I was called down from the office to find that there was a reporter who wanted to see me. I walked into the club and smiled when I saw Linda.

"You know that you could have just told them that you were here." She replied.

"I'm here as a reporter." She stated. "The paper wanted to interview the owner of the hot new club."

"But you're a sports reporter." I pointed out.

"Yes, but I also told my editor that I was already acquainted with you." She explained. It sounded like a conflict of interest to me, but maybe it wasn't since I didn't really know anything about journalism.

"So they're okay with letting you interview your girlfriend?" I asked with a sly smile.

"Well I wouldn't exactly call myself your girlfriend after one date." She replied.

"So do you wanna go up to my office because it's quieter?" I questioned.

"Of course we'd only be using it for interviewing." She remarked.

"Of course." I agreed as I took her to the back. It was a little bit messy. I probably did need someone to look over the books so I wouldn't have to keep doing it. It would probably be a good idea to hire more people in general. "So do you think you could put in someone about how we're hiring?"

"I could sneak something in, but you'd probably have to pay for an actual ad." She answered.

"You know I like your integrity." I commented. "So I imagine that you have some questions for me."

"Yes, let's start with the obvious one." She declared. "Why did you decide to open up a club, especially since you're only 19?"

"Well believe it or not, this is actually that the second club that I've owned." I declared. "I previously had a club in Starling City that was closed down due to my new landlord not liking me."

"So why did you move to Central City?" She asked.

"I wanted a fresh start." I remarked. "I was dealing with some family issues and I needed to get away."

She asked me a few more questions and I couldn't help but think back to this time last year when I was interviewing in Starling. The reporter there was a lot less friendly, but that might have been because it was a misogynistic man in his late 30s. The interview was never printed.

"So I think that's all of the questions that I have for you." She explained. "I should be able to write a good article based on this."

"Was there anything else that you wanted to in here?" I asked.

"Well I am a bit interested in seeing how you kiss." She replied as she took a seat on my desk.

"I can show you that." I stated as I began to kiss her. I got on top of her on the desk. We each ended up taking our tops off before the door opened suddenly. I was a bit embarrassed because I did not want any my employees to see me in my bra. Unfortunately it happened to be even worse than that. It was Malcolm. "What are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you." He said.

"Well I was kind of in the middle of an interview." I remarked.

"It looks like you're done." He commented. I sighed and grabbed my shirt.

"You can wait here if you wait." I told Linda as I put my top on and walked out into the club. "So what was so important that you had to come to me at my work to talk to me about?"

"Well I did some more research after your superpowers question and I found out that multiple super powered individuals have been spotted in Central City." He explained. "This may not be the best place to be a vigilante because there are things that you can't prepare for."

"I can learn to adapt to it." I argued. "We can talk about this in the morning. Now get out of my club."

He left the facility and I went back to my office to find that Linda was dressed, but still in my office.

"So who was that?" She asked me.

"That was my dad." I explained. "I live with him."

"So I should probably get going." She remarked. I couldn't believe that my dad had co…no that's not gonna work. Well he had stopped me from advancing in the relationship. I wasn't sure if we were going to have sex, but I would have been okay if we had done so.

After I was done, I headed home to find that he was asleep for a change. I wanted to get some sleep of my own. I could try to learn how to control my powers again in the morning.

I first woke up for my daily sparring session with him. It was almost soothing. I had got a few cuts when we first started but I was better. He had taught me how to not be hindered by pain, which was something that he had been taught.

He swung at me and I knew that he wasn't actually going to cut me, but my body still reacted as if he was. Instinctively, I was able to avoid the attack by completely liquefying myself. I then reformed and realized that I was no longer wearing my clothes. I quickly covered myself up.

"So when were you going to tell me about this?" He asked.

"I wasn't planning on it." I remarked. "I'm still working on learning to control all of it. I'm pretty sure that being here is the cause of it."

"It seems that your body has been affected by the chemicals that were released by the particle accelerator." He explained. "If you can learn how to control your powers, you can be a skilled fighter for sure, but you would have to be able to not jump out of your clothes. Unfortunately, that is not something that I can teach you."

