This was written for James, who sadly had to go to work today. Hope this cheers you up, d00d.

Disclaimer, I don't own. Continuation of A Third Way To Kill Batman.




I am NOT FAT, you stupid ass clown!

                                                            (Kicks Batman)

So what the hell are we going to do with him?


                                                            (Pulls back Batman's mask.)


                                                             (All the children look, including TIMMY).


You are so full of shit, dude. If he's famous, aren't we supposed to recognize him? That isn't anybody WE know.

(Slaps KENNY'S hand away from the mask, then starts raiding BATMAN'S utility belt.)


What the hell're you doing, Cartman?

(CARTMAN begins to struggle with his load. KYLE take's the belt off of BATMAN and The Dark Knight's broken neck lobs to the side and rests on his shoulder. He puts the belt around CARTMAN'S waist, it's a perfect fit.)

Try this, fat-ass.


I am not fat, I'm big boned!

(Starts putting everything back into the belt. He tugs on it once, noticing the 'natural' fit.)

First of all, the stuff on this belt is hella-cool. Second of all, I betcha I can sell like half of this crap on Ebay. And third of all…

                                                            (Pulls out a JLA communicator)

THIS is what we're gunna use to track down Superman.


Eeeah iblahh TIMMAY!