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Deeks and Kensi were on their way to work, Kensi at the steering wheel as usual and Deeks next to her, checking his phone for what felt like the hundredth time.

Kensi eyed him for a moment and raised an eyebrow at him, before looking back at the street in front of her. Thanks to their not so regular routine they drove through different part of LA every morning.

Finally Kensi couldn´t keep her mouth shut any longer and curiosity won out.

"Why have you been checking your phone like every minute for the last two days now, Deeks? Is something going on at the LAPD you haven´t told me about?" she shot him a quick look, waiting for a reaction.

"No, everything is fine, I mean quiet at the LAPD for now. Just checking the weather report, as Eric and I were hoping for some great waves at the weekend. Sorry," he answered, a cheerful tone to his voice.

Kensi mumbled something under her breath and left it at that, although she could sense that there was something else going on. But if she had learned something after five years of partnership and two years of marriage, then that Deeks would tell her soon enough and no questioning or complaining or threatening would speed things up.

Deeks looked at his phone one more time before putting it away, turning to look at Kensi while she was driving them through their city. He had a secret that he was desperate to keep – for a bit longer at least – till everything was signed and sealed. And then there was also a surprise he was working on, but hoped to be able to show it to Kensi tonight. He had been working much longer on this surprise than on the secret, hoping both would make his wife even happier than she was right now.

Ok, right now she wasn´t that happy without knowing what was going on but definitely sensing that something was going on.

When they arrived at OPS half an hour later, Kensi gave him a quick kiss on his lips before leaving the car. Something they had agreed on: no kissing inside the mission and hugs were only allowed after dangerous operations. Deeks quickly squeezed her hand, got out of the car as well and followed her inside.

Sam and Callen were already sitting at their desks, sifting through some paperwork and they just raised their eyes for a moment to greet their two coworkers.

"Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a good night's rest like Kensi and I, but I guess you hadn´t, ´cause I´ve been sleeping next to Kensi and not to you two ….," he stopped when Callen, Sam AND Kensi all looked up from their work, after he and Kensi had also sat down, and wrinkled their foreheads.

"What? Just ask Kensi how good she sleeps lying in my arms after we ….," before he could say anything more, Hetty appeared right in front of his desk and looked at him.

"Please, just go on Mr. Deeks or if you prefer, please follow me over to my desk," she was about to turn around and walk over to her little bureau when Deeks went on.

"Actually, I think ….. ," the look from Hetty made him stop and rephrase his answer, "…actually I would love to come over to your desk and have a cup of tea." And with that he walked past Kensi´s desk, shrugging at her and smiling to himself, because he knew what Hetty wanted to talk to him about. And he was so excited and couldn´t wait any longer.

As soon as he sat in front of Hetty he smiled at her and she gave him a short nod, acknowledging their shared secret.

"Well played Mr. Deeks, but you´re skills never seem to let you down in that area of your work. So shall we get to more important things, right now?" she didn´t even wait for him to answer and pulled some papers from a hidden drawer in her desk. Deeks tried to hide his nervousness and excitement, so none of the other agents behind him could sense anything. But this was actually hard work and Hetty was much better at looking as relaxed as usual while passing those important papers over to him.

He took them carefully, not lifting them up too much, because he had learned over the years that Callen and Sam would pull all the tricks to see what Deeks was holding in his hands right now. These papers had been lying in Deeks drawer for quite a while but after he had gotten married to Kensi a few things needed to be changed and Hetty had seen to that.

So this was it, the great day where he would become a proper special agent like his wife and the rest of the team as well. He was honest to himself, it felt good and strange at the same time – he had been a LAPD detective for so long, but always felt a bit as an outsider in this team not being a full agent.

After another quick read through of all the important details he took the pen from Hetty and signed with his full name – Martin A. Deeks, something he rarely did anymore. Hetty and he had talked about this day and she would keep these papers till tonight along with his new cred pack so he could collect them later and surprise Kensi with it.

