A young girl walked into the school on the blustery November morning; although she was in a large crowd, she stood out. Her long curly blonde hair was trailing down her back, and she wore a gray flannel fisherman's hat on her head. A long jacket which she lovingly referred to as her "ugly coat", which was a cranberry and beige plaid, covered her straight gray skirt that came to her lower thigh, and a striped sweater in various shades of red. Although she broke a thousand fashion rules a day, such as the stripes with plaid, Helga Pataki was the most fashionable and popular girl that her public high school had ever seen. As she entered the building she was approached by her two best friends, Phoebe Hyerdahl and Rhonda Lloyd. Yes, this girl was something special.


Things had changed quite a bit since fourth grade. For example, Arnold and his grandparents had moved out of the boarding house when Arnold's map had helped them to find Arnold's parents, now they were somewhere in South America. Arnold had started writing everyone letters but as he wandered through jungles and mountains, the weekly letters had changed into a bimonthly occurence until they had stopped. Nothing had happened to Arnold, it was just that he was so busy from traipsing around the jungle with his parents that he didn't have the time to write. The Sunset Arms hadn't been closed, instead Phil had sold the business to Lila's father. Both parent and daughter were a delight to the boarding house, but the boarders still missed Arnold, Phil and Gertie.

However, that wasn't all that had changed in Hillside; after Arnold had left, the usual gang had all undergone many changes as they hit puberty. Who would've known that Rhonda and Helga would become best friends in the eighth grade? Who would've known that Harold, Sid, Gerald, Stinky, and Curly would grow up to be the most handsome guys in their grade with the exception of Iggy of course. Now, in their junior year in high school, Arnold was about to come back, and no one knew about it.


Helga slunk into the classroom, in a way that made even the most oblivious boy notice her, chatting with Phoebe and Rhonda about her new car when Harold blocked her way. Harold had shot up to be 6'2" in the sixth grade, and all of his body fat had gone with it. He was now a cute football player, with an obvious crush on Rhonda.
"Hey Rhonda, how was your weekend?"
Rhonda smiled flirtily, and took his arm as she walked to her desk, "It was great, Harold and yours...?" She threw a wink back at Helga and Phoebe, who laughed at each other before sitting down in the front of the class.

That was an unusual aspect of their friendship, they were cool, popular, pretty and smart! They all got the best grades but they also loved to party. Often after a long study session, they would go off to a party to relax. It wasn't a party if Helga, Rhonda, and Phoebe didn't show up.

Their first class was Biology and their teacher's name was Ms. Shavone, who was possibly the corniest person on the planet. She started the class off saying,
"Congratulations to Rhonda and Phoebe for getting the highest grades on last week's test. 104, the new record high score. Don't worry Helga, you got 102, you missed one of the bonus questions..."
Helga mock-glared at Rhonda, mouthing the words, 'Old Betsy'; Rhonda stuck out her tongue before resuming her conversation with Sid and Harold.
Phoebe looked over her glasses, smiling evilly, "Maybe if you hadn't been exchanging saliva with -"
Helga clapped her hand over Phoebe's mouth, "Shh! Don't jinx it, I really like him. I don't want things to get messed up!"
Phoebe rolled her eyes and retorted, "Helga, you've been going out with him for a month, its practically on the Headline News!"
Helga smiled to herself and doodled in her notebook as Ms. Shavone started another crossword puzzle.


Helga donned her jacket as she lounged in front of the school building and lit up a Marb. She took a long drag and exhaled slowly as the sound of an approaching motorcycle roared into the windy afternoon. She should be eating lunch but she felt like having some nicotine so here she was. The motorcycle was visible now, a gleaming black Harley, it pulled up on the curb right next to her but she didn't seem to notice. The rider addressed her saying, "You know those things can kill you." Helga glanced at the newcomer from the corner of her eye, and took a long exaggerated pull before responding "You know those things can kill you." and nodded towards the motorcycle. The biker laughed before unbuckling the strap underneath his chin. Helga extinguished her cigarette and ran to him, hugging him tightly to her. He embraced her with equal warmth, and she pushed his helmet off, where it fell to the ground unnoticed as the two kissed passionately. Finally they broke apart, breathless when the biker said, "Hey girlie, want a ride?" Helga smiled replying, "Of course Gerald, you *are* my lover-boy after all!" Gerald Johansen grinned before tossing her a helmet. Soon afterwards the sound of a motorcycle was heard tearing off into the distance.

From their place at the girl's bathroom window, Rhonda and Phoebe smiled and gave each other a high five, and went back to lunch.


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