Stories for adoption:

1. Promise Pair Charms

2. Our Love

I feel bad because you want the continuation! But I can't. I'm trying so hard to get ideas for these stories, but it came to me. I'm the one who started these two stories, but I can't end them.

I want to start a new story. But I can't if I cannot lift these two stories off my shoulders. I know it's sudden and a foolish thing. You may say it isn't, but to me it is.

It makes me happy to know my stories are good, but are they really good? I want to make a story that can make my readers get more...suspense. A story that makes you think. Wonder. Motivated. And makes you frustrated that moment just happened.

They're so many stories like that, but there isn't an ending. I want to make a story that WILL have an ending. Something that'll make my story be read over and over again.

I know its a lot and so foolish!

But I'm gonna ask something that an author has never really requested.

To make this story an achievement, I would love for the authors to participate.

Just give me your characters name, hair and eye color, birthday, height, age, background, personality, weapon, power, style, and lover(opinional). Also, you decide if you want to add a parent(s), sibling(s), all, or none. Give them a name if you want to. Don't add any friends because I got that cover.

BUT that's if you want to participate.

I know it's a lot and maybe too much work for you, but it can be worth it.

I'll give you the title of this story if you decide to be part of this story.

Once you read this, think about it.

The sign up is done by February 10. After that date, it's too late to enter.

I'll be waiting.