"I would shake your hand and congratulate you, Mr. Deeks, but for obvious reasons I will wait until your wife is fully informed. But I can tell you that I am really pleased to have you 100% in my little team and as Kensi´s partner," she gave him another short nod and Deeks was pretty sure he could see a tiny proud smile on Hetty´s lips before she put the signed papers back in her drawer.

"Thank you Hetty, I really appreciate you keeping your promise after all this time. I won´t disappoint you, I promise," Deeks answered with all honesty and sincerity, because this was really important to him, this was his family now in every possible way.

"Well, then we can move on to the second request you had. I can absolutely see why you decided to buy that little gem close to the beach. It is beautiful and perfect for you and your future family. All the paperwork with the realtor lady is done and the keys are in the tiny drawer in your desk where you always keep some sweets for Mrs. Blye. You can collect the papers later and thank me with some special tea," while saying that Hetty actually winked at Deeks and now he had to chuckle a tiny bit. Hetty really was a fascinating lady and despite all the things that had happened she still was the closest he had to a real mother.

"Perfect, I can´t wait to show it to Kensi tonight and I can just hope she likes it as well," he exclaimed.

"Rest assured, Mr. Deeks. You know your wife pretty well and she will see all the possibilities the property holds for the two of you."

Deeks nodded at Hetty one more time and got up, feeling much better after those words from Hetty, because the realtor didn´t know him or Kensi and he hadn´t been too sure at some points about his decision.

When he sat back down at his desk, Kensi looked at him with a questioningly look on her face and Deeks had to smile. "Let me guess, you want to know what it was about, right? No, let me guess, all three of you want to know. So let me tell you, it was ….," he couldn´t finish the sentence, because Eric had appeared on the upper landing whistling for them to join him and Nell up in OPS.

The rest of the day went by with their usual kind of work: finding a suspect, talk to them, find all the important connections and finally arrest the bad guy or in this case the bad lady. By the time they were all back at their desks filling out the needed paperwork, Deeks could rarely hide his excitement.

Finally he was ready to get home with Kensi and started to pack his stuff in his bag, secretly retrieving those keys out of his drawer along with all the paperwork he needed to show Kensi later.

"My dear wifey, are you ready to get going? Your husband gets hungrier every minute and can´t wait to be alone with you," he said with a bright smile on his lips while standing in front of Kensi´s desk. Sam and Callen started laughing at Deeks´ words, although they both probably understood Deeks quite well, knowing that Michelle and Jo would be waiting for them at home.

"Can you remind again why exactly I married you, Deeks?" Kensi demanded half-heartedly while collecting her things and grabbed the car keys.

"Oh, where should I start? First thing, I´m a great cook, while you can´t even get some fried eggs ready, secondly, you fell in love with my perfect body, my baby blues and that adorable smile of mine ….," by that time Kensi had walked past him, rolling her eyes and Sam and Callen were bursting with laughter. Following Kensi after waving Goodbye to the two senior agents and Hetty, he said in a low voice only for Kensi to hear, " …. And thirdly, you know that I will always have your back, no matter what happens."

As soon as they had both left the mission, Kensi grabbed Deeks hand and placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

"The first two things actually made me fall in love with you – besides some other things – but the last thing is the one, that made me say yes when you asked me to marry you. ´Cause I had realized that you wouldn´t go anywhere even after you got to know all my secrets and some of my darker sides. I´m sorry for reacting how I did in there," she started to apologize, but Deeks carefully placed on finger on her soft lips and shook his head.

"Don´t apologize for what and who you are. I know you and I love that we still bicker and banter the way we do after all this time together. "

With a soft kiss he stopped Kensi from saying anything more, but snatched the car keys out of her hand. "But you can make up for it by letting me drive us home," he cheerfully said, telling Kensi what he was about to do without actually telling her.

"Alright, you drive but I decide what we´re going to have to dinner tonight," she shot back without hesitation and Deeks just nodded. They both got in the car and Deeks started it and drove off, stopping after five minutes of driving through LA. Kensi looked over at Deeks, waiting for an explanation.

"Do you trust me, Kensi?" he simply wanted to know and after Kensi had nodded, he got a tiny scarf from the back seat, holding it with both hands.

