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Emotions Are Edible

Rommie frowned. She was detecting something onboard that shouldn't be there. But she couldn't get a hold on it, she had no idea what it was. Was it an alien? A disembodied life form? A virus? Maybe it was just her imagination. But ships don't have imaginations, do they? Hmm..........

While Rommie confused herself with deep thoughts and forgot the unidentified.....thing....onboard, Tyr and Dylan were in Hydroponics playing basketball. Well, they had been playing basketball. Now they stood yelling at each other. "Tyr! That's the seventh time you've cheated!" Dylan complained, he was so angry. He just wouldn't stop cheating and it was starting to remind him of Rhade.

"You dare to tell me one more time that I'm cheating! I am NOT cheating!!" Tyr wouldn't stand for being shouted at, particularly for something he didn't do. Or was he cheating? Come to think of it he couldn't quite remember if he knew the rules or not. His mind was all muddled up. But he's a Neitzchien! He doesn't get 'muddled up'. He either cheats intentionally or plays by the rules. It was that simple.

Tyr soon realised that Dylan was still yelling at him. Something about being a typical neitzchien and not being able to handle the thought of losing. Tyr looked at him blankly at Dylan as he shot him a look of pure hate, that quite surprised Tyr, and stormed out.

Andromeda had been watching this arguement since she'd noticed the rise in temperature in both Dylan and Tyr. They sounded like two 10-year-old boys arguing. It was odd though, Tyr didn't normally cheat at basketball. She'd go talk to Dylan later, she knew he was thinking about Rhade by the things that he'd said. She'd just let him cool off first.

An hour later Rommie had had a little break-through with the UWIW (Unidentified Whatever It Was) as she had come to call it. Okay so a big break-through. She called everyone to the Bridge to tell them about it.

"We have an alien onboard." she told them.

"Is it dangerous?" Beka asked, arms folding across her chest.

"Extremely." Rommie answered calmly.

"Oh. No worries then." she said sarcastically, raising her eyebrows at Rommie's light tone. Rommie continued.

"It was always more of a legend than a proven speicies, discovered by some race of people that I don't recognise. I do know it's name but I am unable to pronounce it."

"You can't pronounce it?" Harper exclaimed.

"Well, I think it may sound something like this, but I am unsure...." The room filled with an unearthly sound like the grating of stone against stone mixed with the screech of metal against metal. It made Harper jump and Trance clamped her hands over her pointed ears to block it out. Beka and Dylan grimaced as it pierced their ears. It came to stop and everyone sighed with relief.

"This creature feeds on emotion. It has the power to make practically anything happen in order to squeeze emotion out of it's victims."

"Anything?"asked Trance worridly.


"Like making me cheat." Tyr stated. It wasn't a question but Rommie answered anyway.


"Ah." Dylan suddenly looked a little shy. "Sorry." Tyr shrugged. His way of saying 'that's okay' without having to say it. It occured to Rommie that Dylan didn't need to apologise. Tyr had cheated, it just wasn't his fault. And he had lied about not cheating. But she wasn't going to point that out.

"So," the Wayist magog stepped forward, "How do we rid ourselves of such a being?"

"I don't know." Rommie admitted, sounding a little defeated. "I'm still looking into it."

"Well inform me if you find anything." Dylan told her, leaving Bridge. Rommie nodded and followed him out. Leaving the former crew of the Maru and Tyr more than a little concerned. Who knows what this alien would do to them?