"Then I'll figure it out myself." I replied as I grabbed my clothes. I headed to the my room, knowing that I would have to clean up the mess that I made. I couldn't help but wonder how it worked. I didn't feel any lighter, but that was probably a question that I shouldn't ask.

I grabbed a towel and began to wipe it up. I then put my hand on it and watched as it absorbed it into my hand. It seemed pretty natural and it also made me feel good.

I then decided to head back to the bathtub and decided to try again to see if I could learn how to control it. I decided not to think of it and just relax and I found myself suddenly filling the tub. It had worked. I then focused on turning myself back to solid and found myself in a tub filled with water. I realized that just because I had done it once didn't mean that I had mastered it. I was about to try it again before I realized that my phone was ringing. I quickly grabbed it and answered it without even checking to see who it was.

"Hello?" I replied.

"I was wondering if you maybe wanted to see a game from the press box with me." Linda asked.

"When's the game?" I responded.

"It's tonight." She remarked. "It's actually a game against Starling, or as this guy apparently wants to change it to Star City."

I had heard about that. It was actually that guy that bought the company.

"It sounds like it'll be fun." I declared.

"Great, just tell me where you live and I'll pick you up." She remarked. I hesitated for a bit. "Thea, are you still there?"

I then figured that there wasn't anything wrong with her and it wouldn't be any problem to tell her. I gave her my dress. I couldn't help but wonder what I was supposed to wear to a football game. I didn't have a jersey and hadn't since I was 12 and I still cared about football. I used to be Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans, but that all changed after the accident. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I could get into it again. I was dating a sports reporter, so it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. I just didn't know who to root for.

When she arrived, I noticed that she was dressed professionally, but it made perfect sense that she would be. She was a reporter.

"So no jersey?" She asked.

"Even if I had one, I left my all of my things back in Starling City." I declared.

"Well then, I will buy you a jersey at the game." She told me.

"You don't have to do that. They sell for so much more at the stadium. Taking me will be enough." I responded as we headed out.

"Well I'm at least going to buy you a hat." She declared.

"Okay, you can buy me a hat." I agreed. "But nothing pink."

We showed off her press pass and we headed to the press box which was really nice. They had an assortment of food, a TV, and there was also obviously a window.

"So do you come to all of the games?" I asked.

"Yeah, but they're usually during the day." She answered. "It's the first time that Central City has been on primetime in years because it's not exactly a major market and they haven't been good for a while."

"Well maybe that will change." I suggested. "So how does a person covered sports. Do you just try to give a more eloquent recap then old person could."

"Well that and more objective." She stated. "Like if there's a bad call, I can't call it a bad call. I can say that the team suffered a bad break when a call went against them. I've written that a few times this year already."

"It sounds like the team if on some hard times." I remarked. "You know it has to get better eventually."

"Well the Super Bowl has never happened. It's been ten years since they've even made the playoffs." She declared.

The game was going well until about halftime when I noticed that there seemed to be a commotion. I headed downstairs and noticed that someone was running with a bag of money. He had a gun, so no one was trying to stop him. I realized that I had to do something. I didn't want to get shot, even though I wasn't even sure if the guy wanted to use the gun. Some people carried guns just to look intimidating but didn't have the guts to actually fire them. Anyway, I created a puddle while no one was looking and he slipped and fell to the ground, dropping the gun and the money. He held his arm in pain. I might've broken it. Soon security came and cuffed him.

"Well that guy is going to end up on one of those dumb criminal shows." Linda commented. "It also gives me a little bit extra to report on, even though I generally don't like hard news."

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"Hard news is a term for stuff like politics, crime, breaking news. I prefer soft news like features, sports, and entertainment." She answered. "So my life usually isn't this interesting."

"Well I like it when things are interesting." I replied.

I decided that I was just about ready. I would need to come up with a costume, but I did have a name that I wanted to use. I even had a bit of an idea what I wanted my costume to look like, but I would have to find a way to get them to change into water with me, if I could do that. When I became a vigilante, I would be known as Aqua.

So Malcolm managed to block Thea, but it was probably for the best and she has a name. Will she really be ready to become a vigilante? Also what will happen when Roy comes to visit in the next chapter? Please don't forget to review.