Ok, it's not Wednesday, but it's a six line scene LOL. 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They're owned by the  people they're owned by. 

Summary: if I have to explain it to you, it's not funny any more. 

Setting: Four round children in winter attire followed by another  round boy in a wheel chair toddle their way down a dark Gotham  street. Above them, there are sounds of a fight taking place.


What did I tell you, guys? All we had to do was recalibrate the Santa- hunting radar at the news station to look for small pointy ears  instead of big… coatrack-y pointy ears, and wallah. I give you the  Batman.


Cartman, you dumbass, you promised us if we let Timmy's wheel chair pull us in that STUPID red wagon all the way to Gotham, and helped  you on your stupid little crusade, we'd get to SEE Batman. So far  all's I hear is a scuffle on the roof top. 

(There's the sound of a  spring-loaded device firing, and then the sound of it connecting with  something fleshy. A dark figure flies off the roof top and lands on  the ground in front of them. The children stare wide-eyed at the Bat,  then look up to see Harley Quinn and her Punching Glove Gun, and the  Joker looking over her shoulder.)


Who's the fat kid, Harl? 

(Not even noticing Batman's broken neck, he frowns disgustedly at the  little porker.) 

My God, that kid has a fat ass.


(Looks at CARTMAN)

Toldja, fatass. 

(Looks down at the Dark Knight, nudging him with his foot.)

You killed Batman! 


You bastards!

(KENNY breathes a sigh of  relief.)


Eeeah iblahh TIMMAY!