well, we're already late, so we might as well."

Tanya laughed and gestured toward the quiet little cottage with the inviting orange glow of the fireplace in the window.

"Then I suppose you'd better come in," she said.

Bella and I smiled at each other and then we linked hands and followed them inside.

The living room was warm and filled with romantic firelight. We couldn't stay long but I never could pass up a chance to make love to our covenmates. Particularly Tanya. Aside from Bella Tanya was the woman I loved most in the world. A love rooted in respect and admiration. She was a thousand years old, Tanya was. For over a millennia she had wandered the world with a heart that had not been whole but then she met me and Bella and Jane and Alice and Esme and the combined love of all of us had finally completed her the same way she completed all of us.

The four of us undressed by firelight and the two girls were happy to give Tanya and I some time alone. I had removed her panties for her and instructed her to sit on the sofa. She did so with a smile and I knelt down between her legs. Her vagina was radiant in the glow of the fire and I leaned and started licking it. Slowly. Lovingly. She moaned and stroked my hair and I slung her leg over my shoulder and licked at her and licked at her until—

A loud scream came from behind us.

Jane had shoved a red hot poker into Bella's vagina.

Tanya and I couldn't help laughing. Such psychotic little girls. Bella howled as Jane pumped the red hot piece of metal, in and out, and the room was filled with shrieks and the sizzling wetness of Bella's vagina. Her eyes were rolling up in her head and she was actually orgasming. Her entire body buckled and the force of the orgasm seemed to half kill her. Jane pulled the poker out and grinned and lowered her head to the smoking hole between Bella's legs and began to lick it and kiss it better while Bella whimpered and shivered.

I turned back to Tanya and Tanya smiled down at me. I was still kneeling there, demurely between her legs, and I gave a little eyeroll at our mates before lowering those eyes to her vagina and continuing to lick.

Bella and I didn't stay much longer. Luckily we would be feeding tonight so there was no sense getting mad at the crazy little girls. Bella had a little stiffness in her legs as she walked but she was mostly fine. Jane and Tanya followed us outside, both of them naked in the moonlight, and gave us each another round of kisses to say goodbye. After that Bella and I got into the SUV and waved and backed out of the driveway before turning the car around and continuing back into the city.

Our prey tonight was waiting outside the theatre when we arrived, dressed in date clothes with light makeup. She seemed unhappy and worried that she might've been ditched but she smiled when she saw Bella and forgave everything instantly as Bella apologized with a big kiss.

The two of them browsed the movie posters for a later show they could see and I stalked them discreetly at a distance. They bought some popcorn and a ticket and I bought the same ticket and followed them into the theatre. They took a seat together and I sat some distance away, watching them until the lights lowered and the movie began playing. The theatre was almost completely empty. Only a few other scattered couples. I waited a while and then I looked down in my lap and slid the needle of the syringe into the vial of tranquilizer. I then slipped the vial back into my pocket and rose from my seat.

I moved down the aisle a couple rows and took a seat behind Bella and Nikki. Nikki was laughing at the movie and munching popcorn. Bella glanced back at me and gave me a nod and then turned back to Nikki and smiled at her and pulled her into a makeout session as a distraction. I lifted the syringe to check it one more time and then I leaned to the girl's neck and slid the needle into her skin. The girl gave a quiet gasp into Bella's mouth, unheard over the movie, and then she slumped into Bella's arms. Bella smiled at me in the flickering light of the movie and I smiled back before rising from my seat and heading out to get the car.

I bought the SUV around the back of the theatre to where Bella was waiting in an alley with the unconscious Nikki. We didn't bother tying her up, we just threw her in the back and drove home.

Back to our apartment. It was a little dusty inside but we kept it relatively clean and we left the girl in the bathtub while we prepared our bedroom. This was mostly just a casual hunt, a regular feeding, so there was no need to be elaborate. We threw some plastic sheets over the bed and used a staplegun to cover the walls and furniture. A selection of knives was laid out on the dresser and a few vibrators and other toys as well. Finally we threw some sheets over the bed to cover the plastic and went back into the bathroom.

In the bathroom we showered together and dried off and knelt down at the tub. Carefully we took the girl's clothes off and giggled at her underwear. Black lace. Perhaps she had been hoping to get lucky tonight, although this probably wasn't what she had in mind. Bella had a pair of scissors and she cut panties away and the bra as well. I was pulling off her shoes. Finally we had her completely naked and I smiled at the plain perfection of her body. Regular sized breasts, normal legs. Nothing extravagant but everything absolutely adequate. It was nice to eat simple every now and then. Bella was turning on the water in the bath and we used cloths and a little soap to clean her up. Her neck, her breasts, every crevasse between her legs. All of her makeup.

Once she was fully prepared we dried her off with towels and lifted her out of the tub and carried back into the bedroom. She was warm in my arms and very soft and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into her. I laid her on the bed and together we climbed onto the bed as well. Bella tore off a strip of duct tape and pressed it to the girl's mouth and then she used more tape to lash the girl's wrists together behind her back. The girl was just lying there. Naked. Helpless. Bella smiled at her and began touching her vagina. Rubbing it. Enjoying the warmth down there. I smiled at her and after a while she looked up at me.

"This reminds me of how we killed Jessica," she said. "Do you remember?"

I nodded and smiled at the memory. "Of course I do. Your very first hunt."

Bella nodded as well and looked down at this newest victim and continued stroking her dry and silky vagina. "It feels like so long ago," she said wistfully. "Back then I kept count of every victim. Each one was special in its own way."

"And now?"

Bella grinned and chuckled once. "Now they're still special," she said. "But I don't bother counting. Because there's always going to be more."

I smiled at her. She lifted her hand from between those thighs and used it to cup my face. I could feel the human warmth lingering on her fingers. Bella smiled at me and gazed into my eyes.

"This is our life, Victoria," she said. "And we're going to do it again. And again. And again. For all eternity. Just me and you and a sexy little victim."

I leaned and placed a kiss on her lips.

"Sounds like happily ever after to me," I said.

She giggled and let go of my face. "It does, doesn't it? Now, come on. Let's wake her up."

I reached and took the smellingsalts from the nightstand and put them to the unconscious girl's nose and broke them open.

Nikki instantly woke and fluttered in panic. She saw me. She saw Bella. Both of us naked. Smiling. She made a muffled sound into the gag and squirmed. She realized her wrists were taped behind her back and panicked even more and started thrashing.

Bella laughed and held her down until she settled. I stroked her hair and cooed to her. The girl was breathing heavily through her nose and she looked at us with wild eyes. Bella smiled and cupped her face.

"Hi, Nikki," she said. "There's something about myself that I didn't tell you. I'm a vampire."

Nikki blinked. None of that seemed to register. Bella laughed at her expression and slipped her hand between the girl's thighs and began rubbing there.

"I know this must be very confusing for you," she said softly, "so let me tell you what's going to happen. Vicky and I are going to rape you…then we're going to torture you…and then we're going to drink your blood. I can promise you'll enjoy the rape part. But the torture part? Not so much."

Nikki had started crying by now. Tears leaking down the sides of her face as she whimpered into the tape over her mouth. Her vagina was being fondled against her will and obviously that was very terrifying for her. I stroked her face and smiled at her.

"Just relax," I told her. "It'll be over sooner than you think."

Bella was still rubbing her vagina and now she leaned to her nipples and gave them each a little suckling before raising up again.

"Are you ready, Vicky?" she asked me.

I smiled at her. "I am, my love."

Bella returned the smile and then she leaned across our squirming victim and pressed a loving kiss onto my lips.

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