"Okay, I´ve got a surprise for you, but I have to blindfold you, so you can´t guess what it is before you see it," he explained, waiting for her to give him the OK. They both had been in situations where they had been blindfolded, tortured and questioned by the enemies, so he would never do anything like this without her approval.

He could see the insecurity in her eyes for a moment, before she relaxed and closed her eyes, the sign for Deeks to put the scarf over her eyes.

"I promise it´s not going to be for long, and it´s gonna be worth it," he reassured her, put the car back in drive and placed one hand on Kensi´s thigh to let her know, he was there with her.

Just 10 minutes later they stopped again, but this time Deeks killed the engine and got out of the car, got his bag from the back seat and walked around the car to help Kensi out of it.

"Okay, it´s nearly over, just a few more steps and you´re doing great," he led Kensi up the short walk to the veranda, helped her up the few steps and stopped right there.

"Where are we and what exactly are we doing here? We´re definitely not at my apartment and not at yours, cause I can hear the ocean quite clearly," Deeks smiled to himself because Kensi had just shown him why she was one of the best agents he knew by paying attention to all these tiny things. He stepped behind her, both hands at the blindfold and nearly holding his breath before he finally said: "But this can be our home!"

And with those words he pulled the blindfold away, giving Kensi the chance to take in the view, the view of their house, their new home. It was nothing big, but the way they both liked it. The house was situated nearly at the beach, had a big veranda going all around the structure and two floors. On the lower floor there was a lovely kitchen and living room with an ocean view and a guest room with a small bathroom. On the first floor there were three rooms, two bed rooms and a beautiful bathroom. Deeks already had an idea what to use the second bedroom or, but first Kensi had to say yes to move into this house with him.

Right now he couldn´t really read her mind, so he stepped in front of her and looking at her face, surprise written all over her face. With her not saying a thing he got more and more nervous and when he got nervous, he started to talk mostly nonsense.

"If you don´t like it or you think this is too fast and too soon, just let me know. I talked to the realtor and I can give back the keys and we go on like we´ve done it the last two years. I´m sorry, I should´ve asked you ….," he would have gone on like this, hadn´t Kensi stopped him with a deep kiss, that probably surprised both of them.

"Just stop Deeks and open that damn door. I can´t wait to see it from the inside. It looks perfect and you´ve done everything right," she pushed him gently towards the door, holding his free hand and waited for him to turn the key.

But when the door was finally open and she wanted to step inside, Deeks hold her back and smiled her favorite smile at her.

"Mrs. Deeks, may I?" he asked her politely, before lifting her up and carrying her over the threshold of their new home, their house. Kensi giggled like a teenager and put her arms around his neck, giving him another kiss, nodding in excitement.

"You may, Mr. Deeks." She loved it, when he called her with her new name, especially since at work she was still Agent Blye to nearly everyone to make things a bit easier – and honestly not everyone at the mission new about their new status of husband and wife. Deeks let her down in the middle of the living room, after taking the first steps into their new home with his beautiful wife in his arms. The view over the ocean was absolutely stunning and carefully placed his bag on the table, one of the only furniture already placed in the house. With one quick movement he fished those important papers out of his bag and placed them so that Kensi would see them.

"What is that, Deeks?" as if sensing that there was another important thing about to happen, she looked at him, reaching for his hand and waiting for his OK this time.

"Something I´ve been waiting for quite some time now, but now it felt like the right time and I really wanted to do it. Just go ahead and look at it," he gently pushed her over to the table and stood there waiting for her reaction as soon as she realized what those papers meant.

"You …. Did you really? I mean … you signed those papers?" she carefully wanted to know, not even sure why she´d put those words in a question. But when she saw Deeks smile and nod she threw herself at him and gave him a passionate kiss, before looking up at him.

"So, this means Special Agent Deeks and Special Agent Deeks are moving into this beautiful house together?" her teasing voice made Deeks chuckle and he gently brushed a strand of hair out of her beaming face.

"Yeah, that´s exactly what this means - at least if you say yes."

"Yes, I want to move in with you and I can´t think of a better way to start the next part of our journey together. I love you, Deeks."

"And I love you, Kensi Deeks!"