JESSIE runs out of the screening room "kids we're going to miami!" she says. The kids scream!

(Miami) AUSTIN see's DEZ and shreiks exitedly."DEZ your here I've missed you." DEZ replies with, "Of course you missed me, I mean, I am beautiful." he poofs his hair. TRISH walks over, "DEZ, you wouldn't be beautiful in your dreams."

(SONIC BOOM) ALLY works the cash register on her free time. "Ugh, here's your change, um your guitar, NOOO THIS ISN'T THE FOOT SURGEON!" She said to the limping man in her store. Nelson comes in "ALLY I'm here for my Tuesday padio lesson. I brought cement!" he says to her. "Nelson it's thursday and Piano lesson"she replies with. Nelson does his weird catch phrase snap "Ahh Narts, You know how hard it is to make cement on a beach!" he leaves. TRISH, AUSTIN, DEZ and CARRIE walk in. "HI ALLY!" DEZ and CARRIE shout! "hi guys!" ALLY says. They all chat for a little bit mean while the ROSS kids and JESSIE are in the mall cafeteria.

(MALL CAFETERIA) "Kids, this stuff is great!" JESSIE shouts with her mouth full of tacos. "Well since you already ate 17, we can kinda, sorta tell." EMMA says. "WHAT THAT'S NOT TRUE!" JESSIE says. "uhm humm" ZURI says. (cast of AUSTIN and ALLY walk over) "JESSIE!" Everyone eccept CARRIE shouts. (CARRIE has no idea what is going on) JESSIE is shocked. When they see the sauce on her face ALLY says "HOLY CRAP, HOW MUCH DID U EAT!" "17!" LUKE REPLYS. "And little does JESSIE know that can kill her" RAVI says.

Time goes by. They explained what happened and how they know each other to CARRIE 46 times, but she still doesn't get it. (don't you hate it when stupidity makes do and think stupid things)

they promise to talk again and give #'s.